Office Of CedarBridge Academy Chair Vacant

September 3, 2015

The Ministry of Education is advising the public today [Sept 3] that in accordance with the Education Act 1996, Minister R. Wayne Scott has declared the Office of CedarBridge Academy Chair vacant. The Minister said “I would like to thank the former Chair for his service to the CBA Board.”

As a result, Minister Scott has appointed Rev. Dr. Leonard Santucci as Board Chair. Dr. Santucci was due to take over the position at the end of the current term. This change was effective as of yesterday [September 2].

“Moving forward the Ministry will be exploring changing the term of school boards to align with the school year, so that greater synergy can be achieved between the academic and operational functions of schools,” the Ministry said. “This would be consistent with the Board of Education terms.”

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  1. have you tried musical chairs…i’m just sayin…