Live Video Replay: Protesters At Town Hall

February 17, 2016

[Updated: The meeting has been called off, as within minutes of the Minister beginning to speak, a protest broke out with people shouting “No to immigration reform". They kept up the "no" chants, and so 20 minutes after the meeting began they called it off.]


Minister of Home Affairs Michael Fahy and Attorney-General and Minister of Legal Affairs Trevor Moniz are hosting a Public Information Session this evening [Feb 17], with the public meeting designed to provide information on the recently announced Pathways to Status immigration initiative.

The Government previously stated they plan to amend the law, with changes to include any person who is ordinarily resident in Bermuda for 15 years becoming eligible to apply for permanent residency, and any permanent resident who is ordinarily resident in Bermuda for 20 years becoming eligible to apply for Bermudian status.

Earlier today, Minister Fahy told Bernews, “We will give a presentation with data points, a Power Point presentation.

“They’ll be an opportunity for questions, but what I’m urging the community to do is come with an open mind, as to really analyzing why this really should be done, rather than relying on rhetoric that has been amped up in many sectors of this community, that in my view represents a very significant minority of individuals who are not either wanting to listen or perhaps just need to get the facts and the data.

“We are preparing to do that this evening and put some humanity to this, through sharing with the community testimonials of some of the people that would be affected by such a change.”

Update: 28-minute video of the protests/meeting

Update 6.06pm: Within minutes of the Minister beginning to speak, a protest broke out with people shouting “No, no to immigration reform.” They have completely drowned out the Minister, who has now taken his seat.

Update 6.14pm:
The “no” chants have been going strong for some 10 minutes now, and they have now added in clapping, as in “no, clap, no, clap” etc.

Update 6.16pm: Someone tried to speak over the “no” chants, it did not go too well, and they stopped after a couple of sentences.

Update 6.20pm: They have called the meeting — which began at around 6.00pm — off. The MPs were escorted out to loud cheers from the crowd. We will try and post the live stream replay as soon as possible.

Update 6.33pm: A few photos of the event added below.

Update 8.06pm: The audio below is of Minister Fahy and Attorney-General Moniz speaking after the meeting, with Minister Fahy saying it was “real shame the meeting descended into what it descended into” and it is an “orchestration that is taking place”, while the Attorney-General said the “Govt was elected with a mandate to solve Bermuda’s very serious problems” and they see an “increasing approach to try and sabotage those solutions.”

We will post the full text transcription as able, and in the meantime, the audio is below:

Update 8.54pm: Minister Fahy said, “It’s a real shame that the meeting descended into what it descended into. We came tonight to present data, present human stories of how the pathways to citizenship through status and PRC would affect not just people here, but affect the Bermudian economy and the like.

“What we witnessed tonight was an absolute shame, in that the majority of people that came tonight wanted to hear what the Government had to say, and take a position, and hear whether or not this was something that they wanted to support or not.

“A minority of people — there was maybe 16 or 17 people — stood at the front and did a deliberate anti-democratic move to shout down a presentation for the community to hear. It does not, in my view, represent the wider sentiment in community to get information about what we believe is the right way forward for Bermuda.

“It will not stop us from trying to get that information out in a manner that we deem now to be appropriate, but what I believe is also happening here is that there is an orchestration that is taking place by some, and possibly being led by a member of the Opposition who has made calls for civil disobedience.

“In my view that was borne out by a conversation that I had immediately before the meeting with Walton Brown. I said to him that I would hope that there will be an opportunity for everyone to be heard and speak this evening. His response to that was in short, ‘Well, we’ll see.’

“This to me, tells me everything that we need to know. That things should not go that way, and that we should be given the opportunity as the Government to let people hear what we have to say.”

Attorney-General Moniz told Bernews, “This Government was elected with a mandate to solve Bermuda’s very serious challenges. The previous Government, the PLP Government, admitted that we have a huge problem with a declining birthrate with a hollowing out of our work force. They noted this on a number of occasions, but they had no solutions. We’ve been elected with a mandate to solve those problems.

“We’ve come forward with a number of initiatives, and what we see is an increasing approach to try and sabotage those solutions.

“They complain that we haven’t been out there discussing this, we take it to a public forum, and we get a group of people who have been encouraged by Mr. Walton Brown to have civil disobedience, to come and interfere with people’s lawful rights to hear the Government’s solution and to critically discuss them.

“We wanted a critical debate in that meeting, but we will not let this stop this. We will continue and we will find those solutions to Bermuda’s challenges.”

Update 10.56pm:
Shadow Minister of Home Affairs Walter Roban said, “Tonight at the Cathedral Hall a group of citizens exercised their democratic right to express their displeasure at the OBA’s proposed immigration policy. This is a clear signal that the citizens of this country are tired of being lectured to, they are tired of being told what’s good for them, and they are tired of being told to ignore their conditions.

protest at town hall bermuda feb 2016 (5)

protest at town hall bermuda feb 2016 (4)

protest at town hall bermuda feb 2016 (3)

protest at town hall bermuda feb 2016 (2)

protest at town hall bermuda feb 2016 (1)

protest at town hall bermuda feb 2016 (6)

protest at town hall bermuda feb 2016 (9)

protest at town hall bermuda feb 2016 (17)

Photos of the Ministers leaving as the meeting was called off around 20 minutes after it began:

protest at town hall bermuda feb 2016 (12)

protest at town hall bermuda feb 2016 (13)

protest at town hall bermuda feb 2016 (14)

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  1. A total waste of time. oba/ubp know what they want…. BERMUDIANS TO BE REMOVED!!
    We are not going anywhere!!!!

    • A B C Shunt says:

      backbone go try to get a BRAIN that works bigot

      • Reallly Reallly Betty says:

        “OBA on the Brink of Political Suicide”……failure to reach out to the average Bermudian……its clear in this Protest…

        Continue to Stand Strong ……well done, well done

        Protest begin small and grow huge…..

        • Cpt says:

          Um, they just tried to reach out to people via the info sessions….

          • NO NO NO NO NO says:

            Let me tell you about the OBA. This group has already made up their minds to push this law forward.

            1. the ordinarily resident in Bermuda for 15 years becoming eligible to apply for permanent residency.

            2. the permanent resident who is ordinarily resident in Bermuda for 20 years becoming eligible to apply for Bermudian status.

            The meetings are just buying them more time. Call the election lets see how many of my people come out and vote for you next time. You need 20% of the black vote to win. At this moment you have less then that. You also will need the normal 95% of the white vote, pretty sure you have less then that. Next election the roles will be reversed. A % of white Bermudians will not vote for you to stay in power. They will stay home. Similar to how black Bermudians stayed home and didn’t vote PLP in 2012.

            • Nanny Pat says:

              I am embarrassed and mortified to be Bermudian after this disgusting display last night!! Dr. Martin Luther King is rolling over in his grave – this is NOT what he stood for! There are better ways. You should all be ASHAMED of yourselves.
              Disgusting behaviour.

              • Really Really BETTTY says:

                Seems you do not know history. the great MLK was involved in.mire stronger forms of Protest than ever. …..he taught us about the Art of Protest

                Please get learnt…..really

              • Sailboat says:

                Clearly you know nothing about Dr. King and his process. His MO was civil disobedience and calling out the US Government on those policies which did not, in his and the opinion of his constituents, favour all people. You might want to do a little research first.

                When he policy – makers won’t listen, the people must march.

          • Tolerate says:

            Went right over his head Cpt. While many waited patiently for information to be provided, there was others with ulterior motives. Never came with the open mind to at least listed to the presentation and make a decision. Allowed other to decided for them before even leaving the house.

        • SOS says:

          Omg listening to Fahy’s cocky attitude makes my ears bleed. He reminds me of the ice berg that hit the OBA/Titanic.

          • SOS says:

            I wonder if this Fahy Fahy ever attends Cup Match and mixes with the real people like Premier Dunkley does every year. Opps forgot he’s doesn’t have to listen to the real people since his position and large paycheck was handed to him like a golden Carrot.

            • bago says:

              Or he worked hard and was successful in his own right?

            • The Original Truth says:

              Fahy doesn’t even meet with Bermudians when they request an audience with him. He sends Sylvan to do his meets and get the message passed back to him. What he doesn’t realize is QE2 is our monarchy not him. Fahy is an elected servant of the people who has appointed himself dictator.

              Think Dunkley runs things in OBA? He doesn’t. Fahy says, “Jump” and Dunkley says, “How high?”

              • Scadaffi says:

                I guess Minister Fahy is an appointed official just as Col. Burch was, no difference here.

                • Sailboat says:

                  Sure, only Colonel Burch sought, in his strange kinda way, to set the country up such that future generations of born Bermudians could actually afford to live in their own country.

        • Chateau le Roof says:

          the only thing clear in this protest, was that a group was organized to disrupt the session so that facts couldn’t be presented

      • ABC..SHUNT: I do not care one damn what you think. I exercise my right to an opinion. You do not like it…..I DO NOT CARE. Can you read that???

