Gathering Over Proposed Immigration Reform

February 23, 2016

A “gathering to show dismay with proposed OBA Immigration Reform” is scheduled to be held from 12pm – 2pm on Thursday at the Government Administration Building on Parliament Street, according to an event notice on social media.

The Government recently announced they plan to amend the law, with changes to include any person who is ordinarily resident in Bermuda for 15 years becoming eligible to apply for permanent residency, and any permanent resident who is ordinarily resident in Bermuda for 20 years becoming eligible to apply for Bermudian status.

While the announcement was welcomed by some, others expressed concern, and the Government’s recent attempt to hold an information session on the matter was closed down after protesters shouted “no to immigration reform” and “no, no, no” for almost 20 minutes.

The event notice on social media said, “This gathering is to send a message to the OBA Government that the people of Bermuda will not be ignored. The current proposed legislation only address the issue of status. Status only gives one the right to vote.

“There are many more issues that need to be considered. We want people to come out on Thursday to show their disagreement with the legislation, want the government take a step back and genuinely pursue comprehensive bipartisan immigration reform.”

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  1. Joe says:

    Walton is determined but has no solutions smh

    • @ Joe, You have a selected memory, or just plainly do not pay close attention. Mr Walton Brown Jr. has pounded the pavement on this and other immigration issues so long that you will have to go into the archives to retrieve much of the battle that he has sometimes single handedly brought to the fore front, Along with alternative routes that can be taken to protect first the interest of every born Bermudian, regardless of race or gender.

      He has offered solutions that this government has refused to even consider, and he has stood and never backed down or wavered in his position. The real question is not what he brings to the table, but why is the government so fearful in accepting some or most of the information that Mr. Brown has presented.

      The O.B.A has a agenda on every issue that is presently on the table, and they are hell bent on pushing through legislation to suit their purposes and could care less who it effects in a negative way, even if it is the majority. So I say to Mr. Walton Brown, keep on pressing forward and pounding the pavement, some of the greatest challenges and changes in history did not come from the masses, but the changes were wrought by the few who dare to be different and stand for what they truly believe was right.

      The masses mostly joined after they saw half the battle was being won, but it took the greats of old, a lot of lonely and painful events before they eventually saw their plight being won. Joe you may not have a clue to “WHAT I DID NOT SAY” but those that have ever walked the walk, can appreciate what was said, but more importantly “WHAT WAS HEARD BUT NOT SPOKEN”.

      • JD says:

        Duane – Thanks for the post, but you haven’t provided any details on any of Walton’s or the PLP’s proposals on immigration. I went to the PLP website, the platform hasn’t been updated since 2012, and the 2012 platform contains nothing concrete on immigration. Help us out here!

      • Sickofantz says:

        What solutions has Mr Brown offered?

  2. Trisha says:

    The government has not intentions of help Bermudian, they still haven’t tell us how all these people are going to create jobs for us.

    • Double S says:

      When they try to explain, they are shouted down and not allowed to present their case.

      In the end you, and people who retain your mindset (i.e. foreigners are bad), are not truly interested in hearing another point of view. Your mind is made up based on people’s appearances and nationalities. There is a word for that type of thinking…

      • aceboy says:

        Yup. If you are childish and listen to politicians who are using you for their own benefit and getting you to be involved in civil disobedience then you will be treated like the small minded child you are.

        • Nanny Pat says:

          These people are just sheeple that the opposition uses as pawns. I almost pity them because they just aren’t smart enough to know any better. Kinda sad.

      • TO DOUBLE $:Bermudians are TIRED of the current government’s mumbo-jumbo rhetoric!!It has gone on too long and is VERY destrucful for BERMUDIANS. People have LISTENED…LISTENED…LISTENED…
        Enough of the listening….The presentation of a case!!!!….more rhetoric and garbage for the average Bermudian. to listen to.

        • Matthew says:

          Ignorance of the highest degree. You have seem to have lost your backbone when it comes to doing the right thing.

          • Kangoocar says:

            No Mathew, his brain stem became detached from his “backbone” many years ago?? As we all know, your brain cannot function if it is not connected to your backbone!!! Do I need to say more????

        • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

          Haiti over threw their government…did it help them..?

