BTC To Create Fourteen New Jobs In Bermuda

November 13, 2015

BTC today [Nov 13] confirmed that a total of fourteen new roles are set to be created in Bermuda, saying that there was an “extremely high volume of applicants for the recently announced BTC Apprenticeship targeting recruitment of ten young Bermudians and BTC is now set to create four additional roles for ISP specialists by relocating current overseas roles to Bermuda.”

“In a testament to the drive and ambition of Bermuda’s youth there were over 200 applicants for the BTC apprenticeship scheme. Hopeful candidates came from across the spectrum: ranging from individuals who had recently completed high school to those with entry level experience or simply looking for a new career and the spread across genders was also positively diverse,” the company said.

“BTC are now showing further belief in the talent available in Bermuda by recruiting to relocate four ISP Technical Support roles currently filled oversees to ones staffed on island. With the roles due to start in early 2015, applications are now open for Bermudians interested in a technically minded customer service role.”

CEO of Digicel and BTC, Robin Seale said “BTC, like sister company Digicel, has always sought to prioritise Bermudian expertise for all roles and especially with customer facing functions given consistent and clear consumer feedback on preferring local knowledge and understanding when seeking assistance. Therefore we are delighted in the response to our new apprentice scheme and to be creating even more new jobs for Bermuda with our ISP recruitment.”

More information and how to apply for the Technical Support Representative role can be found here. The BTC Apprenticeship Programme is no longer accepting applications in 2015 with the review process now underway.

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  1. Good news. Always nice to see opportunities for young people.

  2. bluebird says:

    PRIVATE ENTERPRIZE creats JOB,s. Goverment does not create jobs Goverment just wastes tax payer money created by PRIVATE ENTERPRIZE workers who produce something.
    Goverment produces nothing.AMEN.

  3. Sara Sargasso says:

    I am curious as to why the jobs are for “young” Bermudians, seems age-discriminatory.

    • Chris Famous says:

      Prob related to companies implementing policies that leaves them free of paying:-

      Full Pensions
      Full Medical plan upon retirement

      • Zevon says:

        Er, no. Employees in the real world, outside government, don’t get those things.
        Like we don’t get 70 days sick leave either.

  4. ROGER LAMBERT says:

    THANKS BTC for reaching out to Young Bermudians. Many at BTC now started at anywhere from 20 – 30 years of age & many are still there now. For the 10 who made it, CONGRATULATIONS, & YOU’VE ONLY JUST BEGUN. To the 190+ who didn’t get selected THIS TIME, YOU CAN MAKE IF YOU KEEP TRYINNNGGG, Roger & out

  5. Jill says:

    Bermuda needs more jobs available for Bermudians specially for single moms

  6. Help.. says:

    My male friend has applied for over 25 jobs, sent his resume in, gone around to places… and still has yet to find anything over a period of 5 months. We need to help our young Bermudians find work.. they are our future.