Bermuda Motocross Club February 14th Results

February 16, 2016

The Bermuda Motocross Club held an event on February 14, with Rajay Lowe-Francis, Michael Maclean Jr, Zano Tucker, Keon Glasford, Zendai Ingham-Fubler, Wentworth Tucker, and Zico Majors topping their respective classes.

The Pee Wee Class results saw Rajay Lowe-Francis in first, followed by Joy Pitcher, Grae Dash, and Anyanri Persad.

The 50 CC Class saw Michael Maclean Jr in first, followed by Jazuri Thompson, Demiyaz Trott, Rj Pitcher, and Delano Hanley.

In the 65 CC Class, Zano Tucker came first, followed by Jaydon Simmons, Demiyaz Trott, and Ethan Vonhassell, while Keon Glasford raced alone in the 85 CC Class.

The Novice Class saw Zendai Ingham-Fubler in first, followed by Jaron Roberts, Antonio Famous, Keyshe Robinson, and Danzil Smith.

In the 450/Over 30s Class, Wentworth Tucker came first, follwed by Bobbie Lamb, Letroy Trott, Jason Amaro, Jason Harrell, and Ben Zoellner, while Zico Majors won the Expert Class, followed by Rajul Matthie-Shakir, Shakir Smith, and Lj Degraff.

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