City Streamlines Disabled Parking Permit Process

December 6, 2023 | 0 Comments

The City of Hamilton is “streamlining the application process for its disabled parking permits by issuing permits for one to five years, depending on the expiration date of the accompanying medical certificate.”

A spokesperson said, “Currently, permit owners must reapply every year for a new disabled parking permit, regardless of when their medical certificate expires.

“The new system has been implemented for the convenience of our permit holders, as it will eliminate the hassle of having to submit a new application each year.

“The annual price for the permit will remain the same at $25. However, if your medical certificate does not expire for another five years, you may choose to pay the five-year fee upfront [$125], to save you from having to reapply for another five years.

“The new options for disabled parking permit holders will commence from January 1, 2024. Those wishing to apply for a disabled parking permit can do so online or in-person at City Hall. All approved permits must be collected from City Hall.

“The City wishes to remind the public that the disabled parking permit is issued to the disabled person, not to his/her spouse, relative, friend or caregiver.

“The disabled parking permit may only be used when the disabled person is actually being transported in a vehicle. It is an offence for anyone to use a disabled parking permit, other than the person to whom it has been issued. The permit is designed to be transferrable to whichever vehicle the disabled person is traveling in. Abuse of the privilege may result in the permit being cancelled.

“For more information on parking permits in the City of Hamilton, visit the City’s Permits Page which can be found here.”

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