Shooting In Baileys Bay, 40-Year-Old Man Injured

July 2, 2015

[Updated] At sometime around 12am today [July 2], there was a shooting in the Bailey’s Bay area which has resulted in one person being injured. Further details are limited at this time, however we will update as able.

Update 1.15am: Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines said, “At a few minutes after 12, police responded to a report of an incident that took place at the Baileys Bay Cricket Club.

“It appears that a male entered the premises and discharged a firearm, resulting in a male being hit. The male has been taken to KEMH where he is being treated for his injuries. At this juncture his condition is unknown.

“Police are appealing for witness or anyone who may have seen anyone on a motorcycle acting suspiciously in the area, to contact police on 2950011 or call the confidential Crimestoppers hotline number on 800 8477.”


Update 1.32am: Police confirm that the shooting victim is a 39-year-old man.

Update 1.39am: Audio statement from Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines

Update 2.40am: Video of police statement at the scene

Update 11.45am: The police amended the victim’s age to 40, and said he is in critical condition in the ICU. The full statement is here.

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  1. NO MORE WAR says:

    The chief of police needs to get a handle on this situation. I heard that there are not armed police in St. George’s. If that’s true We should remove the current chief and put someone there that knows how to allocate men power. There have been several shootings in the east part of Bermuda without any armed officers being regularly deployed there. There seems to be more shooting in the east then the west yet the western parishes have regular armed police and east do not. You could not pay me enough to police Bermuda these days without a firearm. What’s up with the governor. He should demand armed police at all stations. Can anyone in the force make proper decisions without trying to bamboozle the public? My prayers to the injured man for a speedy recovery and my prayers to the people who had to witness this henious crime.

    • @No more war, hopefully you will understand the real workings on the police force, and also recognize that it does not mater if you have every single officer carrying a gun, the real truth is when a gunman decides to show up in any location they do not announce their arrival, so a shooting can take place at any time, any where, and to insist on the removal of the police chief is ridiculous.

      The national security minister is the one that needs to hand over the reigns to a minister who is more active and involved, as well as more experience to make decisions from the top. You see in my view the Chief of police along with all of the qualified men and women of the Bermuda police service, are the actual ones who make the national security minister look good by the fine job they do.

      The minister on the other hand don’t have a clue about the war on crime or drugs, which is both inter related,he talk’s a good game but the fire get’s really hot he runs for cover, it he had half a brain he would take advice from those that once ran the streets. Selah meditate on this, it is another day but same crap just more sophisticated, but can be cracked.

      America’s cup coming here in 20017 will be a bumper crop year for the untouchables, because of the climate it will produce, hmmmmmmmm joker’s out there don’t care when young black males shoot at each other ,or kill each other, it takes the focus off them, while we are running around with our head in the sand trying to find a lone gunman.

      I say vote me in as national security minister, and I will go after the ones who don’t run the streets first. oh by the way the ministers of govt, love reading my post but can’t challenge me cause the joker’s never went to to university with me.

      • NO MORE WAR says:

        Duane P. Santucci, arming every officer on the beat will greatly increase their odds of catching these criminals who are intent on doing whatever they like whenever they like. They aren’t just going up to someone and punching them, they are shooting at people, injuring people and killing people. Give the officers on the beat a fighting chance. To handcuff the vast majority of your personnel from dealing with a shooting suspect is guaranteed certain failure.

      • Terry says:

        Duane. I am with you for the first part of your comments.

        After that I have to disagree.

        Minister/s Parliament make Laws. The police inforce them.

        Every officer could carry a 9mm and a AK 47.
        Matters none.

        The irony is and supported by facts. They cannot be everywhere, every street corner, every club, every venue.

        These are crimes of opportunity.



        Ps. The Commissioner and his men do an excellent job. Been there and done that.


      • Zen says:

        Yur fulla crap if you and the rest of the powers that be where really serious we could have delta with thus 20yrs ago but you all didn’t want to deal with ya family friends and business partners when we where fighting with ya associates you was protecting them

  2. NO MORE WAR says:

    Sorry I heard there are *no armed police

    • George says:

      What are armed police going to do to stop these guys carrying guns and shooting at each other………………absolutely nothing…….talk some sense! You want something done about the gun problem then tell the community who shield and harbour these guys (the mothers, sisters, brothers, cousins who know who they are). Tell them to speak up and talk to the police to get them and the guns off the streets!

      • Terry says:

        That would take away from the profits whilst they sit on their fat a**es, drive BMW’s.
        Don’t bite the hand that feeds you but causes others pain.



  3. BenJammin says:

    Dunno if arming the police will cause any real change with the gang problem on this island. Not saying it won’t. Just not sure. It may work as a deterrent. It may not. It could also put more people in harms way. More guns could equal more bullets being fired.
    We should focus on the source. Rather then deal with the individual as they decide to start shooting. Dismantle the gangs at the source. There are a few methods to do that. With less risk involved then shooting people in my opinion.
    But something must be done. Shootings in public places are the biggest public danger. Don’t know what else to say.

