Anniversary Of Gunpowder Plot Commemorated

August 14, 2015

Members of the Sons, Daughters and Children of the American Revolution attended a reception today [Aug 14] at Government House, as part of the 240th Anniversary commemorations of Bermuda’s “Gunpowder Plot”.

“The event marked a highly amicable relationship between the visiting descendants of American Revolutionaries and today’s successor of the Governor of 1775, Governor George James Bruere, whose stores of gunpowder were raided by sympathisers of the Revolution”, a spokesperson said.

“The Governor, Mr George Fergusson, told the visitors that today he had very little need for gunpowder. He said he was touched that alongside the commemorations of the 1775 raid, the Sons and Daughters of American Revolution had chosen to “pay back” by making generous contributions to Bermuda charities.”

Governor Fergusson said, “This year also marks the 200th anniversary of the Treaty of Ghent, marking the end of the War of 1812 – and 200 hundred years of unbroken peace and friendship and, for the last century, close alliance between the USA on the one hand and Bermuda and Britain on the other”.

Mr Fergusson added: “This weekend’s commemoration highlights one of the many episodes where Bermuda has played a distinct and interesting part in US history. Among the many other reasons for our American neighbours to visit, coming here to learn about American history from a Bermuda angle is not as eccentric idea as it may sound.

“We offer a vital angle on the Virginia settlement, early Colonial trade, the Gunpowder Plot in the Revolutionary War and the Island’s prominent role in the War of 1812, the wrecks from both sides of the Civil War – and the long and happy links through US bases here during the Cold War and later.”

The Governor said he hoped this weekend’s re-enactment of the Gunpowder raid would be the first of many and congratulated the Bermuda organisers as well as the visitors for having taken this initiative.

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  1. Onion Juice says:

    But yet he wouldn’t sympathize with descendants of Tuckers Town Land Grab

  2. SOAPBOX says:

    The non African Bermudians – were they guilty of treason? If so, does that explain what African Bermudians are still experiencing today?

  3. mj says:

    It would be helpful if an honest documentary was made on this”gunpowder”plot and the real people from history involved and what did they look like,.. and what relationship did they have with “bermudians” and is there a picture of King James 1 and V1, so that ALLLLLL of us Beermudians can understand who ploted against who and why… and where are the original pictures, and General george washingtons role and who was the ture president at that point, would be most informative if it was given in language that can be understood by six year olds and others in the school system.. just to make sure some of us are not celebrating a demise or false victory.. and why would people make a contribution her, leaves me puzzled, full of unanswered questions, so excuse me if i don’t get excited at this historic event that is unclear as to its DIRECT relationship with US.