Digicel: New 4G Cell Site To Improve Service

November 16, 2015

Digicel Bermuda has installed a new 4G cell site in Hamilton to improve coverage and capacity in the area, and the company said that “customers in Happy Valley Road, Parsons Road, Glebe Road and King Street will now enjoy enhanced services.”

“Digicel continually invests in the best technology in order to meet the ever changing demands of the great people of Bermuda. As a commitment to always providing extraordinary mobile services to the island, Digicel listened to their customers’ concerns within the bordering Hamilton streets and they will now benefit from improved voice and data services,” the company said.

Digicel Bermuda has installed a new 4G cell site in Hamilton Bermuda Nov 16 2015

CEO of Digicel and BTC, Robin Seale stated: “It is always a fine balance to be struck in responding to customer demands for consistently excellent network coverage and minimising the number of towers deployed across the island.

“We will only install when the need is clear and agreed with all appropriate authorities. As mobile data use continues to grow more strain is placed on all networks and we are delighted to be making this investment to keep the levels of service to the standard our customers deserve.”

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  1. Onion says:

    Considering that most phones barely get 3G speeds in the real world this is nothing but a marketing joke.

  2. Really says:

    Digicel is very tricky. Why market 4G while they only give us H+ (HSPA)? 4G LTE doesnt exist in Bermuda but yet we pay so much for data and think we are getting 4G. When off the island my phones actually shows its getting a 4G connection while here it never passes the H+ connection speed.

  3. nonews says:

    So many millions in profit, and yet we still have holes around the island. I have been in isolated villages in Europe that have better coverage than Bermuda.

    Not press release material unless you fix it all

  4. 32n64w says:

    4G hasn’t been “the best technology” for years now. Bring on LTE.

  5. Terry says:

    I will stick to my cheap land line.
    Who needs a cell.

  6. my view says:

    4G .What the hell is 4G when you have no proper 3G. Your game needs to be stepped up . But like most companies you will not take heed as long as the money keeps rolling in. What is a few negative comments going to do to the bottom line. Nothing. Sorry Digicell, you need to know how some of us feel.

  7. Wiget says:

    Smoke screen”

  8. Widget says:

    Smoke and mirrors” that’s all it is. Just like buying a TV with 1080 and cable only giving you 720.

  9. Madman says:

    Anyone notice that Digicel turn entire buildings into advertising Island wide? Maybe I am wrong but if I owned a barber shop or convenience store orange and white wouldn’t be my color scheme of choice.

    Shame on Boyles for allowing such a hideous repaint.