      • Sickofantz says:

        Actually Double S could you please explain how these people (who are already here and have PRC and have signed a letter saying they will never expect status). Will create MORE jobs for Bermudians?

        • Nanny Pat says:

          They ALREADY HAVE created jobs for Bermudians and they continue to employ those Bermudians! If these guys leave, they take those jobs with them. OMG – how do you NOT UNDERSTAND this????

        • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

          When the authorities were trying to tell you, you just shouted back at them…now you’re asking some person named Double S to explain..?? Just remember this…If your mouth is OPEN,your ears are CLOSED. This is the problem. Inbreeding has already occurred.

        • JD says:

          I don’t think this legislation will create significant new jobs for Bermudians. It will help ensure that the PRC population stays and invests here. This investment may result in some new jobs, but the main thing is to make sure this portion of the population and their families DO NOT LEAVE! If they do it will further shrink the economy and cost Bermudians even more jobs.

          How do we know this? Well between 2008 and 2014 almost 3,500 foreign workers left Bermuda. Together with their families that is probably 5,000 people that left the island.

          Did Bermudian employment go up as Bermudians successfully moved into these jobs that those darn foreigners were stealing from Bermudians the whole time? Nope. During the same period 3,300 Bermudians lost their jobs.

          Is any of this sinking in?

    • Just the Tip says:

      Should they tell you before or after people have started to shout no at them?

    • serengeti says:

      They are already here, and have been here for decades.

      • Yes we know, and we should have a registry making it known just who these folk are, “STOP” and listen to yourself, they have been here a long time.
        Who are they and why have they been here a long time, if these folk are married to Bermudians then this is understandable, if some are not and are on work permits, but have developed a relationship(heterosexual that is) with a partner and have a child or children here, that is to be considered also, if one is a specialist in their field that is deemed of the utmost importance to us as a country, this is also doable.

        This is why we need a registry, because the majority of us are clueless and to say that most would take the time and go to the immigration to retrieve a copy that we are not entitled to is fruitless. far to many have come into this country and become status Bermudians doing jobs they have held that should not have been granted permission to stay as long as they have.

        I think of several cases right now that will also be eligible for status within the next 4 years and less, how the hell do we keep rubber stamping a waitress, landscaper, and a few nannies down through the years, and now by 2020 they can become status Bermudians, and i say this in all fairness, not just to the present administration the O.B.A , but the previous P.L.P also, who did very little to stop these same folk I am referring to, who do not have a Bermudian spouse or Bermudian dependents.

        Money has a way of creating educated fools to act worst then kindergarten children.

        • Time saver says:

          Maybe we could create a different line for them at the airport too.
          Separate bathrooms and buses…

        • Zevon says:

          So these are imaginary people that were “rubber stamped” when they first arrived in 2000, under the PLP, kept their permits during the PLP governments, with term limits in place, and now have been here about 16 years. And they are waitresses and landscapers.
          What a total 1diot ypu are.
          Why was the PLP rubber stamping permits for waitresses, according to you?

        • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

          Dwayne…of all people, you should know and not have to be reminded…We are NOT living in heaven…We ARE living in hell!
          Everything you and your comrades speak of ONLY happens in heaven…hence the separation of CHURCH and STATE…Faith is a VERY personal situation…your faith IS your destiny…STATE affairs are just as cold as ice…In black/white…There are NO humans just strawmen.

        • Kingman says:

          “how the hell do we keep rubber stamping a waitress, landscaper, and a few nannies down through the years, and now by 2020 they can become status Bermudians”. Let me answer you. Because not enough Bermudians WANT to be waitresses, landscapers, and nannies and there is a demand that needs to be filled. Is that so hard to understand?

          BTW, stop saying “Status Bermudian”, it makes you sound very stupid. A Bermudian is a Bermudian based on the laws that entitled you to be Bermudian. There is no such thing as a status Bermudian.

    • Matthew says:

      It is very simple they come here they spend money into the economy. This money is used for services such as cable, ISP, electricity, food. This intern gives other people such as Cable Vision, CELLONE, Logic, Belco and restaurants the ability to keep staff hired and expand if business is good. Some might even be CEOs,COOs and have opened shop in Bermuda which again will hire Bermudians and bring in foreign currency to the economy. These are just some of the ways jobs are made when we get expat workers on island they are paying taxes and contributing to the island whether you want to believe it or not.