    • lucky 7 says:

      Yes, have some backbone Minister Faye and don’t let a handful of people stop you from doing what you need to do. They don’t ‘get it’, they’ll never get it. Don’t let them drag Bermuda down, keep on moving forward in the right direction.

      • Mamasita says:

        Right! Minister Fahy – We have your back. Stay the course, for we know you’re doing everything to keep this island on track again.

        • Onion Juice says:

          Now watch him make a law that you cant disrupt a meeting.

          • Zevon says:

            There are already laws about that.

          • Ringmaster says:

            No need for new laws, they are already in place. The protesters should have been removed for disturbing the peace. The rights of the majority who went to listen and learn were taken away by this unlawful minority. So much for collaboration and respect. Mob rule won’t win.

          • aceboy says:

            Really great political strategy. Disrupt stuff.


            • hmmm says:

              White mental illness sign lady is there and the usual disruptors….

              PLP representative too.

              Bermuda can’t you see the PLP are playing you!!!!!!

            • Sad says:

              No what is sad is that the Oba paid people like you to blog and to vote for them. So take your sad story and sit down.

        • $295,000 a year paycheck says:

          Premier Dunkley you need a appoint Scientist to take Fahy’s position as Minister of Immigration.

          Next the beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones as the BTA CEO. I’m pretty sure she would generate more Tourist to Bermuda on her face book then CEO Bill Hanbury’s who’s compensation package is $295,000, plus a housing allowance of $75,000 don’t forget the potential for a 30% bonus. :)

        • frank says:

          Every law that this minister has presented does not. Benefit. Bermudians

          Am I the only one. That sees this.
          Bermudians. Need. To. Work before a. Phillipeno this. Same minister took away term. Limits
          So instead of. A 3 year or. 6:year. Permit they can. Now. Stay forever

          • Noncents says:

            @ Frank,

            With your appalling grammar, its no wonder we need people to take jobs

            • Nanny Pat says:

              OMG AMEN – that was painful to try to read. And it’s people like this who feel the IB jobs are being taken away from them. Laughable if it wasn’t so sad and pathetic. People are SO CLUELESS in BDA!!

              Frank for next CEO. Yea, right.

        • The Original Truth says:

          Not if millions keeps flowing out in remittances. Were you even on island when it was on track to even know what on track is?

      • Wake up Bie says:

        So how is granting these people Status and PRC going to help Bermuda? OMG they have homes back in their own countries. Why do you think they continue sending money out every week. Bermuda is to expensive to live. Their only here for the $$$$$$$. Plus we have less crime then other countries so says the OBA. This is all about getting more votes to help add sheep.

        • CCT says:

          The same could be said about Bermudians who live and work in other countries! Many of them have citizenship there too. Nobody is protesting and trying to drive them back to Bermuda though! Such ignorance from all you PLP sheep!!!

          • hmmmm says:

            What size is Bermuda?

            • ron,b says:

              this is a major race issue, don’t be fooled

              • YUP!!
                TO: ron,b: That fact has been stated for months! Pwersons of other persuaaions said,”You are full of it” OR “You are racist”.
                Good!! Glad you and I have the same reality check!!!

          • mj says:

            the same cannot be said of Bermudians, Bermudians are not large enough to cause a dent in anyones’ population, also if they are going to America, England and Canada , those ARE the indigenous peoples land so who is occupying and who belongs to the land..These people coming to Bermuda are not the same people that will invite Bermudians to their so called homeland and we are not allowed just to go anywhere and work ..We could not assimilate effectively because we would stick out like a sore thumb!This is 22 square miles of land that foreigners don’t seem to get or care about the size and the implications on the people born here, they don’t even consider that fact!

          • I'm just saying...... says:

            @cct we have 22 square mile idiot. 22 square miles…

            • CCT says:

              I’m well aware of that! I’m no idiot! You talk as if there will be an influx of people hoping to gain Bermudian status. The proposal is to grant that privilege to those who have lived there and worked hard, making a contribution that some born Bermudians will never make!! I wonder who’s the real idiot here!!! :)

        • Concerned says:

          Yes, they send money home and this island is where they live, spend their monies, school their children, rent properties, support our charities.

          Who were the first settlers, who came after them. My grandfather was an Englishman, my other grandfather was West Indian and their wives were of Indian descent. They lived here and worked to make this home, supported their community, strived to make this island home. Why should I be proud of these protestors, are they aware of their heritage other than the Union, black power or encouragement from someone who can only gain their picture in the news. Where is the every person on this island matters. They will sit to a bar and drink together, dine, laugh and so and then show up only to let these same people know and their families that they are not welcome. Talking about speaking out of both ends of their bodies.

        • aceboy says:

          They pay taxes. They buy stuff. They spend money on cars, bikes, they eat out at restaurants.

          They support the economy.

          You are so sure that these people will not vote PLP. That says alot. You would rather this country sinks than share. YOu are the propblem.

        • sad says:

          There is a real misconception here that all expats get massive housing allowances, live a life of luxury, and still manage to sent a huge chunk of their salary “home”. Perhaps the 5% at the top of their profession get the allowances and huge benefits, but of us are just ordinary people here, working an ordinary job, paying rent, buying groceries and paying our bills like everyone else. This has become home for some of us, and the possibility of living here, in our adopted home, among friends who have become our family, is a welcome one. It makes me sad that some people are so against this. There are many different kinds of expats; some with Bermudian children, who have been here for many years, families where some siblings have status and some don’t, and some yes, who are only here for the money, and really don’t want to stay permanently anyway. My point is that you cant lump all expats in one neat box, just as all Bermudian’s can’t be lumped together either. There has to be a way forward that is fair for everyone, and the first step to that is listening to what all parties have to say.

      • Exactly!! Thank you, LUCKY 7!!!!!!!!

    • Seems Legit says:

      Word of advise for the next town hall meeting,Mix up the colors of the markers as to disguise the fact that one person made all the signs. That ay no one can accuse the protesters of being sheeple led to believe what they’re told….oh wait..never mind.

      • Seems Legit says:

        Oh and tell the “White Mental illness” lady to hide the bag with the extra signs thats between her feet somewhere else…Just saying..

        • Peggy Burns says:

          Seems Legit, “White Mental Illness” sign lady here. No, there were no extra signs in my bag. Would you like to place an order for the “White Mental Illness” or the “No To OBA Immigration Reform” sign?

    • Sunfish says:

      OBA Stop consulting with these idiots!! Change the policy we don`t need them to do so we are the Government ! Screw those bunch of dummies !!!

    • ron,b says:

      BERMUDIANS TO BE REMOVED?,,,,,,wow! bermudians need to wake up! that was your slap in the face right there in that comment,understand that the word bermudians do not mean all bermudians equally,

    • lalalalala says:

      I take it then that you were part of the 5% at the meeting that disrupted the whole things…

    • cpt says:

      The Opposition leader in the Senate yesterday has laid out what he wants, so I assume this is the PLP position. They are fine with foreign children who are born here or, at least, grow up here to be granted status if they went to Bermudian school and became integrated. So, the parties are actually not that far apart — only sticking point is whether the parents get status too.

    • 25/7 says:

      I thought you had to be Bermudian to be an MP. So they’re removing themselves? Or are you one of those ‘If you’re not black you’re not Bermudian’ type of people?

    • Not Impressed says:

      Regardless of the opinion at hand this is not the proper way forward. Yelling like children… This stunt doesn’t move Bermuda forward.

  2. Smiths says:

    ..come with an open mind..pity all these ‘no’ chanters who have closed minds.

    • Rhonnda aka Blue Familiar says:

      Wouldn’t it have made more sense to listen to at least a little of what they wanted to say before protesting?

      • yamon says:

        Typical mindest of stubborn dummies

      • filobedo21 says:

        No that would ahve made sense. Protesting for the sake of protesting. Soldier on Minister Fahy, but next time the OBA support should get into the hall early. And if this continues, pay for time with media, and let the general public hear at home

    • meh. says:

      OBA could you please post the presentation online somewhere? Just because 15 people don’t want to hear what you have to say doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t.

      • Nanny Pat says:

        Good idea. Obama goes on TV to get his point across. Take 30 minutes of airtime to go through the presentation. If these idiots want to yell at their TV so the rest of their family can’t hear that’s their choice. Those of us that want to hear it will sit quietly in our livingroom and listen to the whole presentation without idiots making noise.

      • The Original Truth says:

        What hole in the ground did you crawl out of. Fahy has been preaching his gobbledegook for years now. It’s the same ish different day.

        Those shouting NO already knew what he was going to say. He has nothing to back his statements up.

        There isn’t even a real reference to his plan in the humanitarian policy he keeps referring to. Using Europe’s practices as a guide doesn’t even hold true because Europe is in the midst of an immigration crisis themselves. The nationals in their countries are fed up with their immigration laws.

  3. Cray says:

    Haha they want answers, but don’t want anyone to speak. Hatred abound.

