Bean: “Start Of A Push Back Towards Policies”

February 21, 2016

What happened at the immigration information session is “what appears to be the start of a push back towards the policies of this Government,” Opposition Leader Marc Bean said, adding that people “get a little tired of being ill treated by those who govern them.”

Mr Bean was speaking following the shut down of the recent immigration information session, which saw protesters shouting “no to immigration reform” and “no, no, no” for almost 20 minutes.

When asked his thoughts on the incident, Mr Bean said, “My thoughts on what happened a few nights ago, in regards to Minister Fahy and AG Moniz, it’s a reflection of the feeling of the people in this country.

“A couple of weeks ago, couple of months ago, we had warned the OBA to stop taking people for granted,” Mr Bean continued.

“Eventually even passive people, and Bermudians generally are known to be passive, sooner or later they get a little tired of being ill treated by those who govern them.

“And what you saw the other night was merely what appears to be the start of a push back towards the policies of this Government.

“It’s not just immigration, you have same sex marriage issue, you have education as an issue, and now we can see clearly from the Minister of Finance’s statement that the economy is a major issue.

“Now if the One Bermuda Alliance thinks that they were voted in to be dictators then I would suggest they have another thing coming.”

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  1. justin says:

    So you got a couple of your mates to disrupt a meeting. Big deal.

    The PLP mistreated us for 14 years and we’ll continue feeling the pain for generations to come. Where is our apology?!

    • Ian says:

      Don’t no were you where hiding but most of those 14 years were the best Bermuda has EVER seen. Nobody is saying that was entirely via the PLPs orchestration but you folks increasingly loose credibility w that knee jerk statement. If you think it serves your cause to continue on w the misinformations then, by all means, carry on.

      • blankman says:

        “The best that Bermuda has ever seen”?

        It’s the aftermath of those years that’s the problem. Over 2 billion in debt. [And that's ignoring pension funding shortfalls - add those in and we're looking at $7 billion.] Jobs fleeing the island. Expats leaving (which drives up health insurance costs for those of us remaining). And so forth.

        • lowe says:

          1.6bn debt under the PLP in 14 years. OBA have borrowed 1bn in 3 years.

          Under the OBA there are still 200million dollar a year deficits. How’s payroll tax looking these days… Similar to the PLP? Ironic isn’t it? What about this new GST? You are happy with that 5%? How about departure tax?

          • Onion says:

            You’re like the Republicans trying to blame Obama when they blew up the deficit. Sad sad sad.

            • Ian says:

              I can assure you most of the “big business” US foreigners on this island claiming they’re entitled to Bermudian status are conservatives / republican. You folks look so idiotic likening the PLP to racist racist, xenophobic right wingers and tea partiers when it’s the OBA that bends over backwards for big (US) business AND has the support of folks like Bloomberg, a poster child of conservatism. But carry on w your warped perspective on things. Just becomes more amusing with time.

          • Cmkbda says:

            Hard to cover a payroll tax deficit when the PLP chased away thousands of expats, which in turn, caused thousands of Bermudians to also lose jobs. Can’t blame the OBA for a sinking ship, when the PLP blew a hole straight through the boat.

            • lowe says:

              Talk to me when the 2,000 magically appear out of the OBA secret hiding place.

              All the OBA are doing are increasing taxes. Nothing else has improved whatsoever.

            • Ian says:

              So hold up. You folks’ world view depicts the PLP “chasing away expats” and big business largely through the implementation of a temporary hike in payroll tax… Starting to see the irony now or shall I break it down further to you?

            • Raymond Ray says:

              A thought for today:
              “Politics, as a practice, whatever its professions, has always been the systematic organization of hatreds. (Henry Adams, historian and teacher 16 Feb 1838-1918)

          • justin says:

            Do you actually believe what you write? Lol

        • Jadon says:

          And I suppose the rest of the world wide recession was PLP’s fault also right ? Wake up.

      • Rhonnda aka Blue Familiar says:

        Most of the 14 years were not the best that Bermuda has ever seen.

        I’ll give you about five years, give or take, where things weren’t bad, but then they went south, very very quickly.

        Not only were we living under a severely racist government, who had no qualms about stating how they felt about white people and expatriates, but who also had no clue whatsoever how to handle the government’s finances, in a best case scenario, or who knew exactly what they were doing, in a worst case scenario.

        At the end of their time in power, Bermuda was deeply in debt and the hole was crumbling in deeper, a portion of the international business had headed for more pleasant climes, and the exodus of educated Bermudians, black and white, was well under way.