      • Sickofantz says:

        But they are already here? In jobs?

        • Matthew says:

          Yes true but it will also give opportunity for the future ones that will come and contribute to the island as well. Will it be opening the flood gates for emigrants to come here I doubt that anyone would want to wait 20 years just to become a citizen when they can do it in less time in other countries.

          • Sickofantz says:

            Thankyou for your response. What you are suggesting then is that this governments policies are not about white washing the Bermuda electorate (particularly as they are likely to live in OBA strongholds anyway) and more about advertising the island to IB businesses and tourism organisations which are more likely to come here and invest if they have a route to status. I agree that this policy is likely to attract new investors and business creators to this island over and above many of our competitors.

    • Jus' Wonderin' says:

      Well instead of shouting No, No, No, you should have SHUT UP and listened to what Fahy and the others were going to tell you like all the others in the room that were there for that reason SMH!!

    • True Lies says:

      If you can’t understand how having a higher population is good for the economy, then you can’t be helped.

      • Concerned says:

        Those people are being led not by the horns but the backside. The only way forward is to be open minded not minded by others who are only out to take us back from whence we came in DEBT which was a prelude to ‘going back to the plantation” and not to mention those who owned homes, had dreams of owning a home, unemployed and poor looking for assistance – who do you blame and yet, people are still marching for those who put you there. Should Bermuda continue on in Debt, there will not be assistance for anyone, businesses will close, unemployment higher, hungry children in each parish. Will we have a situation here in Bermuda where people will pitch tents up at the Stadium and any other open space as many thousands are doing in Los Angeles? Those complaining and murmuring, best be careful of those who are filling you with confusion. There is no stronger standing like Bermudians for a stronger Bermuda – forward thinking Bermuda for our children not some misguided politician who calls for more confusion on our streets.

      • Td says:

        Two countries that have high populations are Portugal and the Philippines. Portugal has a population of 10 million people and a national debt of 293 billion dollars.The Philippines has a polulation of 98 million people and a national debt of 78 billion dollars.The average Potuguese earn $21,000 per capita. Philippinos earn around $2,000 per capita.(per year) How has having a high populations helped these two countries create more jobs increase wages and decrease massive debt levels? Bermudians needs to get back to basics. Education, innovation (hundreds of years ago we figured out how to build our houses the way they are built today) and fiscal prudence.

        • Matthew says:

          These countries export goods Bermuda doesn’t.

        • True Lies says:

          Another economic genius. Obviously any one measure will not give you the whole picture of a company’s economy. For Bermuda specifically, more ex-pats = more money from work permits, taxes, rent, groceries, etc. being injected into the economy.

        • Cmkbda says:

          Really?! You’re gonna go with Portugal and the Philippines as you’re example? China has over a billion people in the world, and controls a large percentage of US debt. The US has over 300 million people, and has a GDP of 55,000. I highly doubt that choosing two random countries in the world, who have large populations, and large amounts of debt really relate to the situation we’re talking about. Were their large amounts of debt caused by expats moving to the country? Was the debt a result of a minor population increase? Or maybe, just maybe, there are other external factors which led to this debt, and you’re just pulling examples out of thin air and pretending they’re relevant. We have a population of 65,000. I doubt we’re going to reach a population of 10 million any time soon (or ever) and if we do, I think we’ll have a few more issues other than the debt to focus on.

          Furthermore, this legislation is not being introduced to encourage population growth. NEWSFLASH: these people already live here, have paid bills here, have educated their children here, have bought cars here, have rented houses here, have SPENT MONEY here for 15 years. This is a human rights issue….allowing these people to become full members of our community instead of constantly being looked down upon as if they are rats aboard a ship. Expats have allowed our country to grow to have one of the highest GDP per capita in the world. International business is an essential part of our island and economy, and if we continue to act as of allowing these people to be considered Bermudian is going to ruin the country, we are going to regret this down the road when IB has packed up and left. We need expats. They don’t need us…there are plenty of other places around the world who don’t treat foreign workers as if they are a plague that is infesting the country.

    • Bermyman says:

      When someone buys a house, rents a house, buys a car, buys a bike, buys food, pays tax, eats in a restaurant, shops, gets a speeding ticket, pays health care premiums, goes to school and the list goes on etc; all of that helps provide jobs for people, it is called economic activity.