  4. Catherine says:


  5. Raymond Ray says:

    When will someone shut them few people up and allow the Minister get on with it…? :-(
    A bunch of sorry

    • Raymond Ray says:

      Where were they? “The Vasco da Gama Club and Portuguese Cultural Association said they welcome the news that the Government plans to amend the immigration laws, saying the Portuguese community and other long-term residents “have strong roots in Bermuda” and these changes will “strengthen our Bermuda community” and “allow people to call Bermuda…”

      • Question says:

        Where was the Filipinos Bud, wouldn’t you know?

        • RaymondRay says:

          This is something that can be verified. Just gather the data in reference to the number of work permits that have been refused and the number of appeals that have to be dealt with every week…
          Bermuda has not got anywhere near the numbers of work permits that were issued by the previous, (P.L.P.) government.

        • I'm just saying...... says:



          • Bring on the Status says:

            No Bermudians come last. Thank you OBA. Now pass the law and forget the sorry fools. They need us.

      • trisha says:

        And they deserve to be called Bermudians because they live here, their ancestor’s live here. They are hard working people and don’ t wine like other who just want to receive and not give to the island.

    • MarshFollyForLife says:

      Ministers and politicians have had years to talk
      It’s time for the people to stand up for what they believe in
      Who are you to tell oppressed people to shut up?
      Next time, show up to an event with them, get on the mic and tell them to shut up.

      Cool? Cool.

      • A few queries says:

        You’re not oppressed.

        People in Syria, Sudan, Iraq and North Korea are oppressed.

        • Sunfish says:

          Don`t you know, if your black and PLP why your oppressed, even when the PLP were Government. You just can`t fix STUPID !

      • Rhonnda aka Blue Familiar says:

        Oppressed people?

      • Ace Boy says:

        Who are these “oppressed” people you speak of!? Because last time I checked I was a free Bermudian regardless of race. People who were born and raised here, contributed to this country deserve to be what they rightly are (Bernudian!) This so called protest is a bunch of sheep!!

      • A B C Shunt says:

        you a,h. don’t have a clue about what an oppressed people are. until you do ST*U YOU and NONE OF YOUR SO CALLED BERMUDIANS ARE OPPRESSED!!!!!!!!!!

      • just wondering says:

        “oppressed”!! by whom??? and for how long? You had 14 years under the PLP Government – did that Government “oppress” you as well!!??? Its so easy to throw out these words when they simply aren’t true – we are all Bermudians and we all have EXACTLY the same rights.

      • it says:

        “Who are you to tell oppressed people to shut up?”

        Have you asked these “protestors” the same question?

  6. G says:

    Fair is fair if you have lived here and contributed to our society then to ahead and become a bermudian. This island is so stuck in the past its a shame. All we will be is laughing stocks to the rest of the world. Next thing we know tourism will be gone cause of these childish ways!

    • Sara Sargasso says:

      We already are laughing stocks, tourism is going…

    • Keeping pace says:

      I find it amazing that so many people are convinced that this new immigration law is going to bring revenue into Bermuda at such levels that the Bermuda enconomy will not just improve but thrive. Who are you fooling yourselves. The world economy is shrinking. This is not just a Bermuda problem it is a world problem. Granting status to people who consistently take their pay checks and send 80% of it to their mother country, or to those who already talk about how they do not want to buy property in Bermuda because it is too expensive so they build homes in their mother countries is just stupid. These people only want to be able to milk our already struggling enconomy for all it is worth and when they retire, pack up and go back to where they came from. And people please do not try to refute what I am saying because I have worked in International business for quite sometime and I have been in numerous conversations with the very individual who will benefit from this law and all I am saying came straight from their mouths.

      I truly realize that there are exceptions to every rule, but I will not sit by while the current government sells my daughter, nieces, nephews and the future generations of my family out to the highest bidders. That right Trevor Moniz I will not be moving to the UK so that you can sell my house to someone you deem to better for the Bermuda economy. My ancestors fought for freedoms which afforded you the opportunity to get to where you are today. There was a time when the Portugese could not socialize with white Bermuda. How fast we forget. We all agree that immigration Ned’sto be reformed, but not this way. Until the OBA understands that the average Bermudian in 21 century Bermuda is not afraid to lose a few material things in order to secure our future long term you are going to have more disruptions. We are not going away. You have been voted by the Bermudian people and to those who want to Bermudian. Start listening to those who elected you!

      • G Be ready!! says:

        Makes sense to me!
        Same story different time.

      • Eyes wide open says:

        Souljah boy tell ‘em. I worked for a lady in IB who as soon as she retired, she packed up and went to France. And she had been here more than 20 years. The. OBA wants to keep peeing on our legs and telling us it’s raining and treating us like we don’t have brain cells.

        • Anon Ymous says:

          hang on…..retires… permit gone…..not even possible to stay in Bermuda…what would you have her do? Under what the current Government is proposing she may have had the opportunity and jumped at the chance to stay….

          Hey ho!

      • Bermudian says:

        Very well said, you’ve summed up the situation exactly.

      • MNBP says:

        If I sent 80% of my salary to my ‘mother country’ I wouldn’t be able to afford to pay my rent!!! Honestly sheeple, don’t believe everything you are told.

        • The Original Truth says:

          If you shared rent with your comrades you would. You may not be the one doing it but many others are.

          Bob already admitted in parliament the total amount of earnings repatriated to other countries as remittances for each of the fiscal years ending March 31,2011,2012 and 2013 for these three years rounded up to $119 million, $122million and $125 million.

          Should we not believe our own minister of finance? That was just three years so imagine what the rest of the years were like. 366 million is a crapload of cherries and nuts which feeds us better than ifs and buts.

          • MNBP says:

            Of those millions you speak of, how much of that is rent paid to Bermudian landlords who live overseas and is then sent overseas to the UK, Canada or US to those Bermudian landlords? You think they spend that money in Bermuda? Think again. Of course we are speaking about a small minority of Bermudian landlords, so I won’t suggest this is the norm. All I would ask is that you show me the same respect and don’t tar me with the same brush as a minority of expats who live 4 to a room. I, and a great many other expats, spend the vast majority of my salary here in Bermuda. FACT.

          • Jus' Wonderin' says:

            So why aren’t you yelling at the other Islanders who are sending their money back Jamaica or other islands?! As far as um concered you lot seemed to only care about the Filipinos, etc….

            • The Original Truth says:

              Did I hit a nerve? Where did I mention Filipinos in this comment?

              If you want to split hairs then yes Jamaicans, Portuguese, Filipinos, etc. should not be able to stay in someone’s country on a menial job permit for years and years while sending back thousands a month to their own country. This does nothing for our economy. I’m sure all of them have contributed something to that 366 million leaving.

              Since you want to bring up Filipinos. The one major difference between these nationals and every other is that their government purposely sets their citizens up to get jobs in other countries so they can put money back into the Filipino economy. This is why when the world had a shortage of nurses the Philippines geared their schools towards nursing.

              Do I hate the Philippines for setting their citizens up to succeed over others? No I don’t. Good on them for looking after their people. Our government should start doing the same and instead of putting our millions into a rich man’s boat race. it should go into education. Also they should start collecting citizen’s statistics properly. Every resident should have to fill out a yearly payroll tax form with all their education and employment or unemployment history information on it.

          • serengeti says:

            How much money gets sent back to Saba?

      • Jack de ripper says:

        How many Bermudian have you heard say they will retire elsewhere or wish they could before its unaffordable here. Did you realised after the term limit was enforced the 5000 people that left cost your economy hundreds of millions of dollars and that was only related to salary deductions etc….not rentals, nuseries and schools, shop and restaurants, vehicles, fees and maintenance. Relatives and friends visiting and also spending in Bermuda. If a person wishes to return to their country after 20 yrs of contribution to the country so what? Bermudians do it with other countries and they also invest in property outside of Bermuda as well….

        • The Original Truth says:

          These are unproven fallacies.

          I know for fact there are some permit workers who’s relatives and friends visit to work and get paid under the table. How does that improve our economy?

          I even know a permit worker who bartered a local down for a second hand car. The permit worker cried so much about how they came from a poor country and how they were so deprived that local gave in even though they needed the cash for their own bills. Now the local sees that I was right and kicked themselves in the backside when I pointed out that the permit worker’s LV bag and latest iphone amounted to more than the local sold the car for.

          • serengeti says:

            “I know for fact there are some permit workers who’s relatives and friends visit to work and get paid under the table. How does that improve our economy?”

            If you ‘knew that for a fact’, you’d be up Immigration the same day complaining. You’re a total liar.

        • Keeping pace says:

          We are speaking of everyone. There are many reasons why people leave their county of origin, but the number one reason is because they can’t find sustainable work in their mother countries. So the primary reason for being here is to send money back home to support families and homeland investments. Anyone doing this is draining our enconomy. Rent, purchase of goods locally, eating in restaurants is only a small amount compared to what is going out of the country. Do you think this trend will end when they get status. I doubt not. Most of their family back home do not want to be here and those that do will place a further strain on our constantly decreasing job market and economy and in the prescribe waiting period under the new immigration laws will be given status. Now these people are already trying to run our country and manipulate our government into discounting the will of the people who have voted for them (the recent public statement prove this and not to mention the behind the scenes conversations out there) and grant them status. Sorry can’t see 21 century Bermuda laying down for the status quo anymore.

