Blackwatch Pass/North Shore Traffic Advisory

September 30, 2015

The Ministry of Public Works said they “would like to advise the travelling public that effective today [Sept 30th] the traffic priority at the Blackwatch Pass\North Shore Road junction has changed temporarily in order to facilitate construction works.


The Ministry said, “All traffic travelling out of town on Blackwatch Pass will be required to stop at the junction with North Shore Road. All traffic travelling on North Shore Road will have priority over traffic on Blackwatch Pass.

“Motorists are advised to approach this revised junction with caution and pay close attention to the signs. The Ministry of Public Works apologizes for any inconvenience caused during this phase of works.”

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  1. Hoolieh says:

    A project the has been going on forever! Almost a year to put in a roundabout?
    You wonder why we’re in fiscal disarray!
    W & E needs to be outsourced.


    • Serious Though says:


      • Onion Juice says:

        You need to outsource supervision, like EPL when you feel that a team is not producing you get rid of the Coach or Manager.

    • Frank says:

      If they would have contracted it out it would have been done in a few months and 1/2 the cost. Just saying what so many others are thinking.

  2. Head Scratcher says:

    I have heard through the grape vine that the design was given to a foreign person that didnt draw it out right and wasted money. I heard they have abandoned the round a bout and have put in some crazy lines on the road that my 6 year old could have drawn….I also heard that there is a large cave under the road where many people live and hang out…never been there myself but I trust no one is in danger……What i saw today is laughable…..please go see for yourself.

    • Uh Huh says:

      So Head Scratcher, you’ve heard a lot, but actually know nothing. Uh huh.

      Loving the Foreign Person bit. Very, how shall I put it, inbred?

    • Toleratate says:

      That was sarcasm right Head Scratcher??? Because ” I HEARD” you should not listen to people who start spreading trash with the words “I HEARD”.

  3. Mark says:

    I heard Head Scratching is a form of insanity. Must be true with the pointless drivel you wrote.

  4. I and I says:

    That cave has been there since who knows when.

  5. Paid Blogger says:

    Very interesting to see the speed in which the new wall has been faced with Bda stone – I could only imagine how long this would have taken with our W&E crew to do this?? This whole project should have been outsourced to private enterprise for an on-time and within budget project. The speed in which W&E move at is pedestrian at best. Just cannot wait to hear what the final cost will be.

  6. AS YOU ARE says:

    I agree outsource all the govt projects! From ferry service to bus service.. Privatizing TCD worked, its almost a pleasure going there now.

  7. Vulcan Trash Cleaner says:

    W & E…bleeding Bermuda dry more each day!

  8. Whistling Frog says:

    You can blame W&E. They are dictated to by foreign Engineers who are hired by your government. Everyone is left trying to figure out the next move.. i.e., “Oh no! We came across more holes in the earths crust”. ” Not a problem, we’d fill it with some sand then build on top”. SMH

    • Mister Mole says:

      Where was that, Whistling Frog?

    • Turtle says:

      yeah you are so right!!! Engineers coming from oxford, British columbia, Howard, Arizona college, etc must be all a bunch of inexpert!!!! You are So right……..

  9. haha says:

    that round about was a month job max for normal construction crew. That kid in the photo will be on his V50 before that thing is finished, well hopefully not.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Or he would be one of the dead weight administrators, I was going to say one of the workers, but highly unlikely.

  10. KarmaGotEm says:

    Speaking of taking forever, can anyone please tell me why almost 2 weeks after erecting the poles for the new fencing going into St. David’s on the main road below the bowling alley not a ting further has been done! BTW can you also tell me at the same time when we can expect the Oleander bush further down exiting St. David’s is going to be cut before it completely meets the center line? Um just saying because you have to choose whether you scratch up your car or nip the vehicle in the other lane especially the big pink and blue. It is hazardous! Govt does not have to employ anyone to do this, we have people being paid weekly who can perform this job. This island looks horrid. The main road in St. David’s is narrow enough without the driver each lane having to maneuver around bushes on both sides of the road. Tell us you are sorry when someone gets seriously hurt.

  11. Turtle says:

    Maybe you should asked yourself…..maybe just maybe government don’t have money to pay material?…. Or contractors…. Or maybe just maybe lots of machine are dead at the quarry….. Or maybe just maybe Belco took forever for a plan?!……