School Reorganisation Advisory Committee

October 20, 2015

The Ministry of Education announced the establishment of the School Reorganisation [SCORE] Advisory Committee.

“Following earlier consultation on the important and sensitive issue of school reorganisation, the Minister of Education Wayne Scott, decided to establish an advisory committee in order to better engage parents, educators and community members in the decision-making process,” the Ministry said

“The purpose of the SCORE Advisory Committee is to gather current information about schools and determine the feasibility of reorganisation, including the possibility of school closure.

“The primary focus of this work is to document the structure, functions and resources as they are currently in the Bermuda Public School System.

“The Committee is made up parents, educators, and community members who will take an inclusive, thoughtful and collaborative approach to school reorganisation.

“It must be noted that the SCORE Advisory Committee will not engage in any activity related to evaluating school personnel and the findings will be communicated to the Minister of Education for consideration and decision-making.

Minister Scott said, “As I shared in April this year, after public and stakeholder consultation during the month of March, further work, collaboration and consultation was necessary before a final decision would be made on public school reorganisation and school closure.

“At that time I also stated that a working group would be appointed to review and recommend a plan to move forward”.

“I am pleased to announce that the committee will be led by retired educator Mrs. Romelle Warner.

“Mrs. Warner received a BSc Degree from Springfield College in Elementary Education with a Concentration in Reading; an MSc Degree from Adelphi University in Reading Education with Emphasis in Learning Disabilities.

“She has taught in the public school system as a Reading Resource Teacher and substitute teacher. Mrs. Warner has worked as Tutor Trainer for Parishes Achieving Change Together [PACT].

“She has also been employed by the Bermuda Zoological Society as part of the Education team, specifically responsible for coordinating the Learning Through Landscapes Programme.

“She has served as PTA President, Chairperson of the Bermuda Family Council and Chairperson of the Marine Resources Board. She has also served on the National Training Board, Bermuda Educators’ Council and is presently on the Bermuda College Board.

Other members of the SCORE Advisory Committee comprise of principals, teachers, parents, union representatives and community persons.

They are:

  • Dr. Leonard Astwood
  • Mrs. Garita Coddington
  • Ms. Tamicia Darrell
  • Ms. Joann Dill
  • Ms. Jennifer DeRosa-Holder
  • Mr. Keithlyn Fleming
  • Mrs. Margaret Hallett
  • Dr. Timothy Jackson
  • Ms. Renee Lawrence
  • Mr. Jose Lopez
  • Mr. Noel Pearman
  • Mrs. Jo-Ann Pully
  • Mrs. Kalmar Richards
  • Mr. Cleveland Richardson
  • Ms. Danielle Riviere
  • Ms. Leone Samuels
  • Ms. Lisa Smith
  • Mr. Gladstone Thompson
  • Mr. Craig Tyrell

The Acting Commissioner of Education, Dr. Freddie Evans will also serve as an ex-officio member.

“Parents and educators have been informed that in the next few weeks SCORE Advisory Committee members will be working directly with principals and school staff to collect valuable and current information about our primary schools.  Parents, staff and community members will also be engaged throughout this process and receive progress updates,” the Ministry added.

In conclusion, Minister Scott added, “I wish to thank all members of the SCORE Advisory Committee for volunteering their time and effort to this important undertaking for the Bermuda Public School System.

“I look forward to the participation of parents, educators and community members during this process.”

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  1. Observation says:

    The members seem to consist primarily of educators running schools. They would not be as unbiased as required for the hard decisions regarding school reorganization. This is a difficult process requiring decisions about big changes to the status quo. While some educators running schools is required, a balance needs to be of those who have good accounting backgrounds as well as others with construction backgrounds and most importantly others who can take an objective look at the whole picture without protecting turfs. Sorry Minister…not a good balance in your selection.