  7. whatwillittake says:

    I still don’t understand how an un-elected person can wield so much power.

    • Cray says:

      Like Colonel Burch

    • Raymond Ray says:

      Ask Col Burch, he certainly had a lot of “power” :-(

    • Ignant says:

      Like Colonel Burch? Giving residency to Uighurs, where were you then?

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      OBA 2012-2017 :-D

      Fahy has to be a PLP mole because He is the perfect storm for the destruction of the OBA’s chance at another victory :-D

      An appointed Minister will be the down fall of the OBA ;-)

      The Road to Election 2017 is Heating Up :-D

      • JAWS says:

        What’s real funny is in 1998 the MIGHTY UBP was defeated by the PLP for less destruction then what the OBA has forced down Bermuda’s throat since being in power. The UBP only loss because they didn’t listen to the voters! You’re starting to remind me of a gambler, stop while you’re ahead. Save this personal agenda for after the next election.

        • Jus' Askin' says:

          What do You mean by
          “You’re starting to remind me of a gambler, stop while you’re ahead. Save this personal agenda for after the next election” ?

          I have No ‘Personal Agenda’ ;-) ;-)

    • Think About it says:

      It must be an IMMIGRATION thing… both parties are playing us!!

  8. A few queries says:

    The PLP and their supporters are worse than Trump and the republicans.

    At least they are against illegal immigration.

    Nasty bunch you are. You are exactly what you purport to hate.


  9. Bermy.yute says:

    I swear bermudians dont even know their own history on who helped to build this island. From jump, this island has been a place immigrants were shipped to. I believe that if a person has lived here for 20+ years, born here, raised here, that they have every right to get status just as we do

    • Ignant says:

      Bie don’t you know Bermudians invented everything?

    • trisha says:

      Do your homework again, the people who built this island are Bermudians already, Bermuda was not discovered ,15 years ago, but the new people that contribute here presently are the Portuguese, from carabeans,england,Canada and us expats.thank you I hope you all mentionef get your papers.

      • A B C Shunt says:

        @ ignorant please try again but in English and better spelling

      • Truth says:

        It is your style of hate that will destroy the dream that you call Bermuda. Hate the expats and they will leave.

        Then you will have to go get a real job, work real jobs, and have a real work ethic. Reality bites and it will bite you the hardest.

      • Bermy.yute says:

        Jesus christ. If you want to take that route lol the first settlers were brought here on ships by the english. Nobody was here. If anything we all come from immigrants

    • trisha says:

      Oh shut up, you are going to tell me your ancestors were brought here, look at your country, go and fix it and stay there.

      • Bermy.yute says:

        Lol you obviously have no clue of your own ancestors. Research that and you’ll find out where your bloodline started from

  10. Zevon says:

    The only things the PLP stands for is being anti-foreigner. There is nothing else there.

  11. d. smith says:

    No to reform at this time, yes to jobs for Bermudians !!!!

    • Faulk says:


      • BdaReally says:

        Some people just don’t understand anything. This will open doors for new jobs to be created if you look at the bigger picture but no you want to stand up and chant “no”. It would have been much more constructive if you had allowed the minister to finish his speech and then put him on the spot and voiced the concerns of the group. He could have given a response so you could have been better educated as to why the Government is doing what they are doing. You honestly didn’t achieve anything tonight by chanting “no” except made yourselves lose out in answers to your questions. At the end of the day I’m glad that these people are just but a small portion of how our community honestly feel. What is fair is fair. Most of these people applying for the status have probably contributed more to this community than the people standing there chanting “no”.

        • Mamasita says:

          Agree. These bunch reminded me of toddlers who have not yet learned the art of communication.

          • The Original Truth says:

            OBA doesn’t communicate either. They have dictated every law they’ve passed so far.

    • meh. says:

      Those two things aren’t mutually exclusive you know. In fact they are much more complimentary than you think.

      • The Original Truth says:

        By law they are it’s just in practice their not but soon OBA will change the law for this also. Mark my words.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      These people ar Bermudians, and they have jobs… and if there was less of them, there would be less jobs here

      • The Original Truth says:

        A resident for 15 years does not equate to being Bermudian. Not yet at least. If they were not here than Bermudians would be able to fill their position.

  12. High road says:

    It is simply disgusting how these people behave. Disgusting.

    • d. smith says:

      Who are you referring to as these people. Bermudians have a right to express themselves.

      • BdaReally says:

        Yes everyone has the right to express themselves but there is a manner in doing it. Stopping a town meeting by standing up and shouting over someone trying to explain something is not a way of doing it. That just shows pure ignorance and disrespect to people who actually went there to understand. We are in 2016 not the 1950s. Things are done differently nowadays. They would have achieved more if they had elected someone to stand up and question the Government since they were intelligent enough to stand up all at the same time and chant “no”.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        There is expressing yourself… then there is wasting people’s time. This was an information session for people to ask questions… congratulations, it is official, PLP supporters aren’t interested in getting any information, just do what the master at Alaska Hall say.

      • Maggie Mae says:

        Of course they do. However, real Bermudians do it in a respectful way!

    • Coffee says:

      Immigration is always a very explosive subject … Anywhere in the world , just listen to BBC on the topic . The British are sick and tired of the European Union dictating British immigration policy !

      Have you any idea what’s happening in the Dominican Republic regarding people born in the Republic of Hatian parentage ?

      People are getting feelings hurt worldwide behind immigration issues .

      • Onlooker says:

        @Coffee. That’s true that immigration is indeed a very sensitive and emotional matter. However, the difference between these other countries you mentioned and Bermuda is that Bermuda is unable to sustain its economy or garner enough revenue by its locals only. Tourism certainly is not providing enough revenue and Bermudians do not export anything. Custom duties are not contributing significantly either so the majority of Bermuda’s revenue is from ‘outsiders’ – international business and payroll taxation. The more ‘outsiders’ Bermuda therefore has the greater its revenue will be. If Bermudians decide that they do not want anymore ‘foreigners’ here then they should be prepared to lose some of the lifestyles they have become so used to. We can not have our cake after we have eaten it!

        • The Original Truth says:

          “The more ‘outsiders’ Bermuda therefore has the greater its revenue will be.” That’s a fallacy. Just look at Greece as a case and point. Greece has so many immigrants but their economy continues to suffer. US also who are living on borrowed money from like us and keep claiming their recession is over. Just wait until America has to pay their debt back and you will see how much their immigration policy has helped them.

          The millions of dollars in remittances that leaves the island year after year is not a drop in the bucket.

          • Jus' Wonderin' says:

            If all the immigrants in the USA left and more the entire country would collapse…FACT! You’re plain wrong even though you think you’re right!

          • Onlooker says:

            Most of these ‘outsiders’ or immigrants in the USA and Greece as you refer to are not necessarily people who have much to offer these countries. Bermuda and Canada on the other hand, require extensive qualifications and experience before expats can be accepted in the countries and job positions, and only after the jobs are posted. While you will always have illegal behavior on the part of some persons that come here, the majority are very educated and or experienced people who are either willing to work in job positions that Bermudians refuse to take or are more than qualified for certain positions as compared with Bermudians. I do not know if some Bermudians will come out of the denial and realize that this big push back against persons helping this economy is not helping.

          • Onlooker says:

            And why are some Bermudians stuck on expats’ money that they send back to their home countries? What do you want them to do when you the current laws are dead set against expats purchasing homes that are unaffordable to them and laws that do not allow you to be permanent residents? So they will have to return to their home countries at some point. Why wouldn’t they set up themselves to live back in their home countries? As far as I see it it’s a fair exchange – they give their expertise and experience servicing this lovely country and then get their salaries from which this country rightfully takes its payroll taxes plus they pay most of their salaries to live here. And note that the disposable income here is , contrary to what you may think, is not really very high. I am beginning to think that this may be an jealousy problem.

          • george says:

            that’s because Greece ignored sound financial advice and didn’t cut back on expenses and debt.

  13. jt says:

    Expect the same few to show up at every planned meeting. You tried. Just cancel the rest and move us forward.

    • Marge says:

      Walton,your sheeples need to be quiet..some Bermudians know this is the right way to go,thank you Michael Fahy,
      Bermudians with half a brain know this is the humane way to go.

      • The Original Truth says:

        Go back to Springfield Marge and bring Homer with you. Allowing permit workers a path to status is nothing to do with humanitarianism. PRCs are a different story but when Fahy lumps permit workers into it then the agenda becomes clear.

    • backakillme says:


  14. A. Laws says:

    I hope the Government ignores the boorish, xenophobic people that prevented the meeting from taking place.

    • frank says:

      Students that graduate from college. This. Year. Will. Not. Get. Jobs. Here
      The oba wants. To. Dilute the. Population in. Bermuda..
      How. Soon. We. Forget I hate. To. Say. It. But. It. Is. True. This. Government. Don’t give. A. Sh===t
      About. Bermudians

      • No Brains says:

        Anyone with an ounce of brains will ignore you and your hate . Your mother says it’s time for bed .