        If you didn’t see any of this, then you might want to take off your blinders, because the OBA won the election, albeit largely because of the refusal of a segment of the population to vote. But that segment had a good reason for not wanting to place their votes where they traditionally had done.

        Has that changed? I would, at this point, say no. What we’ve been seeing is that small, die-hard group, who will listen to whatever rhetoric the PLP puts out there and will protest without knowing exactly why they’re protesting.

        I would love to have someone interview the protesters to find out just how much they know about the policy they were protesting.

        I like to believe that Bermudians are a whole lot smarter than what the small group shows. They may not be thrilled by some of what the government is doing, but they’re willing give it some time, while watching things closely, to see what happens.

      • hmmm says:

        That is a lie…

        Gun crime emerged and took hold in those 14 years.

        Quality education was never established.

        Projects were completed at massive overuns in terms of time and money.

        The government in those 14 years pulled the wharfage fees out of both cities.

        The government recklessly spent us to near oblivion. Any upsides you may perceive were built on a foundation of water, propaganda and out of the pockets of todays and future generations.

        Things were awful under the PLP….

      • Iqbal says:

        “Don’t no were you where hiding but most of those 14 years were the best Bermuda has EVER seen.”

        Yes, the party was so wonderful that we’re still paying for it.

      • justin says:

        Ya, 14 years expensing everything on the credit card and now it will take decades to pay it off. I bet all the unemployed and underemployed are just smiling thinking of the past glory days while they’re struggling to get by now .

      • jt says:

        I think there is an issue of lost credibility when every move made by this government since it was elected has been met with criticism, complaint, misinformation, resistance and/or demonstration.
        Clearly an orchestrated campaign.

      • Come Correct says:

        If we can’t blame the plp for where we are today, then you can’t commend them for the first few good years. Look what they were left with then and look at what we are left with now. When a government is voted out the, what they did in their years of poweris carried on for years after, good or bad.

        • justin says:

          You are right. Not all 14 years of the PLP was bad FINANCIALLY, but I can’t think of one ‘legacy’ UBP problem that they fixed? Combine that with putting the island on a financial road to ruin, their time in power was an absolute disgrace!

  2. Raymond Ray says:

    This is a joke and somewhat ironic.”Opposition Leader Marc Bean said, adding that people “get a little tired of being ill treated by those who govern them.” Yes sir’ie they do, and did…
    Now we have the One Bermuda Alliance doing what needs to be done to upright this vessel…

  3. High road says:

    “And now we can see clearly from the Minister of Finance’s statement that the economy is a major issue”……….what did someone just inform him of this issue??? SMH

    • Ian says:

      Do you feel the slightest bit ridiculous seeing your party finally facing the fact they have to generate tax revenues partly through methods you people attributed toward the PLP-driven-exodus of expats? I’ll tell you what though. It will be interesting to see how much longer you can deny the obvious. Ironically, as it relates to your party’s conduct, the folks you claim are complete idiots who “don’t get it” knew exactly how’d the OBA would go about their (special interests’) business from day one. And even more ironically is the fact Bermudian OBA supporters are MOST susceptible to the party’s lies and deception which in turn, for the most part, serve the benefit of nonbermudians first and foremost.

      • Noy Ya Nice says:

        Ian, in for 14 years that the PLP governed $800 million is unaccounted for..missing…pooof…gone? Is that why you think it was the best years Bermuda has ever seen? Were you one of the beneficiaries?

        • Joe says:

          But Beyoncé was a good night out

          • Ian says:

            Beyoncé didn’t cost us $14m “to date” OF AN OVERALL $75m GUARANTEE………. Need help recalliihe what has, and under which government?

    • abc shunt says:

      more like WHO CREATED THE ISSUE for 14 years of BAD GOVERNANCE

  4. Navin Pooty Tang Johnson says:

    who is out of touch Mr Bean? a handful of rabid PLP supporters,the same people who show up at very meeting ,does not make a majority…was Mr. Holdipp there?

    • Ian says:

      Why do you keep trying to convince yourself it’s a handful. To suggest that means you’re completely out of touch. No surprises there actually. If you have ANY doubts about it I can assure you the people who feel this way are the same folks that are polite toward you in passing, which I know is a scary thought for some of you. BUT ITS TRUE.

      • hmmm says:

        ..because it was an handful. White illness sign lady and her cronies.

