Nancy Anne Miller Named ‘Poet Of The Month’

January 27, 2016

Bermudian poet Nancy Anne Miller has been named ‘Poet of the Month’ by The Missing Slate, with an associated interview article saying “her poems are informed and shaped primarily by her birthplace, Bermuda.”

The article says, “Nancy Anne Miller has lived in Connecticut and England, but her poems are informed and shaped primarily by her birthplace, Bermuda.

“As she explains to Afshan Shafi in the latest instalment of The Missing Slate’s Poet of the Month series, “being surrounded by an ocean, on an island where one could never be more than half a mile from the sea, gave me this profuse and profound sense of the force and power of a cyclical movement.

“In Bermuda my surroundings were so spectacular, they had to inform and shape my sense of reality. It may be why Surrealism never impressed me, as I always think reality is strange enough. Therefore it seems only right then that my tools match it, match the task of representing the opulence and the strangeness of a semitropical landscape.

“Not to mention jumpstarting the imagination of the reader who may have filed Bermuda away in a tourist brochure category.

To read the full interview, click here. For more information about Nancy Anne Miller, visit her website.

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