Ten New Apprentices Start At Digicel & BTC

February 4, 2016

The ten successful candidates for the new Digicel & BTC apprenticeship program started this week, which marks the beginning of a three-year training scheme designed to train young Bermudians in the vital role of technical engineers.

“Following the influx of over 200 applicants, the ten successful candidates were selected for their exceptional desire to be part of the dedicated team that has been trusted to provide communications services in Bermuda for 128 years,” the company said.


“The aspiring telecoms professionals have been launched straight into their intensive training, beginning with company orientation, getting to know their new colleagues and core practical competencies such as cable splicing.

“Digicel & BTC anticipate the apprenticeship program will be repeated on an annual basis, providing further opportunity for young Bermudians to benefit from training and jobs, to keep a continuous stream of expertise into the business and support the ever growing needs of businesses and residents in Bermuda for connectivity they can count on.”

Robin Seale, CEO of Digicel and BTC, stated “The apprenticeship program we have launched is so important both for the future success of our business and as part of our clear commitment to invest in Bermuda that I was personally involved in the selection process.

“I was extremely impressed with the caliber of the applicants overall, it was very much a case of selecting the best of the best. I look forward to seeing the careers of those who joined us this week develop and perhaps they will be part of the selection panel next year!”

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  1. Oh My says:

    Awesome. Go for it Guys.

    Well done “Stewart Little” :-) You know who you are :-)

  2. backakillme says:

    Well done you lot, make the most of it .

  3. JEROME CANN says:


  4. So Tired says:

    Congratulations. Stick at it!

  5. TanyaMarie Laud says:

    Proud of you Warren. I do wish you and the team great success!

  6. Just Wondering... says:

    Are they ever going to do these sorts of things for young women or are young men the only ones who need help? Good for them though.

  7. Young man says:

    It didn’t say on the application that I needed to have a relative who also works for btc

  8. Queries says:

    Is there a reason why any females were not selected? Did any apply for the program?

    Congrats to all that were selected, but inquiring minds would like to know.

  9. Um Um Like says:


  10. Oh,I see now says:

    Do something positive is better than do nothing negative now days.