      • jt says:

        And many are the same people who tell you they support and will vote PLP but who know better and won’t when they’re on their own in the booth.

  5. Ringmaster says:

    How matters change. A few days ago 15 – 20 people unlawfully disrupted a meeting intended to inform and educate. The PLP now call that disruption “voices of reason”. Backtrack several years and overnight the then Premier smuggled in 4 people in breach of the Constitution and unlawfully. That was the work of a dictator. Then when many hundreds of Bermudians and residents had a peaceful demonstration in front of Cabinet they were termed a lynch mob. I guess it all depends on who the Government of the day is.

    • Ringmaster says:

      Only 4 dislikes? Come on Alaska Hall you can do better that that.

  6. mixitup says:

    Oh Please,(This for you OBAers) Ima tell you all now – THE PEOPLE aint hearing it, this same exact babble that runs down your lips is not being heard.. The people do not TRUST your Gov’t They manipulated their way into Gov’t with a bag of promises, The dummies who voted for them (And I’m not referring to certain folks – only because they’ll vote for them if they ran a goat.. People voted for change.. Now Lets see…

    These are just a few of the broken promises.

    Reign in Debt, slow the borrowing – FAIL
    Referendum on Casino’s – FAIL
    2000 Jobs – FAIL
    Promise of no movement toward give away of status – FAIL
    Making Bermuda more affordable – FAIL
    Great Schools for Kids – FAIL
    Public Safety – FAIL
    Ability to recall an MP – FAIL
    Sex offender Register – FAIL
    Reduce costs of Healthcare – FAIL
    2 Year suspension of Term Limit (Term Limits Scrapped immediately) FAIL
    Improve Tourism – FAIL
    And the list goes on….

    And by the way? So the 800 Million the OBA ‘Borrowed’ wouldn’t you like to see how and why Minister Richards blew through it in 14 months? Where are the questions on this?

    • Time saver says:

      Some of your points are valid, but when you ask about the money Richards borrowed, you do realize the huge deficit in the budget that was inherited and the debt service cost have taken all that and some.

      • mixitup says:

        I’m not disputing the borrowing of 800 million. As per your minister of finance this was to take us through 2017… it lasted through 2015. With no questions asked. You all screamed about the debt the PLP ran up and your govt blows through 800 million in close to 2 years. Something tells me they are having the same issues as the PLP govt..but no challenging them on it. They were voted in to make tough decisions and they have show that they are weak.

        • justin says:

          I agree, Bob Richards didn’t have the courage just like Paula Cox didn’t have the courage to reduce the size of the civil service. However, Bob Richards has reduced the defici

    • Iqbal says:

      “Reign in Debt”

      No, no. That would be the jokers *you* like.

    • OXO says:

      would you really like a listing of your beloved parties lies, cheating and FAILS. Would take a book after 14 years of dictatorial, this too shall pass etc BS

      • mixitup says:

        At the pace this OBA govt is moving they’ll be able to open a library of failures by the time they finish.

    • thetruth says:

      Reign in debt – succeed. paula increased debt by 8x in four years.
      Jobs – AC, airport, Morgan’s Point. You’re just sore because none of it was your idea.
      Making Bermuda affordable – inflation is almost zero.
      Public safety – crime rate still way below 2010, 2011, 2012.
      Reduce cost of healthcare – every time a suggestion to reduce costs is suggested, you lot complain.
      Tourism – Total number of tourists in 2015 was UP.
      Nobody “blew through 800 million in 14 months”. Get a calendar.

    • Rich says:

      There was never a promise against giving away status.

      Happy to stand corrected if you can point to where in the OBA platform that promise is or anywhere reported in the media.

      • mixitup says:

        I think you need to stop being lazy and do some research.

      • BLIND SHEEP says:

        There are no giving away status. These are people that have been here for 20+ years. Went to school, paid taxes and contribute to the island. The PLP are making it sound as they are coming of a plane and are given status at the immigration counter.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      We’re still patiently waiting for you to tell us what/who the alternative is .
      That amazing group who can instantly and painlessly right this mess with the wave of a magic wand .

      Who are they ? One thing for sure, all right thinking people know who they aren’t !

  7. Debbie says:

    I have been unemployed for 5 years now, let me tell you Bermuda to me is looking like a foreign place, there are more of them everywhere I go, unfortunately they have no created work opportunity for me so I would like OBA to be more specific about how do they create jobs for Bermudians?