      People who have lived here for 20 years, paid taxes, contributed to our community, raised children etc. They deserve citizenship.

      • Oh My says:

        Why if you came here on a work permit….you are still here 20 years later? Work permits are for the individuals to come here qualified for a job and a Bermudian should be behind you to pick up after your FIRST contract expires. 20 years and a Bermudian was NEVER qualified for the job?! Right!!! Call me crazy.
        I’m not blaming them, I’m blaming the system. So now Fahy feels sorry for them because two Governments never got it what he calls it “right”?
        There should be a grandfather clause put in all permits/contracts going forward, your permit is only for XXXXamount of time then you go home. If no Bermudian is found for your position (if Immigration does the job they are supposed to do), put you on a year’s contract until that Bermudian is qualified. If you (the permit/contract holder) don’t like that, leave. Then the rehiring process begins again.
        Don’t get me wrong. I do believe we need people to grow our economy, but remember those people have been here for years – the economy is the same…right?, do you really think they are going anywhere? So now what? We have to wait for another group to get up to 15 and 20 years, but they are already here, already partaking and giving and buying into our community (scratch my head here). So bottom line. It looks like the people who will be here for 20 years as of such and such a date will be granted status and PRC holders. After that, your permit is for 5 years in that 5 years, your place of employment MUST have a Bermudian train under you. Once your contract is up, the Bermudian will be qualified and you pack your bags. No need to grant anymore status. There will always be jobs that will not be filled by Bermudians, so we will be seeing non-Bermudians in and out of Bermuda, but for 15 and 20 years on one permit? My last thing…why is it that Immigration does not go after the companies that keep employees on for years. Even some jobs as Managers are held by non-Bermudians (I know because I experienced watching a non-Bermudian Manager in a position that could be held by a Bermudian—a simple letter to Immigration stating their importance to the firm” kept them there. Immigration bought that line…..) and you are telling me there are no Bermudians can fill a Managerial postion? I know I will probably get bashed, but who cares. Sometimes we have to really look from the outside. Grandfather the clause, it does not have to be an open invitation.

        • Matthew says:

          Ahhh actually I have a job most Bermudians are qualified to do I was train on sight as I deal with SLTE equipment. Being a Bermuda there are also other thing that get done on island that Bermudians aren’t qualified to do. DC/AC UPS systems. Upgrading networks such as dealing with wavelengths on an optical spectrum just to name 2.

        • True Lies says:

          That is so nuts, you clearly have never worked in Finance. Every year you work at a company you become more valuable to that company. You have contextual knowledge that can only be gained by putting in your time. So yes, it’s true that in 20 years, there will never be a Bermudian as qualified for my job as I am, because there is no Bermudian with 20 years of experience in my area at my company.

        • Kingman says:

          Listen to you. You are making no sense.

          1. No company should be forced to hire 2 people when they only need 1. Businesses are created to make a profit for the owner and in turn provide jobs. Not the other way around. Furthermore, some Jobs require you to go to university for a total of 4 years or more and then put in training before you can gain enough qualification. What Bermudians need to do is pay attention in school and attain a level of education/qualification which will make them as competent as the expat.

          2. It is NOT the job of the employer or immigration to position Bermudians for a job. It is for Bermudians to position themselves.

          3. These expat are here for 20 years because they either do jobs that Bermudians or either unwilling/unable to do.

          4. The economy would be worst if they weren’t here for 20yrs.

    • 20/20 Vision says:

      If they are already here working how is that going to create jobs…..

    • Keep 100 says:

      One thing there is alot internet thugs on here…. i wish one of you would get smart to my face like you are to people on here. Abunch over grown children hiding behind a screen. Why you all cant disagree without still showing respect. Disagreeing is does not mean I hate you. Then we wonder why our kids are the way they are. My name is Akil so If you want to get rude look for me and say it to my face please.

      • Come Correct says:

        What would you do? Respond with violence because of words? Careful, there’s always someone out there who can beat you, even if it is just a lucky hit.