  15. Mr Stevens says:

    Well that was productive

  16. GTA says:

    What did this accomplish other than waste the people’s time who came there to try and enlighten themselves on the situation? Selfish, rude, disrespectful and down right ignorant, sometimes people really only think about themselves and are so close minded,

    • Food says:

      One woman near me was shouting how furrigners were taking Bermudian jobs. I told her that the furrigners were only here bacause there were no Bermudians qualified to do the job. That confused her.

      Such a sad bunch of individuals who are killing this island.

      • Really?? says:

        How can you say that there are no qualified Bermudians to fill these jobs when there are PLENTY of unemployed Bermudians with the same degrees as these “furrigners”! Many of whom have less qualifications than the Bermudians applying for these same jobs! Do your self a favor and crawl back under the rock you came from

        • Food says:

          Hmmm. So why have none ever applied for my position?

          Why do you feel the need to be so rude? That just displays poor education, and another reason for allowing educated people to stay here.

          • mixitup says:

            lol – Allowing educated people to stay here? What type of argument is that…smh you are talking about a country here, not you damn office… Unbeleivable
            Also – my guess is that you are really not interested in why anyone didn’t apply for your job because there just maybe some underhanded reason that if you expose will eventually be the end of your permit.

            • Jahbless says:

              I always thought that there were some jobs which foreigners couldnt apply to… like waitresses etc, however most of those jobs are contracted. And the only way they could have been issued work permits is if no bermudians applied.. so its not that they arent jobs, its that some bermudians feel they are too good to do certain jobs and look down on certain roles.

              And what is ironic is that ppl will complain that they dont have jobs for bermudians yet almost all the cashiers at marketplace and lindos are ppl’s 2nd and 3rd jobs. So u already have a full-time job, but becuz u wanna travel twice and 3x a yr, buy Louis Vuitton, and live above ur means, u need to get a 2nd job… when you are robbing an unemployed bermudian of an opportunity to work.

          • frank says:

            It. Is folks. Like. You. That. Need. To. Be. Gone
            Don’t worry. Soon. Come. Bye

          • NO...NO...NO...NO...OHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOO! says:

            Because the employers tailor the employment ads in such a way that the simplest jobs seems totally unachievable.

            • just wondering says:

              what total drivel – as an employer I would MUCH rather hire a Bermudian for a position – I don’t have to worry about them arriving here and hating it after two weeks and then having to send them home – I don’t have to worry about housing a Bermudian etc etc – so assuming I have a choice why on earth would I hire an ex pat!!??

          • The Original Truth says:

            Maybe because your position was advertised for ONLY 8 days out of 365. At those odds a Bermudian has better chances catching as fish with their hands to feed their family.

      • NO...NO...NO...NO...OHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOO! says:

        Well the furrigners come here knowing that they should not expect to get status. They are here on work permits and are SUPPOSED to train a Bermudian for the post and then leave. That’s not happening because the companies continue to apply for the furringers to stay. Look at the Bermuda Job Board on Cable…that’s just work permit renewals!

      • The Original Truth says:

        Did you say foreigners the way you spelled it. May be the reason she couldn’t understand you.

    • mixitup says:

      Funny, I actually thought you were talking about the Gov’t…

  17. Izzypop says:

    But it’s fair for our Bermudians to take up residence all over the world.
    its not about the rights of the people here for 20 yrs but more about these fools thinking about who they will vote for in next election. It is said that most of the long term are white. If they were black would there be an issue?

    • Really?? says:

      It would be an issue whether they were black or white! It doesn’t matter. This is allowing more people to come here and take what few jobs are left for Bermudians.

      • Juan de Bermudez says:

        They’re already here!

        This is for people who have been here >15 years – because they were and are needed.

      • Bdaluv says:

        Let lone buy up the little land we have left!!!

        • BdaReally says:

          This is what I mean uneducated. Taking up the jobs? Really. These people are already here contributing to the community. Let’s be realistic half the Bermudians who are unemployed don’t really want to work. I know of landscaping companies who took on Bermudians and had to cut back on the foreign landscapers. Guess what the Bermudians didn’t last a week. There excuse was that it was too hard. Do you remember a few years ago when they cut back certain jobs in the hotels such as kitchen porters? I know of a Bermudian who had been unemployed for almost a year. I told them there you go at least it’s something to give you an income until you find something you really want. They scrunched up their face and said that’s not for me. Not saying all but too many Unemployed Bermudians have too much pride to take what they consider menial jobs but then complain when the foreigners take them. Before you say anything get the facts.

          • The Original Truth says:

            Once again prejudice of Bermudians without any data to back up your statement. If that was the case then you wouldn’t see Bermudians AT ALL in these positions but there are the token ones let into them make up the required amount needed to get permits passed. Both PLP and OBA have sent Bermudians away to get a much higher degree than a foreigner holds for those positions but when the Bermudian comes back they are put under the less educated foreigner who treats them like crap hoping they will get them to leave so they can have their brother, sister, auntie, uncle, cousin etc. brought in to fill the position. Those young Bermudians wouldn’t spend their time going away if they didn’t really want to work in that field.

    • mixitup says:

      Most Bermudians who have left these shores (of their beloved home) for financial relief…and in the same breath the minister say’s he wants to flood the place with wealthy foreigners… And you don’t see any issue here?

      • The Original Truth says:

        You have it all wrong. OBA already has made a pathway for wealthy foreigners. That law has already been passed and turns out is ineffective.

        He wants to flood the island with foreigners from underdeveloped nations so Bermudians will be forced to take a lower wage or leave. He’s helping those greedy business owners who want cheap labor. The thing is in the new globalized world underdeveloped nations are even educating their people as lawyers as well. Fahy should be careful at what he wishes for because he may be priced out of a job in the future also.

    • Quiet Storm says:

      Of course, silly.
      We need jobs, look at the big picture.

    • frank says:

      Look folks. This. Is. About. Votes. We all know. That the. Whites. Will. Vote. Oba even if. Spot the dog is the candidate.and most of the. Prc’s are white.

      • asampson says:

        What option do the ‘whites’ have? Its pretty obvious that the other party has no interest in them or their welfare.
        What really sucks is the OBA is becoming less viable by the minute.

      • No Brains says:

        I’m sorry , but didn’t the PLP change boundaries and move homeless people to Sonesta to get votes?
        You make me laugh .

  18. jrsmith says:

    a lot of pent up hate on this island from both sides of the coin, this summer seems to be a hot one…..

  19. Reality Check says:

    Though it was ugly and untidy, this was a display of democracy, with all its imperfections and untidiness, in action. The set of feelings and display of discipline that kept that demo going for ten minutes will so easily translate into a disciplined and determined reaction at the polls.

    The OBA cannot fail to notice tonight. They must evaluate and re-evaluate all their positions. They will be wise if they do that. Fools if they don’t.

    Over the ten days the OBA will define their degree of wisdom or stupidity.

    • Sagres says:

      So 25 shouting people should change a Government’s mind? Even CURB couldn’t be bothered to get there until 10 past 6

      OBA aren’t doing this for votes, they’re doing it to move Bermuda forward. If those who shouted the presentation down are happy to keep Bermuda on a downward spiral, then good luck to them.

    • Juan de Bermudez says:

      This wasn’t a display of democracy. This was an intimidation stunt.

      A la Zimbabwe.

  20. Faulk says:

    Mob rule?

  21. steve says:

    rude and embarrassing.

  22. DAVID says:

    Have some consideration for ffs, my mom has been here for over 40 years still had no status, my dad passed away, I was able to apply for status when I went 18, thankfully I was approved, my younger sisters have been born and raise here their entire life and both aren’t able to apply or be granted with BERMUDA STATUS because of law changes from former government. Bermuda is my families home just as much as it is to all those protesting against the law change. Granding status to no pore then 200 people will not hurt this island in any way, don’t spread hate this island has enough hate, life together as one and the way it should be speard love to all. I normally don’t comment of these kinda things and let government do its thing but this is for my family and many other families who I’m sure have contributed to this island in a good way!! I hope the government does the right thing!

    • Keeping pace says:

      It is more than 200 people and it will be annually. It is not a one time deal. I do believe that there are some who may deserve status but not all. This is why Bermudians are asking for collaborative dialogue from all stakeholders. So that those who legitimately qualify for Bermuda status can get it. It is not about hurting you or your family or being hateful. It’s about being inclusive and not exclusive. Bermudians have right too and sorry our rights should be always be carefully considered first. That just the way it is.

      • Jack de ripper says:

        Do you think that everyone the would qualify actually would stay in Bermuda….not everyone wants to remain in ‘your’ country. Just like the Bermudian who has left ys uk etc and returned because it was for a time. They haven’t come in and been idle or lived of the gov, they paid their fair share and lots of times paid more than the idle ones who wouldn’t do certain jobs and as a result hasn’t contributed in years.

        • Keeping pace says:

          Jack. I will state again, Joe blow Bermuda did not invite them here. They contracted with individual businesses on the understanding that they would get monetary compensation for the work they did. This was and is the primary reason why they are here. Law required that the ancillary contributions they have made would be required of them if they want to work in Bermuda. Pure and simple. THis should not result in status. Joe blow Bermuda did not invite them here to work.

