Two Car Collision At Devonshire Junction

November 26, 2015

[Updated] Traffic is currently being diverted at the junction of Middle Road and Tee Street in Devonshire following a two car collision at that location this afternoon [Nov 26].

bermuda collision nov 26 2015 (1)

A police spokesperson said, “Details are limited at this time; however apparently both vehicles were extensively damaged.

“Motorists should expect delays in the area for at least the next 20 minutes until the damaged cars can be towed away.

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“A further update will be provided when more information becomes available.”

Update 5.40pm: Traffic is now flowing again.

Update 6.12pm: A police spokesperson said, “Around 4:20pm on Thursday, November 26th first responders were dispatched to a reported two car damage only collision at the junction of Middle Road and Tee Street in Devonshire.

“Apparently both vehicles were extensively damaged. However, there were no reported injuries. Traffic was temporarily diverted away from the area until the damaged cars were towed from the scene.

“Normal traffic flow has now resumed at that location and we would like to thank the motoring public traveling in that vicinity for their patience and cooperation.‎”

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  1. Shell says:

    Again at this junction!

  2. Hope says:

    When are they going to put traffic lights here?!!! Such a simple solution!!! This junction is one of the most dangerous in Bermuda. It’s simply shameful.

  3. Ms. Poli Tician says:

    Is government waiting for a fatality there, or a GP car to get clipped, before they put traffic lights (or a roundabout)? Why does everything take so long at W&E? For pete’s sake you lot, do SOMETHING. When our MP’s drive (or get chauffeured) don’t they notice the same things we do?

    • Chewy says:

      A mini roundabout, yes, but NOT lights. Look how well Collectors Hill lights work when they’re out of order.

      • Hope says:

        So if the lights are out of order then that would be just the same as it is now? Surely having lights the majority of the time is better than none at all?

  4. Y-gurl says:

    Wasn’t someone just talking about that the other nite? ..sorry I wasn’tt paying attention

    • Walk in their shoes says:

      It was definitely a deja vu moment. Think they had the same lady speaking on the TV news about her recommendations for that intersection too.

  5. Coffee says:

    Thanks giving for no loss of life or limbs .

  6. Peter shaw says:

    They do not need traffic light at this junction. They need drivers to come to a complete stop. Look right, left left and look right again. If they do that then they would see any traffic coming from either direction.

    • Whistling Frog says:

      @ Peter shaw: Its that simple. A complete stop…

    • Anon Ymous says:

      I use this junction daily and have noticed one of the main issues is lane discipline (a general issue anyhow) for vehicles heading west, cutting across the right turn filter lane on the eastbound side (usually due to excessive speed)

  7. Common Cents says:

    The problem is not lack of traffic lights, it’s increasingly risky & bad driving habits and lack of attention. Every day I see people driving through red lights. Sometimes they stop for a few seconds first, then they proceed through the red light. Putting a light at this junction doesn’t solve the problem!

    • Hope says:

      Putting lights here would stop people making risky decisions because they are impatient. Sometimes you can wait there for minutes at a time with no safe way to enter the junction.

  8. mj says:

    @y-gurl–yes I heard the owner of Ainslies “Cindy?” speaking about it on the news after the last accident there last week.. she had some recommendations that prolly should be followed, she would know its right outside her establishment 3 successive accidents within a matter of weeks!

  9. Triangle Drifter says:

    Again, fancy wheels & high performance tires failed to compensate for driver deficiency.

  10. conscientious objector says:

    And the Frequent accident sign looks on and shakes his head

  11. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    Clear cut due care and attention…that collision should have never happened…someone was negligent…now YOU decide.
    That junction has clear vision 300 yards one way and 500 yards the other…HOW do these collisions happen..?
    WE DON’T NEED LIGHTS…Put da phone down and pay da f#@k attention!!

    • Mary says:

      Hmmm…….took the words right out of my mouth!

    • Jo says:

      How do you know they were on a phone? Were you there or in any of the vehicles that collided? Stop ASSuming!!!

  12. Street Smart says:

    Time to invest in traffic lights! As unpopular as it may sound, it maybe the only resolution to the accident issue at this particular intersection.

    • Walk in their shoes says:

      A roundabout may make more sense than traffic lights, but in any event these incidents appear to be simple human error as opposed to some uncontrollable situation.

  13. blazer says:


  14. Oh,I see now says:

    Like everything else in OUR society the habits of driving will also continue to deteriorate as time goes marching on.

  15. Conspiracy Theory says:


  16. blah blah says:

    Ms Laws, the owner of the pink building takes every oppurtunity to speak out … “we need lights, we need a speed bump”. When the obvious problem is the placement of her building. You simply cannot see what coming on Middle Road when coming down Tee Street. Why is that, because there a building in the way. That intersection is too busy for a building that close to the road. Government should make her move that unsightly building.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      W&E will get right on it. They will send a crane around next week to pick up the building & put it on the neighbours property.

    • King says:

      Blah blah, that makes not sense. There are buildings near and/or on the roads all over the island. Lights, a speed bump or a roundabout (given the space) is the obvious solution.

      • blah blah says:

        Your “not sense” makes NO SENCE. A speed bump on Tee Street is foolish. Drivers like you are the problem. If you can’t write you probably can’t look left.

  17. candy says:

    whats uppp

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