    • Hurry up 2017 says:

      The oba promised 2000 jobs, but what they didn’t stress which segment of the population would receive the jobs….. workpermit holders :( or Bermudians :) When it comes to Fahy his fairy tales begin with once upon a time… :( and the problem with political jokes is they always get elected 1 time only. Praying for 2017 to hurry up so my people can have their say again.

      • Christina says:

        The PLP also promised not mess with the public purse but hey look which party is picking up the pieces.

  3. hmmm says:

    These were reported by Mr Famous…..

    From the 2010 Census, those who would be eligible for PRCs after 15 years and status after 20 years, according to length of residency. 15-19 years: 241, 20-24 years: 164, 25-plus years: 106. Not stated: 172. Total: 683.”

    So we are talking a maximum of 683 people according to Chris….Many of those people would be a part of the thousands that left since 2010. So the actual number would be much lower than 683… was reported to be around less than half of that.

    The PLP have people all up in arms over a few hundred people that have been a part of the fabric of Bermuda. Ridiculous…the PLP are making fools of us Bermudians for their own political gain. Shame on them (AGAIN)

  4. Just the Tip says:

    Is there going to be another meeting? Cause i want to hear what they have to say before asking some questions.

  5. San George says:

    People power – democracy at work. Democracy was designed to control tyrants. Be there!

    Quo Fata Ferunt

    • JD says:

      So denying the vote to someone who has legally worked, lived and paid taxes here for 20 years is…democratic? Really?

      Oh and if you are one of the organizers of this thing, a little piece of advice. It helps your credibility if you take the time to actually spellcheck your statement and check the grammar before publishing it on the internet.

      • Anbu says:

        Yes to all of your observations but you forgot one. And its a big one. And that one is ” if they are most likely white”. Cant have any more potential white voters here afterall. That wouldnt be fair . Smh

  6. Boo Hoo says:

    Don’t be fooled by the PLP. They are delaying immigration reform and increasing racial tensions, with the intention of regaining power and doing nothing progressive about immigration reform.

  7. Loquat Juice says:

    The main reasoning and stance against this reform is absolutely absurd!! Wake up all you staunch Plp supporting haters! People are LEAVING Bermuda in droves! They are not flocking here to gain citizenship as all the haters would have you believe. Why on earth would they? There are so many hateful, racial and discriminatory people on this island! Its the reason I left! So I could raise my children in a positive, non racial environment! And trust me when I say people who have left the island after being faced with such racial animosity are not afraid to tell any would be visitor’s of there experiences! To any of the haters who may read this- Give yourself a pat on the back! You’ve done your job of turning people away from this Island!

    Not coming back in this current environment

  8. Raymond Ray says:

    Keep moving forward One Bermuda Alliance…(Sometimes you may feel like a “not” and then, sometimes you don’t)

  9. Jus' Askin' says:

    I usually go at the minister but that is like being mad at the cashier because of the price of the groceries ;-)

    OBA 2012-2017 :-D

  10. Former Union Member says:

    The usual ‘rent-a-crowd’ will show up again. Hardly a representation of the majority of Bermudians.

  11. Double S says:

    One has to laugh at the claims that somehow ex-pats are taking jobs away from Bermudians despite the actual numbers totally contradicting this fact.

    For instance, I have read and heard that without ex-pats somehow the jobs they filled will now be open to an unemployed Bermudian.
    Between 2008 and 2014 the total number of work permit holders fell by 3,391 persons to roughly 9,600 total permit workers. By some people’s logic that should have resulted in 3,391 new job openings for Bermudians and thus no or negligible unemployment for locals.

    However, over the same time period the number of jobs held by Bermudians fell by 3,347 positions.

    Therefore, for every work permit holder lost one Bermudian job was also lost.

    So much for the theory that kicking out/losing ex-pats a result in more jobs for locals as actual experience dictates the exact opposite happens. But don’t let facts get in the way of your emotions and hatred for others.

    Remember our highest GDP ever, in mid-2000s, just happened to coincide with the most number of work permits, and thus the largest workforce ever, ever issued by the Government (PLP) and our economic downslide commenced and continued with our declining working population.

    And yet despite these basic numbers there are still some that think that the opposite is true.

