Man Convicted Of Violently Resisting Arrest

September 3, 2015

Mr Cameron Ramsay re-appeared in Magistrates Court today [Sept 3] and went on trial on the charge of violently resisting arrest in Dockyard on 5th August 2015.

Magistrate Archie Warner heard the police evidence that Mr Ramsay had been seen sitting on a female tourist’s rental cycle whilst he held her arm and spoke with her.

The constable intervened believing, from the behavior of the tourist, that Mr Ramsay may have been breaching the peace.

Mr Ramsay responded aggressively to this police action and was eventually arrested and forcibly put into a police vehicle and taken to the Police Station.

On trial this morning, Mr Ramsay, who was unrepresented by any legal counsel, did not challenge the police constable’s statement of evidence, nor did he take to the witness stand and give evidence on his own behalf.

The Magistrate convicted Mr Ramsay of the charge of violently resisting arrest.

Before deciding on his sentence, and acknowledging Mr Ramsay’s previous convictions, the Magistrate ordered a short form Social Inquiry Report to be prepared for 10th September 2015.

The Magistrate then remanded Mr Ramsay into custody until then and as he was led away, Mr Ramsay could be heard protesting.

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