  4. JLPS says:

    Really Shooting, break in’s are not done when the police are present. Really how many police do you think are on the force. They can’t be every where.
    Let us stop blaming the police and start blaming the courts. The slap on the hand they get when caught is unacceptable. if hard time was handed down maybe we would not see as much problems.

  5. JUNK YARD DOG says:


    • Junk Yard dog I feel you, and I thought it was my hormones acting up, thought I was going through change of life, all these things floating around in the atmosphere, glad you cleared it up. if I knew it was a full moon, I would have went moon shining. for the young folk we don’t shine the moon , we just go borrow liquor that don’t belong to us because back in the day, uncle Tom won’t allow us to have any.

  6. Raymond Ray says:

    It appears to me, “we’re still flogging a dead horse” :-( This sort of behavior has been taking place for well over a decade! There are people that know the “who, what’s and why’s” that are responsible for this ludicrous behavior/s that’s displayed by the so called “gang members”.
    I suggest that the Police / Government and Opposition unite and agree on offering a large reward upon the arrest and conviction of them that are causing so much trouble in what was a friendly place,(Bermuda)The money can come from money confiscated by Police or, fines that are laid out in the Courts…Simply allocate a percentage e.g. x amount towards the rewards. Place large adverts in stores, street, telephone pole or where-ever people will see them and that they can earn money for what they know…

    • Wait a minute says:

      But your OBA Jeffffy Baron told Bermuda publicly that he had a solution just before they became government Ray.
      Raymond’s face
      Before the election :)
      After the election :(

      • Raymond Ray says:

        @ Wait a minute: It sounds like you are the one, (ones) that’s more “displeased” :-(
        As a matter of fact, it had been the former Government that made all the promises…(and many to no avail.)

        • Seriously says:

          Wow Raymond! You have a VERY selective memory when it comes to the OBA and their faulty promises!!

          • Raymond Ray says:

            Why is it that most, if not all critics of my statements hide behind a pseudonym? (For them that aren’t familiar with the word, it’s a make believe name.)Sad yes but true

            • Raymond Ray says:

              By the way, the O.B.A. have made / do make their share of errors as well…
              May I also comment on the individuals condition. I wish him a speedy recovery.

              • Seriously says:

                Of course they do make mistakes, you just choose not to comment on it publicly. Nice to know you know the definition of pseudonym, I guess you know how to use a dictionary.

                • Raymond Ray says:

                  I attended B.T.I. It’d been an excellent school, one that should not have been closed. And yes, the United Bermuda Party were the reason why it was / is closed.
                  The reason, too many of “various backgrounds” became too astute an able-bodied, doing business on their own, without the help of others…Sad yes, but true :-(
                  By the way, Tech was, (if not the first it was) one of the first integrated schools we had in this island going back to 1950s and we never had racial problems amongst us.

            • Basically Raymond Ray has lost the plot , he even has the audacity to think he has intellect.

  7. Tiger Lily says:

    The love of MONEY IS the root of all evil.

    Sometimes it may be about money at the root of these incidents.

    Wishing a recovery soon to the victim. The government invested in cameras island wide. Let us now see the return on our investment.

    • Did not think about that, but you have a point there because there are two major points that have cameras just before hitting that area, from east and west, but could have gone straight out through Coney island or come from that way and if so no cam’s.

  8. mumbojumbo says:

    Guns don’t shoot themselves and that’sah fact.The willingness to utilise a firearm comes from the lack of deterrent, life and property are the only reasons a licensed gun owner can have or utilise….there have to be consequences that deter use there of… Personally I love a concealed carry…a working license is great too…but you have rules and obligations and without them you are a threat yourself….but this utilisation of intent and premeditation is cause to remove you from society all together…perhaps it should be without the possibility of parole or early release…certainly hard labour should be included with proceeds going to renumerate for loss of income due to shooting…

  9. Cynda says:

    Don’t these guys get tired? Gosh, enough is enough already!

  10. Mj says:

    Gangs smh one fool picks up a gun and uses it and it automatically gangs u people really dnt what gangs are do you

    • serengeti says:

      We know what they are. Collections of effin idiots.

      • rasjah says:

        Collection of idiots is correct

      • rasjah says:

        Sameway officers n political leaders r your bigger idiots.. Simple whos winning no1

    • @mj, call it what you want, the families that are effected by these idiots know how to well the pain and suffering it has caused their families and love ones, so I don’t give a damn what people call them, a gang is a group of two or more people, so if I decided to join forces with two or more people, namely the majority of the gun incidents, always have a rider and a passenger, so that will constitute enough for me. either way I don’t care who they are, what goes around comes around, today they point the barrel and tomorrow they will be looking in the face of a barrel.

      The Bible don’t lie, what so ever a man soweth that shall he also reap. turn from their devious life styles is what I say and become productive citizens. sad to say many of the young people doing things of this nature have kids of their own, and raising little hellions just like themselves, hopefully other family members can step in and prevent that from happening.