    Go ahead, march and demonstrate against people who have contributed to this island for decades by paying into the pensions, healthcare and Government tax base. Follow through on your numerous threats of violence and social upheaval and see what the result will be. I can guarantee you 1000000% that it won’t result in more jobs and better living conditions for Bermuda and Bermudians, but exactly the opposite. But maybe that is what some want for Bermuda.

  12. charity says:

    I keep wondering about the HUNDREDS of Bermudians who have left the island , which neither party seems to want to talk about or address. They have left and have taken their families with them and then the OBA claims that we have a low birth rate. No, Bermudians have simply left the island.
    What is being done to explore the reasons why they have emigrated and getting Bermudians to return to their island? Can someone shed some light?

    • wahoo says:

      Some of the families that I know personally left because they thought that things were more affordable elsewhere but they did not do their homework. When they got to where they were they were going (Florida and Ontario) they found work hard to get and at lower pay. The one who went to Florida still has to come here and hustle.

      I think some have left on witness protection for the UK where they are settling in quite nicely as thugs living off welfare.

    • Young Bermudian says:

      Your point about the Bermudians that have left the island is very valid. We do have a birthrate that is lower however. People are having less babies today.

      • Datbye says:

        Maybe its because it cost to much, with Bermuda’s crazy high cost of living.

    • JD says:

      First a low birthrate has nothing to do with emigration.

      To answer your question I believe the answer lies in the PLP’s long record of being overtly unwelcoming to foreign workers, and completely incompetent in addressing the challenges posed to Bermuda by technological advances and globalization. Yes unfortunately the PLP owns that too, despite what they may say. It’s not good enough just to say “well it was all globalisation and the global recession’s fault”, the question is what did you do about it. The answer is nothing.

      All of this led to a significant exodus of companies in the international business space. When they left it was not only foreign workers who were made redundant and went home, but also local workers directly employed by these companies, and also those local workers that provided services to these companies (construction, retail, etc).

      So the shrinking population of foreign workers led to a spike in local unemployment, which led people to look for jobs overseas.

      How do you fix this? Well its pretty simple – we need to regrow our population, and we need to regrow it with young foreign workers, because we have a…low birthrate. That population growth will present opportunities for Bermudians who were displaced to return.

      This legislation does not explicitly regrow the population but it allows a segment of the community that has been here working for 15 years or more the opportunity to invest more in the community that they are a part of and this will help stabilize things. It’s just one of many steps that need to be taken to get us back on track.

    • hmmm says:

      Further education, free medical, work not available in Bermuda in their field, gang related issues, liked it better where they went.

      A few reasons for you.

    • planeasday says:

      The way I see it as long as the emigrants are of a brownish hue the Michael Fahy administration could not be more pleased…

      I mean the writing is on the wall clearly as to how this government feels about that particular type of Bermudian.

      2000 jobs for Bermudians? When just last month data was released showing a decline in employed Bermudians and an uptick in employed foreign nationals?

      You can try to spin that however you like Fuhrer Fahy…

    • Bermyman says:

      They can’t afford to live here, they cannot find a job etc. People leave countries to find better circumstances all of the time, Bermuda is not longer unique in that regard.

      The island is changing, it is a shame but we have to ask the questions of why are we in this situation in the first place? You cannot point the finger without first asking the questions and understanding why certain people will struggle to stay here. It is not something that can be solved overnight, it maybe something that will never be solved.

      As to your point about birthrate, that is a statistical fact so you can’t really dispute it. The real point is that in order to support any system of welfare, retirement and healthcare you need a significant portion of the population in the workforce earning in a certain income bracket. These are middle class private sector workers who are the largest consumers of goods and services and the highest contributors to the tax system. Unemployed people, people receiving welfare, the civil service and retired people are all taking more $$$ out of the system than are there to support them. This is why there is a significant deficit this is why about 60%+ of our tax revenue goes to supporting those sectors of society.

      So the question is, where and how are we going to dramatically grow the number of middle class, gainfully employed private sector individuals in Bermuda without them coming from abroad? Historically that has how this Island has survived with no exports, even tourism is a short term form if immigration. Think about it!

    • Datbye says:

      I agree with you Charity, i can speak as i am one of those who left the island. For years it has been run by two terrible parties contribiting greatly on destroying the life style and living conditions. Bottom line Bermuda is not for Bermudains anymore peroid. Homes are out of reach to buy, rent is just as crazy, and cost of living is out of control. We are living much more comfortable in the past year and a half then we ever have in Bermuda and much more enjoyable. I think there is about five from my 91 grad class that has left the island with no intentions on going back.

