Video/Results: Boxing Day Motocross Races

December 27, 2012

The Bermuda Motocross Racing 2012-13 season continued at the Moto Sports Park in Southside on Boxing Day. Senoj Mitchell won the 85cc Class, while Kenny Mathie rode to victory in the B Class, Tyquan Perinchief took the C Class honors for the day.

Kenny Mathie came away with the top honors on the day in the B Class, with Zano Tucker winning the 50cc Class on the day. The 65cc Class was won by Kai-Jun Simons and Zendai Ingham-Fubler won the Junior Super-Mini Class. The Over 30 Class was won by Otis Ingham as well as the 450cc Class.

50cc Class

1 Zano Tucker
2 Moses Johnson
3 Rajae Whitter
4 Jaden Simmons
5 J’auza James
6 Rajae Whitter
7 Szaine Williams

65cc Class

1 Kai-Jun Simons
2 Michael Burrows Jr.
3 Keon Glasford
4 Lazai Easton
5 Moses Johnson

85cc Class

1 Senoj Mitchell
2 Daniel Eatherley
3 Jayden Ming

Jr. Super-Mini Class

1 Zendai Ingham-Fubler

C Class

1 Tyquan Perinchief
2 Jyire Mitchell
3 Jahdae Trott
4 Shaddai Williams
5 Riley Rickets
6 Tristan Rocha
7 Rajul Mathie-Shakir

B Class

1 Kenny Mathie
2 Jonah Smith

Over 30’s Class

1 Otis Ingham
2 Craig Ferguson
3 Jonathan Trott
4 Jason Harrell
5 Letroy Trott

450cc Class

1 Otis Ingham
2 Trent Daniels
3 Jason Harrell
4 Letroy Trott

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