    • Ian says:

      Apparently creating a Bermuda where foreigners can thrive and as a priority over the concerns, frustrations and interest of Bermudians “is the right thing to do”…

      • hmmm says:

        She was 2 years unemployed under the PLP…Explain that Ian

        • Ian says:

          After 2008 quite a few folks found themselves unemployed. Local and expat. Not going to try explaining to you the reasons as you folks interestingly enough believe the PLP is capable of causing a global recession. OBA promised 2000 jobs which makes the 3 years of this woman unemployment under them look even worse, especially as they implement every possible way to accommodate the foreign worker in this country.

    • Time saver says:


      How do you tell a foreigner by looking?

      • Trisha says:

        Perhaps Debbie, you don’ t know how to convince people to feel sorry for you, for others this is their speciality, they have been train to do it by calling it humanitarian.

      • mixitup says:

        Well for starters the population is 60/40 black/white…. of that 40%, foreign born whites outnumber Bermudian born white 2-1.. Indian, Phillippe races are pretty distinguishable and to answers your question the Bermudian way – Bermudians know Bermudians. There are distinct things that Bermudians do and don’t do…example, I was sitting on my porch just now, an Asian gentleman walked by, you know those walk by’s that force you to acknowledge the other person. A ‘Bermudian’ doesn’t need to be forced to acknowledge you, it’s natural………Oh and by the way NO, this Gentleman didn’t acknowledge me, the likelihood he is not from here….yea that…. now he could be hear on a work permit, more power to him, but when I see thousands of locals out of work and thousands more fleeing,as a Bermudian that concerns me, and when we feel this govt has other concerns a other agendas, we will be happy to remind them….whatever I takes.

        • Cmkbda says:

          Someone didn’t say hi to you…seems like a legit way to tell Bermudians from non-Bermudians. Very scientific there. Especially love where 60% of the population is black, and 40% white. Where do the Filipino’s fit into that math?! As a born and bred Bermudian…there are a lot of ‘Bermudianisms’ that I don’t necessarily do. Pretty sure it’s a bit more difficult to tell than just whether or not someone greets you.

    • hmmm says:

      Look on the jobs board Debbie…. plenty on there.

    • Terry says:

      ‘unemployed for 5 years now”.


    • thetruth says:

      If you’ve been unemployed for five years, that means you lost your job under the PLP.
      Specific things that will create jobs are the AC, the airport, Morgan’s Point, and other investment.
      You can believe that, or you can believe the PLPs ideas of internet gambling, and undersea mining, coupled with more borrowing and more debt.

    • ???? says:

      Work permits processed in 2010 was at more than 8,000. Last year, it was just over 4,000.

      Nearly every expert has agreed that Bermuda has lost between 3,000 and 10,000 non-Bermudians since 2008. (Dept Statistics has been more conservative; private sector analysts are closer to the 10,000 mark).

      (Incidentally, that loss of non-Bermudians corresponds with Bermuda’s worse job crisis in living memory – though there is some debate over the direction and extent of causality.)

      It is statistically impossible that there “are more of them” everywhere you go.

    • Common Sense says:

      And tell me, have you done anything to help yourself in those last 5 years? Furthered your education, perhaps? Done some charity work to gain experience?

      Let me guess: no. You’ve been busy expecting “those people” to create an opportunity for you.

      If you really think “they” do nothing to create jobs for Bermudians then quite frankly you don’t understand the basic functioning of your own economy. If the IB sector packed up and left overnight, which seems to be the sentiment among many, yourself included, then, well, good luck because if that were to occur, those opportunities you speak of, well, the crashing of the economy that would occur would make the current situation seem like a gold rush.

      The ignorance and arrogance is astounding, truly.

      • Ian says:

        You have the nerve to talk about ignorance and arrogance after a comment like? It’s amazing how despite the legacy of prejudice you people aren’t even capable of seeing what’s wrong with yourselves. You’re just as scary as your forefathers.

        • mixitup says:

          Lol. That is sooo my response, I’m mad you beat me to it….the absolute gaul…

        • Common Sense says:

          And there it is again….”you people”. Good work, git.

    • Hoolieh says:

      Debbie, there less of both us and foreigners. I know being employed is difficult, but I must point out to you the facts! PLP have no solutions, they created the mess. Why won’t they just let OBA get on with it! From day one they’ve opposed everything proposed by the OBA. Why do you think?

