9-Year-Old Donates $275 To KBB After Cleanup

August 11, 2015

Keep Bermuda Beautiful today [Aug 11] received a $275 donation from 9 year old Rachael Betschart who raised money for KBB over the Cup Match holiday by collecting almost 250 bottles from the waters.

Her mother D’Arcey Betschart said, “Our friend Alan Marquardt challenged Rachael with collecting bottles while we were on the boat one weekend, to keep her busy. He offered her 10 cents for every bottle she collected. That weekend in a span of an hour she had collected 15 bottles. My husband and I matched that donation.”

Rachael spent her holiday weekend diving up bottles from the shallow waters in Mangrove Bay:

Rachel and donation hi res

She continued, “So, when we went out on Cup Match weekend up to King’s Point, anchored besides a group of friends, she continued that challenge. She realised after the first day when she collected 66 bottles that she could raise a lot of money.

“So, she went from boat to boat in our raft up and asked everyone to match the 10 cents per bottle over the weekend and she said that she wanted to donate it to a charity. After some discussion of the various charities she thought that KBB would be the charity she wanted to donate to since this was a ‘clean up’.

“The next day she collected 36 bottles, the following day she collected 103 bottles and the final day she collected 27. In total she collected almost 250 bottles. Rachael raised $275 over the weekend.”

Rachael was hunting for bottles underwater but also found a variety of other trash like plastic cups. Some of the bottles were wedged into the sandy bottom while other bottles were broken and had dangerous shards of glass:

Rachael in kayak hi res1

She finished saying, “It was a great opportunity for Rachael to see just how much trash there is in our beautiful waters. Some of the bottles were really hard to see and pull out of the sand. She found a lot of broken bottles, shards of glass, plastic cups and various other pieces of trash as well.

“She then witnessed the Non-Mariners Race on Sunday and understood how easy it is for trash to float away and sink. She spent a good portion of her Sunday collecting trash from that event. It was a good learning experience for her and kept her very busy. She was also really surprised when she found a fully intact half pint marble bottle in 8 feet of water.”

Rachael presenting the donation of $275 to KBB’s Amy Shillingford

Rachael presents donation to KBB hi res

Mrs. Shillingford said, “We are thrilled to accept this donation from you and congratulate you on this wonderful initiative. I have seen a lot of broken glass in this area and nearby at Somerset Long Bay and realize it comes from glass bottles breaking on the rocks. It is becoming more dangerous to walk barefoot.”

KBB said they “would like to remind the members of the public when they are out boating and picnicking this summer to be extra vigilant to dispose of their trash responsibly so that it does not end up as litter. Careless littering poses a serious threat to human health and safety as well as causes death to turtles, birds and other wildlife.”

Rachael found almost 250 bottles which were a mix of old and new. One was so recent that it had a slice of lemon and a cigarette butt still inside it. 

Bottles hi res1

“In addition to KBB’s ongoing cleanups, each September there is the opportunity for our community to make a huge impact by participating in the annual EY Bermuda Coastal Cleanup in support of KBB. When you join the EY event, you will be part of a global event,” KBB said.

“Volunteers from more than 100 countries will be spending the morning of Saturday, September 19 picking up trash from the ocean and shoreline for Ocean Conservancy’s annual International Coastal Cleanup. To be part of this event, contact Anne Hyde, Executive Director at KBB on 295-5142.”

- Photos courtesy of Alan Marquardt & KBB

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  1. Raymond Ray says:

    It’s time,(well really it’s overdue)to place a 10cent deposit on bottles and cans/soda,(minerals)and beer bottles. Far too many people choose to toss their trash into the waters / trees and bushes…damn, even on the roadside with out consideration, not caring they may become harmful to others. Get on your “representatives” and lets change these Laws!

    • Raymond Ray says:

      By the way, thanks go out to this 9 year old, Rachael Betschart

    • Oops says:

      Great thought, but I don’t think its financially feasible, I mean the money has to come from somewhere right?! We need more people to volunteer and care for Bermuda like Rachael to KBB! :)

      • Let's think about this... says:

        I beg to differ Oops. You easily put the 10 cents charge on the front end of the bottle charge. It is a trash tax and a model implemented by several jurisdictions.

      • Raymond Ray says:

        The bottles / cans will need an additional charge to pay for the reimbursement, and that’s where the money comes from…

      • Bermudian says:

        Why should we need more Volunteers to take care of Bermuda? How about instead everyone takes care of Bermuda and stop being lazy with throwing away their trash whenever they see fit? Simple enough…but yet people are still being lazy.

        • Oops says:

          Because your solution is wishful thinking. I really wish just because something was right and moral, people would do it, but they don’t always. being lazy and having faults is so called “human nature” lol

  2. eXpat says:

    Excellent job Rachael!! Very impressed by your initiative.

  3. Kathy says:

    sooooo proud of this girl!!!

  4. Just wondering says:

    Rachael!!!!!! you are the Girl!!! what a great job!

  5. Ruth marquardt says:

    A fabulous job Rachael! Well done for all your efforts and enthusiasm over cup match! What a star you are!

  6. Jeanne Hodgkins says:

    Way to go, Rachael! Bermuda and Warwick Academy are proud of you!!

  7. Sarah Webber says:

    Good job Rachael!

  8. King Jammys says:

    Fantastic Rachael! Thank you. Hopefully the adults will get the message and act responsibly.

  9. Capt New Simons says:

    Thank you Rachel. Fantastic news!! It is wonderful to see a fellow responsible mariner doing their part to help and clean up after dirty people.

  10. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Rachael…I look up to you and you’re only 9! Well done!!

  11. Silence Do Good says:

    I am impressed how she went from ten cents a bottle to dollar plus for a bottle. Rachael for Finance Minister!

  12. Commodore JB of BBIRYC says:

    As Commodore of BBIRYC, I applaud this young lady for her efforts. One of those bottles looks like one that I accidentally dropped off of my yacht at Non-Mariners. If it still has the top on it I would like to have it back. Wasting beer should be punishable by jail time.