    • trisha says:

      It looks like to me OBA will be giving those rights to certain expats no really to those they deserve it.

    • Jahbless says:

      But seriously…. name one other country in the world that u have to wait 18 damn yrs after being born, raised and educated in a country, to then have to APPLY for status or citizenship. It makes no damn sense…very outdated thinking, and plenty bermudians go to the US to get American passports and wanna make noise at this, really tho?

      Lots of Bermudians go to the UK and live off the system without contributing to the society but see no harm in that. These are people that have left their homelands to work here and contribute to the economy.. spending money in Bermuda-owned supermarkets and restaurants, renting local apartments/houses, start families and produce offspring who represent Bermuda in the arts, crafts, track and field, & entertainment…. and you dont think they have a right to status or citizenship? Ppl wake up and stop being small-minded

  23. George Courtney says:

    democracy at work

  24. Faulk says:

    Not to mention the danger of inbreeding if the gene pool goes stagnant.

  25. Whimsical says:

    At the end of the day whether WE like it or not EVERYONE has a voice and has the freedom to express it….

  26. M.C. Beauchamp says:

    Seeing this, it begs the question of why anyone would ever want Bermuda status? This isn’t about jobs. There are at least 100 jobs available at any given moment in time that our fellow citizens will not stoop to apply for. And when some do, their qualifications are so pitiful that even when the evil expat employer is trying very, very hard to hire Bermudian, they just cannot. We all know thats the truth. So let’s get all xenophobic about immigration and ensure that no one, ever, is given the great gift of Bermuda status. We even discriminate against non-Bermudian spouses. How does that make sense? What a message we send the world.

    • jt says:

      Not just against non-Bermudian spouses but also against the Bermnudians who married them.

      • Jahbless says:

        Fully applaud your msg Beauchamp! All nails hit on the head

    • Keeping pace says:


      1. With whom does the foreign worker enter into contract with?
      2. Who pays his salary?
      3. How is it the people of Bermuda’s issue that they have been here this long?
      4. Why is it that it is Bermuda’s responsibility to grant them status?

      We are not xenophobic. If the general Bermudian population were responsible for these people being here than maybe we would be having a different conversation but we did not. Coming to an island to work should not translate into citizenship. This would not happen in their countries so why come here and expect it from us.

  27. Bermudian says:

    Disgusted with the people behaving so badly. Do what needs to be done Senator Michael Fahy. Stay Strong against this group who refuse to let go of their own issues

    • mixitup says:

      And that’s exactly why the people are now forcing their voices to be heard! You nailed it..and didn’t even know you did I bet..

  28. lifetime says:

    Civil disobedience! Checkmate!

    • Seriously says:

      Fahy would do better if he listened to the will of the people and stopped forcing legislation through. He’s creating an environment of anomosity that doesn’t bode well in the future.

  29. itsajoke says:

    This is a joke. I can name two people who got PRC by providing false information and obtained their PRC without having met the requirements under PLP’s leadership. It says right on the paperwork if you falsify documents or info you can have your status revoked. I reported these people to immigration and nothing was done. Now these two people have applied and received status. So for all those who want to slam the OBA maybe you should look at the PLP first. Maybe you should go to the PLP headquarters door and chant No No No. They were the first ones guilty of allowing people to gain status

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      Well report them now

      • The Original Truth says:

        Reports have been filed time and time again to immigration and when those who got tired of filing the ignored reports they tried seeking an audience with Fahy. Fahy didn’t have time for them so he passed them off to Sylvan who told them something was going to be done. They are still waiting but wont wait much longer and will soon with go public with the reports even if it means their job.

    • mixitup says:

      so does this mean that you are also now Angry with the OBA?

    • Edwin says:

      If nothing happened behind closed doors, then why didn’t you go public.

    • GOV MP says:

      Bermuda if you believe this brainless idiot
      you also must believe in
      Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny.

  30. backakillme says:

    Children .

  31. Caitlyn says:

    Because of a loophole the PLP were in power.The attorney found it.

    These are people who have lived and worked here for 20 yrs,so toss them out? Go after people on a one yr permit.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion,but…… respectful.

    • The Original Truth says:

      There are people who have been in Bermuda on one year permits that have been passed for 15 years.

      If the minister didn’t group those in Bermuda on permit with PRCs I would agree but he has so I disagree. It’s politricks at it’s finest because the ones on eternally passing one year permits will eventually get to 15 years. If the minister really cared he would have fixed that apparent issue but he didn’t.

    • jt says:

      Not a loophole. Don’t perpetuate that terminology.

  32. steve says:

    BB King said “the beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you”… well someone just did just did.

  33. CS says:

    To those opposed to the reforms, has it occurred to you that to qualify means those were here under the PLP Govt for 14 of the 20 years in which they qualified?
    If you wish to object, I suggest you direct your anger that the PLP that created such opportunity in the first place.

    • The Original Truth says:

      Lot of issues are PLPs fault but to use them as leverage instead of fixing the faults makes OBA an accomplice.

  34. rodney smith says:

    The peoples representatives where there tonight, in the person of Walton Brown. We should have invited him to state the PLP position and held an open discussion. The evening would had been a benefit to everyone . We must start listening to each other .

    • The Original Truth says:

      That would have been the bipartisan approach but neither party supports that approach.

    • Hoolieh says:

      Your completely wrong. Walton could have held his own meeting. If the Minister holds a meeting people should be respectful and listen. A meeting is NOT a protest venue. Wake up! Democracy means people have a right to speak at meeting, particularly one they organize and hold!

      Pandering to stupidity is insane! You cannot be that clueless?

      This isn’t about your feelings or their feelings, it’s too late for that! +$2 billion in debt? This is about Bermuda’s survival; and yes things will get worse if government’s finances don’t improve.

      We’re past feelings, and if people don’t get serious we’re done! “Oopps I feel hurt today and I don’t want to deliver products to my customer.” Grow up!

      You better get serious and have some backbone or our ship is going down!

      We’ve already seen many people leave in the last 10 years because of anti-foreign attitudes. It’s apparent, the PLP still haven’t got the message.

      After watching this tonight, I’m now really scared as hell! And I guarantee a lot of other people are too!

      Last time I checked, Walton, nor David Burt, have ever put ANY food on my table!

      Like me, many will now begin to think about exit contingency plans…

  35. Bermudians First says:

    Kim is the newest Senator and makes the most sense already. It is not the right time to implement any immigration reform. What about the thousand and thousand of Bermudians who are unemployed and more and more being made redundant every month and some who have been looking for jobs for years and are still not employed. The young women and men that are going away to university who are not coming back to their birth land because there are no jobs for them but jobs for foreigners. It is time Bermuda be for Bermudians first and not spouses of Bermudians either but born Bermudians. Enough is Enough. Stop trying to chase us from our birth country/home.

    • mdb says:

      Half of us Bermudians aren’t being chased away because we can’t find job’s. We are being chased away by the ignorance such as this. I remember when i was young growing up hoping I didn’t have to live there as i got older because of the BS Stupid Politics. You only make in Bermuda if your Auntie, Uncle, Mama,daddy, cousin or granny get’s you a job. Which pushes the people who are actually qualified for the position away.

      • mixitup says:

        So let me get this right… Bermudians aren’t being chased away because we can’t find job….But you only make it in Bermuda if your Auntie, Uncle, Mama, Daddy gets you a job, which pushes the people who are actually qualified for the position away……err contradiction?

    • Cpt says:

      And if the spouse of Bermudian couldn’t work, how would the Bermudian spouse be able to stay on only one salary for his family? I think we ought to try to find out how many Bermudians have become Canadians, Americans or whatever – it will show that populations move; Bermudians included!

      • Edwin says:

        When you total them up it’s a drop in the bucket.

      • A few queries says:

        Look, the poster above supports a party whose unelected minister of immigration forced Bermudians married to foreigners to get land licenses to purchase in their own home island and prevent them from buying a second residence! Just because of the nationality of their significant others.

        The hatred is deep.

    • No longer care to be Island Girl says:

      @Bermudians First – So a minority of people are now dictating as to who we should marry. If we choose a partner that is not Bermudian born they too should NOT be given the opportunity to work here? Well as a young person – I don’t want to come back.

  36. The Original Truth says:

    LMARO!!! :D

    Chase those crazy bunkheads out of town!!! Stididupe da dupe da da day!

  37. Bill says:

    Grow up people! 200 people getting their just deserves is only just. If these people were your family members or friends you would be fighting for them! Stop being so hateful! How did such hate come to the front of Bermuda politics? Oh i remember – it was when we stopped electing statesmen (true salt of Bermuda) to hold seats and we now have these professional politicians in charge!

    Big mistake Bermuda! There should be a qualification and age limit on politicans so we dont get these young wannabes growing up in the political arena. You should serve the people as a politician and not use it as a career path!

