Bermudian Man’s Service Featured In US News

November 16, 2015

A Bermudian man’s effort to give back to the community by offering free lawn mowing services to the elderly and single mothers has gained media attention, with a story out of Rodney Smith’s current home of Alabama describing how one woman was inspired by the Bermudian to commit to her own acts of kindness.

Mr. Smith started out in September with a goal of 40 lawns to complete before winter, and he’s publicly offered his services for free to senior citizens and single mothers who may need a helping hand in the Huntsville, Alabama area; so far, he’s mowed more than 60 lawns, with an updated goal of 100.

The story by WAFF said, “It’s just another day and another lawn for Rodney Smith. He fills his mower with gas, and with a hard tug, he gets to work.

“With some elbow grease and determination, he cuts this grass with ease. Smith has never been here before.”

“Once I saw this elderly man just cutting grass he was struggling, so it gave me the idea to cut lawns for free for the elderly and single parent mothers,” he said.

“He’s using his blades to cut into lawns and bring happiness into peoples homes.”

“Since September I have cut 62 lawns; this will make my 63rd lawn. My goal is to reach 100,” said Smith.

“With a push here and a pull there, Smith is making an impact in the Tennessee Valley.”

“It just overwhelmed my heart because I am struggling,” said Dorothy Edwards. ”I am having a hard time with everything.”

“Edwards has had brain surgery, which made it difficult to do yard work. Edwards says she is going take Smith’s generosity and pass it on to Huntsville’s homeless.”

“You need a place to sleep, I’m here for you. If you need something to eat, I am here for you,” she said.

“The labor may be free, but Smith says the reward is priceless.”

“My mom and dad always taught me to give back to the community when I can and where I can, so I saw this as an area where I can give back,” said Smith.”

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  1. geebie says:

    Congratulations Rodney!!!!
    Proud Bermudian!!

  2. my view says:

    Speechless. Well not really ,this young man efforts to give back is amazing . God will bless you , as you are a blessing to others. Hats off to you young man.

  3. Cheryl says:

    Well done, you are an inspiration!

  4. mixitup says:

    I am beaming with pride about now! Well done young man.

  5. Kathy says:

    God gives back seven and this wonderful man has his day coming! So proud of the work you are doing. Giving of your time is more than any funding can do! You are blessed and have the favour of God.

  6. somuchless says: