ACBDA: South Basin Project Is On Schedule

January 14, 2016

The America’s Cup Event Village is one step closer to completion as the last of seven shiploads of granite has been deposited into the South Basin.

The first load of aggregate arrived at the beginning of November 2015 on the MV Balder, a specialised ship that allowed the fill material to be offloaded by conveyer belt into the South Basin.

“This is a monumental project for Bermuda and we are happy to announce that it is on schedule”, says Alan Burland, President, BCM McAlpine, the ACBDA Project Managers. “As the last granite deposit has arrived, the next step in the project involves installing sheet piles along perimeter, which will begin early next month.”

Rendering of the planned village: 

Dockyard Americas Cup render

The nine-acre infill will be created with 310,000 cubic yards of aggregate once the land reclamation phase of the project is completed later this year.

Just over half, 165,000 cubic yards of granite came from a quarry in New Brunswick while 145,000 cubic yards is from last year’s dredging project to widen the North Channel for to accommodate larger cruise ships in Dockyard.

As the Balder is one of the largest vessels to have ever sailed into the South Basin, the process involved two highly specialized tractor tugs to assist the vessel entering and departing.

Tugs, assisted by staff from the Department of Marine and Ports, also stood by during offloading to help the ship maintain its position. A series of temporary fender piles were driven to allow the ship to berth in the best location for offloading, in the shallowest water possible.

“Bermuda is responsible for delivering a flat surface on which the America’s Cup and Teams can build their bases and other facilities required for the 2017 Event Village”, says Mike Winfield, CEO, America’s Cup Bermuda.

“I am pleased to report that we remain well ahead of our contractual responsibilities for the delivery of the site to the Americas Cup Event Authority, as this marks a significant milestone in our delivery of Bermuda’s commitments towards the realization of the Americas Cup in 2017.”

He continues: “We are working very closely with representatives of the ACEA to define the details of the AC village, this has and will continue to be a very collaborative and partner focused relationship.

“There are many corporate entities, Government departments, NGO’s committees, individuals, contractors and volunteers who are working tirelessly to achieve Bermuda’s objective of delivering the AC35 with excellence.”

In addition to the South Basin project, a new road down to Morseby Plains in Dockyard is expected to be completed by the end of next month. The road will provide greater access to this area for the America’s Cup and other events that utilize the area.

Andrew Dias, General Manager, West End Development Company [WEDCo], says: “In addition to the direct Americas Cup requirements, WEDCo is also continuing to upgrade many of the buildings and infrastructure which will as be used leading up to the event and also the legacy after the event.”

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  1. Can we have public docking please says:

    This is great news.

    Its also great to hear that WEDCO are updating buildings in Dockyard.


    SIX BERTHS IS SIMPLY RIDUCULOUS and is not enough.

    Can Wedco please comment on its plan to service the needs of the public in this regard please?

    • Onion Juice says:

      Meanwhile our infrastructure is deplorable, unemployment is on the rise, our seniors are being treated like S!@#, funds to education are slashed, workers have been on a wage freeze for 6 years, insurance and cost of living keeps going up….. but the great news is we are making progress to entertain a party for Millionaires and Billionaires.
      Reminds me of North Korea boasting about its military power while the people are suffering.

      • Zevon says:

        Does it remind you of when North Korea spent $100m on a golf course, a swimming pool and Grand Atlantic? Hmmmmmm?

        • Onion juice says:

          Yup and $77 million for a sailboat race.

          • anonymous says:

            Do you realize the potential revenue that will be generated off of such an event. Think for one second….. what is so bad about having millionaires and even billionaires spending money on our island? Just think about the services they request and desire.

        • Make a new plan Stan says:

          The over spending was horrible BUT it’s our golf course, swimming pool, ugly housing complex, dock and school. These places were not built by people outside of Bermuda and won’t be shut down by people who get tired of our country and leave.

          Future projects include two hotels and an airport to be built and run by people outside of Bermuda and the project above that’s use hinges on IF the people using it choose to return for a future cup. If things don’t go their way they can leave like Sonesta, Marriott and Club Med did. Some of these people are so rich they can actually afford to break contracts and keep derelict buildings in foreign jurisdictions and just pay the land tax.

      • biggadon says:

        somebody has to start the slow CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP !

      • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

        So what is your solution.?? The PLP..? If this is your answer then I’m here to tell you you are absolutely oblivious to the facts and truths of WHY the world we live in today is on the path to total destruction…blaming Dunkley and his crew couldn’t be further from the cause of OUR problems…you people don’t have a clue what’s coming…If you think a half dozen rebels are gonna be Bermudas savior…then yeah…I can’t say no more bie. Smh and prep.

      • Shush says:

        Do you belive what you write? A blind fool could drive a bus through your argument. People like you aren’t worth wasting air on.

    • Res says:

      Where’s the 6 berths ?

  2. Smh says:

    I agree 100% Orange Juice!!!

  3. Tolerate says:

    While I wish Bermuda had money for every project that needs to be addressed i.e. infrastructure, money for Education/Schools, money for Seniors/Charities, it just does NOT.
    I however will not blame the AC or criticize money put forward in the event. Why you ask; because Bermuda needs a serious kick-start and investments made in our Island. I’m NOT saying the AC is the solution for EVERYTHING moving forward, however I do believe it is a worthwhile portal to encourage and influence investors to our shores and aid in tourism.
    I think it will be a challenge with the constant negativity that is shown daily towards the event, basically every negativity equates to sabotage of the event, and for what? To say WE told you so? Grow up.
    As Bermudians we have to accept the government has backed this event for just the reasons I listed above, and it will NOT be successful unless we ALL come together. Hell, at least shut up and draw your conclusions once the event has taken place.
    The money invested, used in other areas would be great; but MUCH MORE will be needed, and it will be needed soon. This is an attempt to create MORE money for our Island so we can address our infrastructure, our schools our childrens education. Should we just do NOTHING and continue as is? Slowly sinking and sinking as a country with NO ideas on how to stop the decline; moaning and complaining about the state we are in.
    Every entity that requires money references the AC; why? I just heard a gentleman on the news referencing education, bring it up? This from a leader in our community. Wow….
    Oh sure; if we still had the AC money ALL will be golden; or since the government found money for AC why not us (sic)?
    If the past projects had not been such disasters,the AC money would not even be noticed.
    As an example, a face lift for a Golf course came in almost four times over the original estimate cost. Now that 20 million could come in handy today. And what was it used for? A sporting event… Oh wait; ain’t that what the AC is? No complaints from the majority who b1tch every day about AC.

    • Onion Juice says:

      That’s politricks, U.B.P. supporters b1tched when P.L.P were Government, now the shoe is on the other foot, the fact of the matter is even though P.L.P did some F!@#ed things they had the PEOPLES interest at heart(well some things). Cant say much for this Pro-expat Anti-Bermudian Government.

      • BermyL says:

        That’s pretty ignorant… you suppose the PLP had the people’s interest at heart when they created an over bloated government but maybe they were doing that just to buy votes. Now that we’re out of money and can’t pay for the fat government the pain will be felt and you’ll turn around and blame the OBA for making the tough choices.

        I voted OBA because I wanted them to make the tough choices that are much needed. I’m disappointed that they haven’t come fast enough but I still think there’s no way that the PLP can save us financially.

      • hmmm says:

        No Bermudians complained when PLP were government. Many of those same Bermudians voted against the UBP in the 98 election.

  4. somuchless says:

    Please don’t let wedco get their hands on anything. Greedy, greedy, greedy.

  5. I agree pubic docking erry where…

  6. bbye says:

    Knowing for a fact that you purposely close a functioning and only access bridge to an already cut of St Georges for Two yes 2 years for much needed maintenance n repairs. Not even touched. Bingo , all of a sudden hey, we are going to build a marina n a hotel but how are we going to move patrons .Oh yeah we have a bridge that just fell in the reach . Yeah let’s pull her up. So that patrons can reach our brand new airport. Ooops did I say our airport.

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