Trip Advisor Award For Horseshoe Bay Beach

May 12, 2016

TripAdvisor Destination Sales Manager Carol Johnson presented the people of Bermuda with a Travellers’ Choice Award. Accepting on behalf of Bermuda were Minister of Public Works Craig Cannonier, Acting Minister of Tourism Dr. Grant Gibbons and Bermuda Tourism Authority CEO Bill Hanbury.

For 2016, Horseshoe Bay Beach finished 6th in the Caribbean region in the Travellers’ Choice Awards and 24th when measured against beaches from around the world. The Travellers’ Choice Awards are based on the satisfaction and reviews of TripAdvisor users.



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Comments (17)

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  1. History says:

    It’s ok guys, you didn’t make the beach, try to accept awards for things you have done that have benefited Bermuda in the long run!

    • Fact says:

      History, are you for real. So you are suggesting that when given an award nobody show up?

      • Full Fuulish says:

        Just shrow it in de ocean bah!

        • Full Fuulish says:

          Kidding of course- i don’t condone littering! KBB

          • Keep Bermuda Beautiful says:

            KBB thanks you for your comment. We are blessed with Bermuda’s natural beauty and applaud everyone who helps protect our beautiful environment.

  2. Terry says:

    Key word is “Trip”.

    Not many will get it sept the dislikers.


  3. Good guy says:

    Cruise ship passengers in Dockyard are being told to catch the ferry to Hamilton and then catch the #7 bus to horseshoe beach.
    This is not the way to deal with the long lines in Dockyard. Why doesn’t Government encourage our guest to use taxis and minibuses?

  4. Fact says:

    Passengers on cruise ships are given advise on the ships themselves long before they arrive. Those decisions and the advise given maybe based on cost, availability, consistency and reliability or perhaps even ignorance by ships staff.

    It would be nice if they could be ferried to some place near waterlot inn and then bused over the hill to the lighthouse and or horseshoe bay.

    • Good Guy says:

      Why ferry them to water lot when a minibus or taxi can take them, it’s faster and cheaper

      • Son of Beach Bistro says:

        A different view for one. Why not be flexible, ferry one way bus/taxi the other

  5. just wondering says:

    I have heard a rumour that the concession at Horseshoe beach cant get a liquor license because of roadblocks being put up by the liq lic tribunal – surely that cant be right?? – If it is right then we bus thousands of cruise ship passengers to a beach where they cant buy a pina coloda while on holiday- are you kidding me!!???

    • sage says:

      Ask the lifeguards (or anyone with at least some common sense) if liquor and swimming are a good idea. His other bars’ 40 incidents of violence and robbery are affecting that license renewal., you might want to give them a call.

    • Legalgal says:

      I usually jsut sneak into the Farimnont Beach Club. Clever tourists know to stop off and bring their own.

      But yes that is silly although no glass please. A lot of Bee,USA is already litters with broken glass.

    • Son of Beach Bistro says:

      A Pina Colada on the beach might be nice, but is it necessary? Is that why people go to the beach? No! they go for the sand and sea. They can get a Pina Colada at the pool on the ship.

      Your question should be, “why is it that someone that is asking for a liquor license at the beach not able to meet the requirements and / or satisfy the LLB that they are responsible”. I would think that the requirements are clear. Who are they and what is their track record like? Do they have a criminal record? A checkered past maybe? Do they have another business with a liquor license that that does quite have a great track record with the police ?

  6. smh says:

    Get Cannonier OUT of these photo ops! He’s everything we don’t want to see in Bermuda politics so stop using him as a public representative of our government

  7. james says:

    Wow! Great to get an award when you have only been in business for a couple of weeks. Other business’s have been hard at it for years before they got an award.
    Maybe the people who had it last year should get the award. I am sure the votes are from last year not this year!

    • Maggie May says:

      The award is for the beach not the concession.