School Reorganisation Consultation Deadline

March 29, 2016

The Ministry of Education said they wish to remind parents, educators and other community members, that the deadline for the receipt of consultation submissions on school reorganisation is this Friday April 1st, 2016.

“To date, the Ministry has received over 50 formal responses to the consultation, from students, parents, PTAs, primary school alumni, Department and school staff, retired educators, community organisations and other interested members of our community,” a spokesperson said.

“These responses are in addition to the questions and submissions received at the consultation meetings held earlier this month.

“The Ministry looks forward to receiving additional submissions on the SCORE Report which can be emailed to or delivered to the Ministry of Education. The SCORE Report and the consultation document are available at”

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  1. mmm says:

    Is the Ministry simply being polite, by inviting the community for imput, they are the professionals, they have been teaching our children year in ye ar out for many many years, and would have yearly reports to vet in regard to all the current aspects of education. Further to this would have been so me type of dialogue with Labour and Training as well as Immigration. The ge neral public may or may not need to read 3 or 4 pages to know the current status of Bermuda,s education system, its failures and recommendations. Was it not about ten to fifteen years ago that they switch ed to different levels of schooling, which meant a middle school concept was introduced. Someone once said if it aint broke why fix it. We have so much else going on in this community, immigration is a major major issue, 5,000 out of work, in real time what is the position of financial assistance in regard to helping these people .

  2. Oh dear. Disruption after disruption for Bermuda’s youth.Curriculum change after curriculum change.Hm…. Their private school counterparts do not have such flakiness happening.NEVER!!!!
    This is a catastrophe.Each of the schools has a history and a positive culture.
    That will all die.
    Here comes overcrowding, teacher burnout, students who need repeated coaching not being coached adequately,paper work……STRESS……SCHOOL FAILURE!!!!
    Well, the current government lacks a clear goal for schools and is minus passion for Bermuda’s students.

  3. PANGAEA says:


    I have been waiting for this opportunity for the longest time to offer my thoughts on your education.

    you will readily see that I said ” your “. my message is simple, no need to complicate matters because it is all up to you and not me, because I am a failure in virtually every thing I did in school, it was not all my fault it was partly theirs, because there is only so much they can pass on to you.

    The rest is up to you and only you, because , you have that special gift, skill or talent that you have chosen to pursue.

    I use the word sacrifice quite often these days, I am asking you to make that sacrifice till the day you leave school. However ! it is what you do after school that matters as you go out into the world to make a living.

    In order for you to succeed you have to see your light at the end of your tunnel, each and every one of us, except for my next door neighbor has a plan for our future, that is a plan “A” ,but, that may not work out for you, may be plan “B” could be the better option to explore.

    “Two birds is better than one”

    This world of ours is an international market, this little island of ours plays only a small part, it is all about buying and selling, know what others are looking to buy and know what talent or skill you have to offer, this is a puzzle where all the pieces must fit.

    You are not facing an impossible mountain to climb you are almost there, provided that you have a passion and a desire to put your heart and soul
    and dedication on the line to succeed at your all important job interview.