  11. The Dark Knight Returns says:

    BenJammin, but what the police are doing now is not working. People are shooting anywhere they like in public with no real fear of being challenged.

    Police are armed but I see that the majority are not. Public safety is paramount and what the police are doing now just simply is not working to deter shootings.

    I guess if you do not want to catch them in the act, continue policing the current way. I guess if you do not want to get the gun out of the criminals hand, continue policing the current way.

    People have been killing people since the beginning of time. It sounds pretty to say let’s deal with the source or dismantle the gangs but the reality of it is this will never happen. These men are shooting at will, it’s the same scenario time and time again.

    I agree with NO MORE WAR, something more must be done to stop these men and ensure public safety at the time. Sometimes you have to meet force with force. That’s just the hard truth.

  12. Islander says:

    Clubs return to being key clubs and those that dont want to put cameras above the doors and the bar area

  13. Verly says:

    Cameras may help to identify the perpetrators after the fact, but won’t necessarily stop the shootings.
    Look at the shooting at a club on Court Street some years ago. There were cameras everywhere….all this did was capture the murder from every angle.

  14. Go Getem says:

    Police know who the gangsters are and where they live and that their families help illegally protect them, but I don’t know why they sit back and only do something after stuff happens.

    Families who harbour and protect gangsters should be punished equally as much as the criminal gangsters they are hiding.These families are the ones who are aiding crime and gangs in Bermuda. These “innocent” families are NOT innocent and are literally the CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM.

  15. Discus of God says:

    Gang members should be punished by being chained up in public and whipped senseless until they cannot stand.They should have all their bank accounts closed and siezed and their drivers licenses BANNED.

    When we finally stop pampering and babying these pieces of trash is maybe when our problems will stop.

    I was almost assaulted by a gang of about 12 guys BEHIND the St Georges police station while it was open, and they tried to run me over with speeding motorbikes as I tried to get away from these animals. They aren’t human, they are animals. When you start acting like a human perhaps then we will call you human.

    I hope all the gangsters here go straight to hell where they damnwell belong instead of here polluting OUR island gem.

  16. Oh no says:

    Oh no I hope he is ok.

  17. Zen says:

    Who really cares who really knows who was on 1st they was on it 2nd we ignored base that’s the facts .

  18. Ameboa says:

    Reading all the comments about how to stop the gangs, stop individuals from shooting one another is like listening to a broken record. These affiliates of gangs are not the source of the problem. Everyone keeps placing blame on them. Who remembers Commissioner Coxall and his war on marijuana? Who did he target? Answer not the man in the street selling the weed, but the suppliers and importers whom probably never smoked weed before in their lives. So why is it that the police and whomever cant target the ammunition suppliers ? Who I am sure have no gang affiliation except sales of the ammo to line their pockets. We all have common sense and know full well that these guys in the street cant bring in this ammunition, plus there are many different calibre’s of weapons used by these guys. They know and persons with money and links imports this ammunition for them. So start there and you will see a decline in these shootings. Ammunition is NOT made locally.

  19. Alvin Williams says:

    I doubt very much having a police force armed to the teeth is going to solve Bermuda’s problem of crime with the use of guns. Just look at the countries with their arm police forces; no sign that the use of guns by the criminal element has been reduce; if anything what you have is an even more violent society with the police contributing their fair share of that violence.

  20. Oh,I see now says:

    The only way a gun carrier will stop his wicked ways is when it misfires and hits his little cousin,niece or nephew.Nobody should have to suffer that he see the light.Someone will reveal your transgression and we will be reading about you soon ,mark my words gun carrier.

  21. Mj says:

    One fool picks up a gun and its gangs stop pushing this crap its old individuals carrying out most shootings not no gangs it would be lots more bloodshed if we had a gang problem

  22. Mj says:

    I’ve had a gun pointed in my face and its not something many live to tell I blame that one person not no gang that’s my point calling every shooting a gang incident is not right because that gang talk jz incriminates me as a young black when people see me and a few of my friends together the first thing they think is gang members Evwry situation is different people are just evil in all walks of life politicians down to a regular guy u see on a day’s journey u never know who is doing what so blaming every shooting on gangs is irrelevant it takes one person to pull a trigger and not many boys u look at think there gangster have the stomach to kill its one out of 30 that will actually kill someone and have the brains to actually get away with it u can see by the amount of people that have bin caught after the fact and most of them did so with the help of one or two people at most so labeling majority of young black men as gangstas is not right most of us are associated with each other from merely going to school together and living in the same neighborhoods that doesn’t give anybody right to condemn us all as gangstas I know people in jail for committing crimes as such so because I know them and went to school with them and live in their neighborhood that considers me as a gangsta as well let me know kuz I kno have intent on killing or harming anybody even tho I have bin on The wrong end of it and lived to tell about it

  23. tom cooke says:

    Just wait for a 4yr old child to be caught in ” the cross fire”… and if it’s a tourest. .. stand by. ..