  8. archy says:

    what? Sorry, thought you’d gone …

  9. Unusual Suspect says:

    The PLP are as clever as they are deceptive. They had 14 years to present their plan for comprehensive Immigration Reform but knew it was too thorny a political issue so decided to kick the can down the road. Now we have the OBA doing what should have been done years ago and the PLP and its 15-20 rabble rousers are chomping at the bit to put as much a negative spin on this as possible and turn it into an election issue. The PLP won’t admit it but they know that growing the population is key to Bermuda’s long term economic success. Their goal is for Immigration Reform to pass but to do so with as much negative pulicity as possible for the OBA, so they can try and walk back into Government.

    If only they cared as much about the economy and Bermuda’s welfare as they did about politicking and grandstanding, we might be in a much better place now.

    And Mr. Bean, please, once and for all, if you disagree with the OBA’s approach for Immigration Reform, tell us what the PLP’s approach is. It seems to me that on this topic, you are as silent as your namesake, Mr. Bean.

  10. Joe says:

    Just as we thought it was a PLP rent a mob that party latches on to anything negative

  11. abc shunt says:

    The pot calling the kettle *****.No mirrors in that party then

  12. Cmkbda says:

    I’m sorry, but I think the demonstration at the information session only proves the ignorance of some members of the Bermudian population. The entire point of that meeting was for the Ministers to give the people of Bermuda information regarding the proposed immigration policies. The entire purpose was to EDUCATE Bermudians on the policies so that we can be informed about what is happening on the island. I don’t feel at all that the OBA was taking me for granted. They were offering an opportunity to gain an understanding of what they want to do. Yet those protesting have stolen that opportunity from the people of Bermuda. I have no problem with their disagreement…everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, there were many people at that meeting who looked genuinely interested in learning about these policies, and were unable to do so, because of a small group of inconsiderate Bermudians. There is a time and place, and a proper way to display your disagreement, and interrupting that meeting, taking away the opportunity from Bermudians to gain information and ask pertinent questions, was not the way.

  13. sandgrownan says:

    Beanie is just phoning it in at this stage.

  14. Truth is killin' me... says:

    The voting public especially the black vote was scared to voice their opinions during the PLP years in power. It didn’t look good voicing concerns against their brothers and sisters so there was quiet dissent behind closed doors in kitchens and houses across the island pre 2012. Nobody wanted to be labeled an Uncle Tom. In 2012 the people had had enough and saw that money was being misused, the Government was going in the wrong direction and the PLP voters either didn’t vote or voted OBA as a swing voter. This led to a PLP loss that was a bitter pill to swallow and still is to this day. The PLP will do anything now to get back in power. Disrupting meetings etc. has been the new mantra for them. Now the OBA has a monumental task at hand to balance the budget and improve a sick and dying economy. Any questions?

  15. Ed Case says:

    Grab the chips and Bean dip. PLP is determined to ruin Bermuda, get rid of all foreigners, and only have grassroots Bermudians here. Then they can simply print money and hand it out for free. Everyone will be a millionaire and no foreigners allowed. Whoopee!

    • Ian says:

      I sincerely believe that’s your genuine, albeit extreme, perspective. Sadly it’s not even your fault. Just how you were raised.

  16. Joe says:

    More threats from an elected official “I suggest they have another thing coming” disgraceful definitely not the language and mindset of a leader of the this country

  17. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    First of all the human being creates ,a job,by doing for self.He/she does not wait around ,unemployed for five years,waiting for someone else,to give him/her a job,under any Government you would be a burden to the society ,a beggar ,a lay about,a thief or some other misfit,to society.Laziness is a sickness,a disease,or a bums way out of working.Check yourself ,before you wreck yourself,and others with you.That no jobs is not working anymore you lazy bum.Debbie,your in bad shape you need a check up from the neck up.You are going to end up with ,your crack up,then you will have a job all the time.Oldest profession on the books.Maybe your too proud to do housework,clean cars,take out trash to the road for neighbours as a job handing out cards promoting your services.Maybe you sleep too late and stay out too late partying.Just asking.5 years without a job is unacceptable.You are possibly lying to make a point or just moaning looking for sympathy.Get none Here.No Peace for you.

  18. Serious Though says:

    An empty jug makes the loudest sound

  19. steve says:

    Looking forward to you alternatives Mr Bean.However If you Offer alternatives,your party will be open to country wide vetting of ideas which will inevitably turn off some voters or perhaps you have some great ideas which will win over voters on mass? Look forward to it.
    Why do you want to get elected so badly? Do you think your the best Person to lead the country? You say yes, but I wonder if you believe it yourself. All I hear for PLP is “Down with UP!”