  38. Jus' Askin' says:

    I DARE OBA call a Snap Election NOW :-D

    • No Brains says:

      You sound like a child. Dunkley already said he wouldn’t call an election.
      Just wait for the commission of enquiry

  39. Rod says:

    I showed this stream of comments to a group of mixed race friends. All of us are not in Bermuda. To be honest we were amazed at the anarchy. Many of my Caribbean friends are delighted at the fallout in Bermuda as they hope some of hose that may get “kicked out” will come and spend time and money in their countries.

    • mixitup says:

      You mean the same Caribbean that politicians are protected by bodyguards for fear of their lives??

      • Jack de ripper says:

        You mean like a premier that had a police detail everywhere he went and was allegedly mailed a bullet? That kind of politician you mean?

  40. Imjustsayin says:

    Silly people acting like spoiled kids. Played right into their hands. They don’t want to have a meeting now you have given them a reason not to have one. Pure ignorant behavior.

  41. BERMUDA FOR ALL says:

    Please god I am a Bermudian so OPPRESSED by narrow minded,blind,IGNORANT, RUDE, and DEAF people that seem to think the world owes them. Oh maybe I am not Bermudian since WE ALL STARTED back in 1609 with nothing here but an empty rock. The epitome of an orchestrated PLP effort with pure disruption as its base. I am ashamed this lot were not shouted down by the other attendees. RUDE and OBNOXIOUS should get LIKE. Sorry I wasn’t there

  42. mdb says:

    Couldn’t even listen for one evening. Being lazy even when it comes to listening. No wonder some can’t find a job. They probably start screaming NO in their interview as soon as they’re done listening. Maybe a shut down mechanism ?

  43. jek says:

    - “What did you do during the great Immigration War, grampa?”

    - “Well son, it was hard times. But I’m proud to say that I talked over a few public officials at a town hall.”

    • Coffee says:

      Nope , gramps gets to say ,” vell we lot chased dem crazy ball heads outta town .”

  44. Bdaluv says:

    The food and housing prices are currently not affordable for the average Bermudian in Bermuda but the government wants to focus their energy on Non Bermudians…I feel for these people and all the hate towards them on this board is sad.
    Every country that has expats- for example the Middle East, know they have to return to their home country.
    Your parents all knew what they were getting into when they moved here. Now you want to claim a land that you know isn’t yours? Blame your Parents not the Government ;who’s laws have existed before you were born.
    These people are not xenophobic they are tired of their elected government NOT working for THEM! This is not a race issue this is a Bermudian issue.
    Try buying a home in your own country and being told your cannot afford it, while you pay rent to a non Bermudian because they are able to own a piece of your country but not you!

    • Well then says:

      Please tell me where were these protestors when the previous government drove our island straight into the ground?

      • Bdaluv says:

        I am sooo sick and tired of this PLP vs. OBA bull. Neither are for Bermudians in my opinion. So lets not make it about political parties lets make it about Bermudians

        • The Original Truth says:

          This is what party supporters cant understand. Both parties are playing a power game with peoples lives.

  45. Edward N.Case. says:

    These Bermu-tards obviously think things will be better when they get rid of all non grassroots Bermudians. And we all know what that really means.

  46. mixitup says:

    Wow the irony… Here you have a Gov’t (Employee of the people) who doesn’t listen to the People, shoves anything down their mouths, now upset that the people don’t want to listen to them…lol….well Minister, that’s how it feels!!

    • BdaReally says:

      Oh they listened. And the only word they heard was “no”. Wow those Bermudians really made an impression on the Employee of the people. He really came away impressed with the rest of us as to how good they sounded when they finally were able to say “no” at the same time. 1 point for the “no” group. You really made a difference tonight … Not

      • mixitup says:

        Well 200 comments later, top story on the nightly news, likely front page tmrw – yea, I think they are finally being heard…sorry it had to come to that, but my mother once said, “If you can’t hear you shall feel” now that IS making a difference..

    • jt says:

      Down this thread I keep seeing “the people” “the will of the people” etc.

      It’s as if the rest of Bermuda doesn’t exist just because they aren’t marching, stamping, shouting and making signs.

      Many, many of “the people” approve. Just how many will be determined in the next election.

      Until then, these are groups of protesters, not “the people”. Unless of course by “the people” you refer to “real Bermudians”, “grass root Bermudians” etc., in which case who could or would bother to argue?

  47. Michael says:

    Bermuda has lost its civility and with that we are losing our society. Listening to 20 minutes of people shouting “no” is a very sad reflection on what we have become as a society. Mob rule is what so many of these protesters think is a way to control government. That is not democracy. It is chaos. Was there no one in that audience that could articulated their disapproval of the proposed policy in a civil and respectful way? That was the point of the town hall meeting to present information and hear feedback. This was not feedback…just static.

    We are on a downward spiral in our country and I think we are just ignorant enough (as a whole) that we will need to hit the very bottom of that barrel and may need to linger there for some time before the masses understand that we need to cooperate with each other rather than hate each other.

    I encourage you to listen to all 20 minutes of the “no, no, no” chanting sprinkled with laughter and think if this is how you want your country to go. Then your only choices are to speak up and get involved or sell off and leave the rock to those who wish to destroy it.

    • mixitup says:

      Downward spiral? Lost our civility? Stop being mellow dramatic, if this Gov’t wants to play hard ball then they had better be prepared to play hard ball…Bermudians are decent people, but do not try to railroad them…

      • it says:

        “if this Gov’t wants to play hard ball then they had better be prepared to play hard ball…”

        Because nothing says “hard ball” like a public information session to review proposed legislation in a church meeting hall.

  48. noone says:

    Glad to see all those old folks there are so fine with the word “no”. They going to be hearing it a lot in a few years when asking for their pensions and social insurance checks…

  49. Ignorance says:

    So it’s okay for my parents to be bermudian but myself not to be. I was born here I went to nursery, preschool, primary, middle and high school here and I can’t become a bermudian citizen? Bermudians are so ignorant it’s sad. Maybe if you were in my shoes you wouldn’t be saying NO. The citizens of bermuda is the reason why the island is going down hill.

    • The Original Truth says:

      If your parents are Bermudian than why didn’t they apply for your citizenship when you were a dependent of theirs?

      • ignorance says:

        Because they just got theirs! Before you get smart get the facts first! Before I come spit the original truth at you.

        • The Original Truth says:

          So your parents sacrificed your national identity for their own purposes and now your sour about it. Surely you have a national identity to somewhere else?

    • Ate-vanessa says:

      Boo hoo

  50. Chris Famous says:

    Reality Check 101

    • Edward N.Case. says:

      Read the post before your CF. it’s ok for you with your guaranteed job with the enemy.

    • No Longer A Memeber says:

      Chris Famous, who are your people, are they born Bermudians. Hypocrite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. little girl says:

    Well that was embarrassing! Educated and intelligent people usually listen to the information presented and then debate the issue . What does this say about this group ?
    I will leave you to make your own deductions !

    • mixitup says:

      ‘Educated and intelligent people usually listen to the information presented and then debate the issue . What does this say about this group ?
      I will leave you to make your own deductions!’

      Oops, I liked your above comment in error – I swore down you were referring to the Gov’t…

  52. Jerry says:

    Lol this what happens when you don’t give out free fruit punch ,chips and cookies RLMAO

  53. Coffee says:

    Micheal Fayhe decides to try horseback riding, even though he has had no lessons, nor prior experience. He mounts the horse without help, and the horse immediately springs into motion.
    It gallops along at a steady and rhythmic pace, but Micheal begins to slide from the saddle. In terror, he grabs for the horse’s mane, but cannot seem to get a firm grip. He tries to throw his arms around the horse’s neck, but he slides down the horse’s side anyway. The horse gallops along, seemingly oblivious to its slipping rider.
    Finally, giving up his frail grip, Micheal attempts to leap away from the horse and throw himself to safety. Unfortunately, his foot has become entangled in the stirrup, he is now at the mercy of the horse’s pounding hooves as his head is struck against the ground over and over.
    As his head is battered against the ground, and status applications are falling from the saddle bags he is mere moments away from unconsciousness when to his great fortune Frank, the Walmart greeter, sees his dilemma and unplugs the horse.

    The hidden message ; Micheal Fayhe is a rank immigration amatuer , his standing as a lawyer has absolutely no bearing on the task at hand . What background has he in immigration law ?

  54. Triangle Drifter says:

    No better behavior than a bunch of football hooligans.

    There are people who would actually like to know what the ELECTED Government is proposing.

    Nothing like stomping your feet, shouting, generally behaving like a bunch of petulant children & wasting other peoples time.

    If anyone had any doubts of what the PLP is all about all was made clear tonight.

    • Silence Do Good says:

      Funny you should say football hooligans.

      Is it me or in the video is that a PLP MP rallying the troops in the protest with thumbs up and nodding, clapping with approval to the protesters?

      The PLP wants inclusion in policy making of this magnitude and in an open forum where they had a chance to articulate their views and put the Honorable OBA Senator in his place, they choose to protest in this fashion so no voices, opinions or information can be heard. Needless to say typical behavior remembering a 2001 PLP town hall meeting on PRCs.

