Opposition Leader’s Christmas Message

December 25, 2015

[Christmas message from Opposition Leader Marc Bean]

My fellow Bermudians

It is a pleasure to come to you once again with best wishes from my family to yours.

For us, Christmas represents Bermuda at its best…with family, friends, love, charity and camaraderie at the fore.

My family and I are particularly grateful for the outpouring of love and support that so many of you have shared. It is your support that lightens our burden and inspires us to keep striving for better Bermuda.

With all that our people are facing and all the challenges ahead like many of you, we are filled with a spirit of gratitude for the brief interruption to the day to day toil that this holiday season provides.

In Bermuda we have a lot to be grateful for Grateful that our island is free from war Grateful that our land is free from pestilence and famine No matter our challenges as a people, there are still others far worse off than we are… And for that we must be grateful.

But beyond our gratitude, we must also be mindful of those in our own land who are worse off than we are.

Let us not forget that as we feast, others are going hungry

Let us not forget that as we open our gifts that others have no gifts to give or to receive

Let us not forget that as we gather with family and loved ones, others will spend this holiday season alone

I put to you that as we unite in times of hurricane and crisis, we must also unite in the face of the greatest crisis our people have ever faced… Unemployment, hunger and despair. Not just during this holiday season, but until this crisis is over.

Our people hunger all year round and not just during the holidays.

Now is the time to do more for our family, our friends and our neighbors.

Now is the hour to look beyond ourselves and give what we can, wherever we can to make life better for our fellow Bermudians.

Now is the time to restore faith that better days are ahead.

On behalf of my family, my Parliamentary colleagues, the executive and membership of the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party; Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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