City Installing Additional Disabled Parking Bays

December 20, 2019

The City of Hamilton is installing an additional 28 disabled parking bays throughout the City, bringing the total number to 73.

A spokesperson said, “On November 12th this year, the City of Hamilton participated in the Purple Tuesday campaign, a global campaign to raise awareness for the importance of the disabled person’s contribution to the local economy.

“By offering an increased number of disabled parking bays within the City limits, those holding disabled parking permits had more options to park. With the ever-growing number of disabled parking permits being issued by the municipality, it was evident that the increased number of bays needed to become permanent.”

City COO, Dwayne Caines said,“We live in an ageing society and with more and more people applying for the permits – current numbers stand at over one thousand – we recognized that the forty-five existing bays would need to be amplified to better accommodate the needs of our disabled.

“There has been some push back from retailers and while we don’t take this lightly, it is important to understand that the disabled shopper can contribute greatly to the retail bottom line if they have access to parking.

“It’s no secret that the disabled bays are already grossly abused by able-bodied motorists due to a lack of compassion, enforcement and any penalty; we’re hoping to rectify that in the new year.”

The City said they are “currently installing a further twenty-eight disabled parking bays throughout the City bringing the total number to seventy-three, a mere two percent of the total number of bays in the City, both in the lots and on the streets.”

Keith Simmons, Accessibility Officer at the Ministry of Health’s Ageing and Disability Services, added, “The additional bays are keeping in line with international disability standards in correlation to the number of disabled permits that are currently active.”

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  1. Ms. You Know Who says:

    I hope you start with the abusers on Union street. Every time I try and park in my usual disabled bay, it’s taken by a handicapped person. They have absolutely no regard for my able bodied self. I need another cigg break. I’m all worked up.

  2. Tom Hall says:

    Parking in the city in general needs to be improved overall. This is why I tend to purchase goods online. Such a hassle trying to find parking in the COH, especially this time of year

  3. Mrs.B says:

    That is great news but until something is don’t about the abuse of these spaces this means nothing.

  4. Make fine to $5000 says:

    Increase the penalty to $5000 for these parking abusers and definitely get (Ms. U know who) who is a constant daily no compassion for others abuse Parker

  5. 10 Toes says:

    I applaud the thought but until (HOPEFULLY AS NOTED IN NEW YEAR) a significant and severe penalty is levied and ENFORCED its like peeing into the wind. Perhaps Mr Caines you will also look at the abuse usage of parking in LOADING ZONES, DOUBLE PARKING “WITH FLASHERS or WITHOUT” on ALL streets and lastly parking on DOUBLE YELLOW lines. I am sure the city could run on a profit if enforced. To speed the issue of tickets up hand held pc’s with printer instead of 1900′s era hand written and station 2 each wardens (that diont have friends ) on Church,Reid,Front,QUEEN alone would pay their wages and make city some $. Or BUY 2 tow trucks and a paylaoder to remove offenders

  6. Barbara D Cooper says:

    ‘Too Little, Too Late’ or ‘It’s about time’ ! Let’s have immediate ACTION not just TALK ! Drivers (especially offenders) need to be held responsible for parking offences .. especially in handicapped bays when they are not displaying tags . Some cities in Canada charge a fine of $ 5000.00 – bays have clear signage and are regularly monitored, and the fine must be paid within 24 hours. If not paid by then offenders are contacted and can be given a jail sentence.

  7. Jah Rastafari says:

    The City is totally unliveable for residents. I do NOT bring a car into Hamilton because the parking is expensive and hard to find at the best of times. I question the wisdom of creating more disabled spaces as they are often empty and seldom used. Also any person with a slight ailment can get a sticker and a free ride.

  8. Mb says:

    A City hall completely out of touch with reality
    And the usual suspects shouting about bigger fines and nowhere to park
    First there is always PLENTY of parking in town at the lots and if you can’t afford $2 for an hour or $4 for the day At BH you A. Should probably not have a car and B. Should not be shopping
    However, on the flip side, NO bigger fines will not help. People don’t pay fines as it is… ask the courts about their backlog of traffic fines… you are adding to a huge growing percent off our population who will never get credit due to fines and debt owed…bottom line people who do this kind of thing can’t afford it
    Solution is more dedicated traffic cops walking the beat reminding people NO you can’t double park NOR can you block entrances NOR can you take a disabled spot … the culture here is to simple break road rules, fines don’t deter
    A final point city hall needs to make it easier overall to park in city so perhaps some marketing and goodwill (they need that after their $18mln screwup) gestures like free parking on a weekends or once a month sometimes would go a long way or reducing BH to $1 during certain times
    But no they just keep making it more difficult to Buy Bermuda