  20. start of a push back into economic oblivion says:

    Dear Mr Bean.

    Do you honestly believe what you speak.

    Your colleagues and your good self have yet to articulate to Bermudians ALL Bermudians how you will fix the serious problem left to all of us by your past colleagues.

    This is not about finger pointing or name calling but reality. How do you plan to put peoe back to work and erase a 2.2 billion dollar deficit.

    This is bigger than local petty politics and bickering.

    We are in it deep.

  21. mixitup says:

    An that’s the truth… they really don’t know do they..

  22. wahoo says:

    “….it’s a reflection of the feeling of the people in this country.” That is what Bean said regarding the dirty dozen who stopped democracy at the meeting the other night.

    That was not democracy and no matter what side of the fence you sit the shutting down an open discussion should turn your stomach.

  23. David Sullivan says:

    Delusional at best. Sad that as the chief representative for the only other Political Party in Bermuda he would encourage, indeed promote, civil disobedience instead of community consultation. This from the group who advocates “comprehensive reform”, except of course, when they were Government. In case people forgot how we got the policy on PRC’s and of course let’s not forget the Uyghur’s. Two fine examples of PLP ‘comprehensive consultation’ and ‘reform’!

  24. Just saying says:

    I think all the expats should be told to leave and see how the rest of us make out paying for this damn debt.

  25. Just saying says:

    Maybe if the government put a dollar value on what the expats contributions are with regards to payroll maybe the people will have a better understanding.

    • PhD. says:

      Maybe all of the Expats should pick a week where they do not spend money on eating in restaurants, buying goods, going to the movies, putting gas in their cars, paying their landscapers, buying wine etc etc just to see what the economic impact would be.

  26. ALVIN WILLIAMS says:

    Just as this government is determine to create facts on the ground with respect to creating a Bermuda without the Bermudian; we the people of Bermuda must and will be even more determine to over turn their plans and liberate our country.

    • Hoolieh says:

      Liberate “our” country? What nonsense! In the US when the Republicans say this, its undertone for a racist remark.

  27. Y-Gurl says:

    “Push back” or organized flash mob?

  28. John E. Thorne says:

    There was no bigger Dictator than the one we had under the PLP and we all know who he was. Get real Marc Bean!

  29. wondering says:

    Is MB even relevant nowadays

    Notice he tends to speak without the usual backdrop of PLP support.

    A one man show with nothing to offer me and my generation.

    Marc Bean doesn’t represent me depite being of my demographic.

    He is indicative of the part of my generation who IS owed something but it isn’t the something that he preaches about so often.

    The push back needs to reflect all different perspectives and also reflect the fact that something Jim Woolridge said many years ago about skinks and lizards being the only thing Bermudian. That drew some ire back then same as Fahy these days and the OBA.

    Neither actually reflect the true state of the union.

    Lest we forget that only 2 to 3 generations ago the same ppl we are trying to deny/give something created the politicians of today

    Walter Roban-West Indian roots
    Michael Fahy-Canadian Roots
    The list goes on but just 2 examples of how close ago we are foreigners of some sort.

    One thing I would say to all of this is would anyone up to get Bermuda status be willing to give up their own?

  30. Hmmm says:

    The Obama should have investigated and prosecuted anyone in prior government who engaged in mismanaging government funds.any and all inappropriate conduct then these people will not be here today flauntinG and parading their ignorance.

  31. Need Peace says:

    If we need bodies, why is it that this government hell bent on importing foreigners as oppose to creating initiatives to lure Bermudians back home first? Things that make you go hmmmm!!!!

  32. M.C. Beauchamp says:

    The opposition party is known widely known as “the honourable opposition”. We all wish that was true. Rather than work to advance the interests of Bermuda and all Bermudians, the PLP seeks only to play to the basest instincts and fears of it’s constituents. Why? Because the PLP must believe that on the rump of ignorance, so shall they be elected the government one day. This eminently short-sighted approach does nothing for Bermuda, and in fact does nothing for the PLP. Emulating the dysfunctional party politics seen in the USA only stalls good governance. Leadership is sadly missing. Elevating the the debate on a variety of issues would show maturity. Only the guy who isn’t rowing has time to rock the boat.

  33. rhonda says:

    I can’t wait to do the budget line by line match up.

    See exactly where the oba is cutting and what new spending.

    What budget does the massive legal fees come under, last we heard it was tens of millions.