Top 10 Most Viewed Videos For September

September 30, 2015

Bernews posted almost 60 videos during the month of September 2015 covering a wide range of topics, and the cricket altercation video was, by far, the most viewed, with the footage attracting almost one million views.

The remaining videos in the top ten most viewed are the armed robbery CCTV footage, the extended CCTV footage of the armed robbery, Bermuda Labour Day march, Selena’s Causeway BBQ Throwdown, Jason Hayward’s speech at the BIU banquet, the Break The Silence 5K run & walk, the BFRS extinguish garage fire, the start of Labour Day race, and the BFRS remove suspicious package from police station.

#1 Altercation At Cricket Match, September 12

#2 Armed Robbery CCTV Footage, September 17

#3 Extended Footage: Armed Robbery CCTV Footage, September 23

#4 Bermuda Labour Day March, September 7

#5 Selena’s Causeway BBQ Throwdown, September 6

#6 Jason Hayward At BIU Banquet, September 4

#7 Break The Silence 5K Run & Walk, September 27

#8 Fire Service Extinguish Garage Fire, September 10

#9 Start Of Labour Day Race, September 7

#10 BFRS Remove Suspicious Package From Police Station, September 18

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