  13. Terry says:

    Photo ops to stir the sheet.
    Placard Lady and others lurking.
    $20 on the faces…………
    Rum thyme………………………

  14. aceboy says:

    I see lots of people screaming blue murder that Purvis Primary should be kept open. There is absolutely no need to do that unless we bring in more people.

    Food for thought.

  15. BDAGIRL says:

    From 12-2 you have decided to disrupt government workers at work!!!! Two hour lunch break for the workers SMH. “Rent a Crowd” we have no words for you anymore. Take some pictures so we can see which MP’s stop their lunch hour to come see you!!!! 20 mins of you all chanting NO NO at their town hall meeting and the MP’s walked out, what makes you think they are going to listen to you on Thursday for 2 hours.

  16. average Bermudian says:

    This is about allowing “the tail wagging the dog”

    We already know what these fools are proposing- they don’t have to try to explain s*** and the answer in NO

    Recall recently the SSM process of this gov’t -they say: lets talk, lets listen, lets discuss.etc – and then you attend the session and the OBA then state in the session – it is a done deal. There is no talking as there minds are already made up – just making a fool out of the public.

    Well – this time and on this even more important topic – THE PEOPLE don’t even want to listen as they know what you are going to say and what decision the OBA has already reached.

    Hence the NO NO NO chants and this will continue – possibly right on your doorstep where you live – fahy

    This re-action has nothing to do with Walton Brown

    FAHY and the OBA talk bull**** and put out misinformation

    I’ll be there

    • Rhonnda aka Blue Familiar says:

      Uhm… the whole ‘tail wagging the dog’ that the description of the fairly useless part of the whole attempting to be in control.

      Like it or not, and regardless of how it came about, the OBA won the last election. This means they are not the ‘tail’. They are actually the ‘head’ of the dog.

      The tail… well… it’s usually pretty obvious.

  17. Tank Rain says:

    Looking forward to the pictures. I love the signs!

  18. Cow Polly says:

    On one side a “gathering to show dismay with proposed OBA Immigration Reform” perhaps we should have a “gathering to show our support with proposed OBA Immigration Reform” on the other. It wouldn’t be difficult to determine what side everyone will choose to be on.

    • Cmkbda says:

      I’m so glad someone made the suggestion. If I was on the island, I’d be there in a heartbeat, with my sign, chanting ‘yes, yes YES!’

  19. Loquat Juice says:

    The supposed stance against this reform is absolutely absurd!! Wake up all you staunch Plp supporting haters! People are LEAVING Bermuda in droves! They are not flocking here as all the haters would have you believe. Why on earth would they? There are so many hateful, racial and discriminatory people on this island. Its the reason I left! So I could raise my children in a positive, non racial environment! And trust me when I say that the people who left the island are not afraid to tell would be visitors to the island about the racial animosity they endured! To any of the haters who may read this- Give yourself a pat on the back! You’ve done your job of turning people away from this Island!


    Not coming back in this current environment

    • Raymond Ray says:

      @ “Loquat” Due to the current racial behavior of many P.L.P. supporters my wife and I are being “pushed off” this Island this week… When I was coming-up we never saw all this “bull-crap” No sir’ie. I and my wife are going on seventy and really can’t afford to put up with these people any longer. Sad yes but true :-(

      • Loquat Juice says:

        Sad indeed. Its a crying shame really. I was born and raised on d island. I first experienced it coming up as a youngster in the public school system.
        But anyhow- once you get off the island, hopefully you’ll experience the same weight being lifted that I did. Its a big world out here.

        Best of luck to you and yours!

  20. HISTORY says:

    It too much of these foreigners.

    Send them all back home. ALL OF YOU

    Come here to Bermuda and talk all this s**t about YOUR rights.

    You apparently sign a document by this OBA document that no voting for you.
    Now the same foreign OBA says stay forever.

  21. some beach says:

    We need people for economic prosperity…it is just that simple…as far as color goes…I myself am not white…I am not black…I am all colours…I am the race called the human race….and guess what…resistance is futile….we will assimilate you!

    Welcome immigrants!