Photos/Results: 2015 Wheelie Wars Competition

July 19, 2015

The Bermuda Motorcycle Racing Club [BMRC] hosted their first Wheelie Wars stunt competition this afternoon [July 19] at the Motorsports Park in Southside, St. David’s.

A BMRC spokesperson said, “On Sunday, July 19th, the Bermuda Motorcycle Racing Club [‘BMRC’] held the island’s first Wheelie Wars stunt competition. This contest gave young Bermudian men an opportunity to showcase their motorcycle handling skills to the crowd in a safe environment with trophies, cash prizes, and bragging rights up for grab.

“At the end of the day it was Joshua Giraud who came away with the coveted Wheelie King title, after displaying some truly amazing, fender-scrapping wheelies on his Yamaha V80.


“The Wheelie Wars competition was divided into three stages; Slowest Wheelie, Longest 12 o’clock Wheelie, and Wheelie Style.

“Slowest Wheelie was all about control – who could stay on one wheel for the most time over a distance of 400 feet. Chris Kairupan came third, Jordin Edness, came second and Rakai Raynor came first, riding a Piaggio Zip.

“Longest 12 o’clock Wheelie sought to prove who could hold the bike vertically [at the 12 o’clock position] the longest. When the entire 400 foot stunt course was completed by several riders, a 12 o’clock Style Showdown was held to break the tie. Paul Giraud wowed the crowd and judges enough to win this stage.

“Wheelie Style gave the stunters 3 minutes to perform any tricks they thought would impress the judges and spectators. This is when the real creativity got unleashed. There were stand-up wheelies, one hand wheelies, and even a rider with passenger on back drinking a bottle of water wheelie!

“But ultimately it was Indonesian rider Chris Kairupan that blew everyone else out of the water with a stunt display that was worth the price of admission by itself.

“Next weekend is back to the regular motorcycle racing season. Sunday, July 26th the BMRC will celebrate Cup Match by racing in colours to represent our favourite side. Come down to the Motorsports Park in Southside, St David’s to see who has the better bike racers – Somerset or St. George’s?”

More photos from the event can be seen by clicking here.

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  1. o wow says:

    Got some old school riders in the mix. where are the Cook bros too show dem how its done.

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