“We Recognize Importance Of Disabled Parking”

September 14, 2015

Following a police vehicle being parked in a disabled parking spot in Hamilton today [Sept 14], the police said the officer parked there while responding to an emergency call about an assault, and said they “recognize the importance of disabled parking and apologize for the inconvenience that may have been caused.”

A reader emailed in the photo below and said that he paid for his disabled parking permit, and the Police vehicle being in the parking space, and not displaying a permit to park there, prevented him from utilizing the space.


In response, a police spokesperson told Bernews, “Sometime after 11.00am, police were responding to an emergency request for assistance as a member of the public was being assaulted at a business within the City of Hamilton.”

“The officers driving the vehicle in question could not find a suitable parking spot within the appropriate time, and due to the emergency nature of the call they used the first available parking spot. The officer was able to respond to the emergency request in a timely manner.”

“We recognize the importance of disabled parking and we apologize for the inconvenience that may have been caused.”

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  1. Vulcan Trash Cleaner says:

    you were in the safety of your vehicle,others were not and needed help,quit moaning!

    • hmph says:

      PULL UP DE CCTV let’s see if they went there in a rush. Lmao ignant

  2. Y-Gurl says:

    That’s BS they park where they want when they want, and 99.999% of the time it’s NOT emergency related, parking in loading zones, disabled spots and double yellow lines, they do because they can and with no proper management in place it will continue.

  3. Marion says:

    Plenty parking over the road.

    • Micro says:

      At the time the photo was taken, maybe there wasn’t any when the officers were responding to the emergency.

  4. Former Union Member says:

    I am inclined to agree with ‘Marion’. The police park where ever they want. They simply couldn’t be bothered to cross the road.

  5. Yamon says:

    Question is where was the assault alleged to have occurred and if not across the street from the car it shouldn’t have been there. If it was an alleged assault, the police should have had their lights on and double parked.

    • thomas says:

      Leave the car on un locked and running with lights on for someone to possibly take or car off locked and lights on to kill the battery?
      U have all the answers Co.

      • mixitup says:

        Who steals a police car in Bermuda??

      • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

        Yamon has it right…cops would park right across the road with lights n siren blaring to let you know they’re coming and coming hard…not believeing this excuse….need documented proof…but hey I don’t even care I can’t ever find a spot to park…which reminds me…There is an abundance of private cars parked or hampering the loading zones as to where it’s too tight to put a truck…I experienced a loud mouthy woman one day as I asked her nicely if she let me put the truck in the loading zone…Oh Well…she said she was waiting for some one and I would have to wait too…rather than cause a scene which I knew quite well was about to happen…I seriously had the thought to pull up beside her get out and lock the truck and go along about my business…but i would have been the one to get reprimanded…she’s lucky the truck had a Co. Name on it.

  6. Cranberry says:

    Jeez get a life… while performing their duties police can park anywhere. … sometimes they even speed OMG…

  7. Ameboa says:

    This parking doesn’t look like a response to any type of emergency except to go eat or get some personal chores done before the wife gets home. The parking is too perfect. Like … hold on an assault?? I doubt that too.. normally half the police respond to an assault and they park/stop their vehicles where ever and not be looking for a parking bay if its in the city limits They are usually double parked and it looks as if one vehicle responded. NOPE not believing their reply one bit to this report. Try again

    • mixitup says:

      Yea .. Just a bit too straight.. I agree.

      • Regina says:

        Agree. That’s how I park when I’m heading off to Mr. Chcicken. Um just sayin.’

  8. Coffee says:

    What ! No comment from the Minister of Public Safety ?

  9. wondering says:

    Ok so they parked at a random spot trying to responde to an assult so they can assist yes they should have put more thought but put your self in the shoes of the person who was being assulted when you find out the police took 20 minutes longer to help you because they could find a suitable parking spot really think about this before you blast the police no all are bad

  10. Terry says:

    All these murders and robberies and you bitch and moan about a police car.

    I give up.

  11. Moaners says:

    All you all that are complaining. When you need help next time call a crackhead or a junkie instead of the cops. See how that works out for you.

  12. Ses says:

    The only person that should be parked in a disabled parking spot are the disabled. Anybody else should be clamped and towed. End.

    • Serious Though says:

      we all agree about disabled parking space, but in case of emergency, what’s important…. what’s important..? seriously

  13. Rick says:

    The disabled person could of parked across the street also ?

  14. Come on says:

    The same people complaining will be the same people complaining about Police response times to emergencies . Lol can’t please everyone.

  15. AS YOU ARE says:

    Time to make the donuts!

  16. get a life says:

    The police say they went to an emergency that’s what they did who are all of you to say otherwise. There is no place in law in Bermuda where there is handicapped parking. You all are just looking for something to police bash once again for. You look at all the terrible reports of policing all over the US we have virtually non of that here. I hope non of you ever need urgent assistance but didn’t get it in time cause they couldn’t find a parking spot

  17. Vigilante says:

    The Police can park anywhere they wish. That is their necessary right in exchange for their responsible role in society. Whether they were or were not responding to a call in this instance is moot. The real issue is when non-handicapped private cars park in HCap zones. My mother is handicapped (walks slowly with a cane) and has the requisite tag to hang on the mirror. She only comes to town for Dr appointments or the like, and 50% of the time she finds a non-handicapped vehicle parked in a HCap zone. The lack of respect and consideration around parking on our congested streets is appalling. Double parking on Queen Street, bikes on the sidewalk outside Speciality Theatre, cars parking anywhere there is space near their destination…these are the real transgressors, not the police. Clamp, name and shame them, I say! Oh, and we’ll need to ask the police to help the traffic wardens out, because the wardens will be very busy!