      Now I don’t approve of either political party’s different positions but for the love of all that is beautiful… PLP be a creditable and worthy opposition so at least I have a choice at the next election. Guiding mob rule with a handful of people at a public meeting shows that you are not fit to run the country either. I believe sedition is still on the books in Bermuda. Peaceful protect in the right space and place is warranted. Football hooligans at a public meeting where others would like to share their views and opinions is untidy.

  55. Cpt says:

    The point is that in order to comply with international human rights directives, there must be a pathway to citizenship. If people disagree with the one proposed, then fine. But come up with an alternative. We need to put something in place due to legal obligations.

    • Coffee says:

      Yes , I agree . Let’s study Dubai , a country much larger and far more economically blessed .

      • Bdaluv says:

        The UAE does NOT give citizenship to Expat however children of foreigners born in Dubai don’t have rights of local citizenship and automatically assume the nationality of the parents. Foreign children are automatically considered nationals, however the UAE does not permit dual nationality, so the decision to renounce the second passport must be made.

        Here is a link->

    • Keeping pace says:

      Every hot topic always comes down to some international law. Laws which have turned many of the countries who voted for such laws into complete anarchy. Let’s face it most of the big Europeon nations are in dire financial positions and here we are running behind a bus falling off a cliff.

      Just because everyone is doing something does not make it right. We need comprehensive immigration reform something which is good for all stakeholders.

      Also we have every right to protest. If this was happening in one of those international countries in which those laws you are so ready to quote the people would be doing more than just chanting or disrupting a town hall meeting. So stop with the whining.

  56. Just saying says:

    These so called bermudians would not refuse the expat dollar if they were selling something.
    I feel for all the West Indians whom have been here for 15 years or more and still bermudians will not except them as one of us.

    • filobedo21 says:

      Yet many of those protesting if you could research their backgrounds, we would find their heritage came from the West Indies too, some only first and second generation.

    • Jahbless says:

      Exactly… its sad. Send back all the Cbean expats then.. dont give them residency even though they have set up businesses and employed bermudians. Close down Jamaican Grill, Fish n Tings and Spring Garden because they aren’t “Bermudian”.

      Furthermore send back all the exempt companies from Bda’s shores… keep only Bermudians in Bermuda!

      Why bermudians think they so special? They arent the only island with expats… and what is so rewarding about ‘Bda status’ that they so up in arms about? #givemeabreak

    • mj says:

      why do these people want to be Bermudian when our history reflects one of slavery and servitude to other people who do not care about our young old or in between, we have been forced off of our land in the past by people who ASSUMED a right over us. Is there some reason why in 22 square miles foreigners want to be here, Can THEY explain? where are they by the way, the ones that are asking for this bermudianization? please make yourselves known and express in your own words why you want to have rights in bermudian as bermudians, coz right now apparently bermudians don’t have much rights. Stop hiding behind Michael Fahy, we Bermudians are the voters ! Mr. Fahey is representing our oppressor_GOVERNMENT HOUSE.

  57. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Chris…NO, NO, NO, NO and NO! And on another note you got Fam from J.A. so you should know better or do you just pull the Bermy card when it suits you!?

  58. S hayward says:

    Anywhere else these people would have been escorted out of the meeting .Disgusting display

  59. Ashamed and sorry says:

    On behalf of all the Bermudians that were not shouting NO NO NO when Minister Fahy was trying to explain the Pathways to Status at tonight’s town hall, I am truly sorry for the lack of respect shown by those wishing to make their point.

    Bermudians are fair, compassionate and humane people.

    Those of you that may benefit from this change please know these folks that approached this from their single point of view do not reflect all of our views. You have helped us build Bermuda and deserve the same rights those that chanted tonight enjoy.

    Do the right thing OBA. Grant these people status.

  60. Um Um Like says:

    Tomorrow they’ll be demanding transparency!

  61. Sayso says:

    Scenario…What would happen if all foreigners in Bermuda put their “tools” down…..
    Do you know why Bermuda`s GDP is among the highest? Because Bermuda attracts the best of professionals in the world….do the math. Be grateful and wake up Bermuda.
    There are plenty of opportunities in Bermuda for anyone to achieve their goals above and beyond but few take advantage of them. EDUCATION IS THE ONLY WAY OUT OF POVERTY- GO TO SCHOOL!
    OBA be encouraged you are doing an excellent job.

  62. King of the Ashes says:

    People generally hate & fear what they don’t understand. And, I am sorry to say,that it seems to be fear, hate & ignorance that (blindly) drives these lot. I am sure there will be those that will be trumpeting this disruption as a “victory” against the oppressor on “Radio” tomorrow. At the end of the day, there are those that will gladly see this country burn as long as they can be King of the Ashes. I worry for my children.

  63. Enough says:

    Would make for some very interesting reading having a look at the history of where those people shouting and clapping actually come from…….you wouldn’t have to go back too far to see that they aren’t as ‘Bermudian’ as they believe they are.

    • The Original Truth says:

      But it would be far enough back to a time of progress. Giving citizenship to PRCs is fine but to tag on those on permits passed over and over again for 15 years is not. The last 15 years have been crap and they have not proved their worth.

  64. Jerry says:

    Someone said Where was Michael when his vote was needed for his kind , we see people for who they really are tonight and the shame .

  65. CFC says:

    What a sad commentary on the PLP. Is this what we can expect should the opposition get into power? Complete disrespect and bully tactics. Very sad for Bermuda. This type of behavior will certainly attract new business and investment to our islands (not).

  66. BornB says:

    @ Sayso…. if all foreigners put their tools down… would be good…. then they can walk to the airport!!!! More jobs for Bermudians, they are trying to run us out of our own country!!! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO

    • Very sad says:

      If that were to happen the result would be a disaster.

      Respectfully I do not believe you understand the long term impact of such an emotionally driven statement.

      Everyone deserves respect and dignity.

      Tonight was a very sad testimony for Bermuda.

    • Enough says:

      There is some faint hope inside me that you are being tongue in cheek with that comment because if that is what you believe would happen then you need some help.

    • george says:

      actually, if all expat workers dropped their tools and left, there would be less jobs for Bermudians.
      not only would the expats leave, but they would take their tools and their companies, and their families and their money with them.

      and with them too would go the jobs of all the qualified Bermudians (who worked their a$$es off to get those jobs). and then any sane qualified Bermudian would follow those jobs back to USA, Canadan, UK, Germany, South Africa, etc. etc. etc.

      and then there would be nobody left to pay the bills, or to pay the taxes, or to give to local charities, or to keep the Bermuda economy going.

      You lot have no vision, and no strategic thinking.
      and nobody will be left to care that you’re still shouting ‘no!’ and sitting in mud long after the qualified Bermudians have disowned you and the Bermuda you have created, and moved on.

      • Keeping pace says:

        George, your comments clearly support the concerns of Bermudians. You see today the OBA wants to grant status to those who work predominantly in blue collar jobs. Then over the years grant status to the IB key stakeholders thus achieving the immigration objective they are really wanting.

        I do not think anyone is blind to the contracting economy, our low birth rate and shrinking job market. Majority of Bermudians want to see comprehensive reform which is a win/win for all stakeholders. This will only be achieved with there is input by all stakeholders. You cannot simply wait until your hands are tied and then put one sided legislation on the table crying you have no other choice.

        • george says:

          you completely misrepresent what i said.

          if you force foreign workers out, there will be nobody left to hire locals.

          the more foreign workers we have, the better our economy will be, and the more Bermudians it will be able to sustain.

          i think you are blind to the reason OUR economy is shrinking.

          i think you are blind to the hypocrisy of demanding everyone to work together yet refusing to come to the table to listen.

    • Sayso says:

      If there were enough educated Bermudians then you would`t need foreigners would you. OBA needs to have a backbone. Where is PLP going to get the money to sustain the govt services? I don`t recall anyone of them related to Bill Gates.

  67. voltage says:

    It is time for the OBA to communicate better – much better.

    Show some ability to engage our community as part of responsible leadership – your public service commitment is not the same as a decision in the board room or another meeting of your privately held family company.

    There are many other ways to gather our Bermuda community and host important conversations on immigration, same sex marriage,and building a new airport. With a very sensitive issue like immigration reform, theater style only amplifies the division. Change the venue and the set up.

    Try bringing in some respected facilitators, use different seating style, begin your community engagement and listen before you make a decision.

  68. Rita Realistic says:

    They should all surrender the passports they hold for other countries. Hypocrites.

    • Harry Buttle says:

      Why? Is there a law which makes them give up their citizenship of birth? It’s a farce giving up citizenship anyway – many countries have a renunciation form on the same page as the resumption form. So ultimately it becomes an exercise in paperwork. Waste of time.

      Also, you have to have at least commonwealth citizenship (in the law) to get status. So renunciation of ones’ citizenship would probably make them ineligible for status.

      Double edged sword. You can’t get status without a form of commonwealth citizenship and you want people to give up their citizenship of their home country.

      Where citizenship matters in Bermuda is when you want to run for public office.

  69. Jay Kempe says:

    It is depressing and discouraging to see in the video what appears to me to be MP Michael Scott, Shadow Minister for Justice, giving thumbs up, clapping and encouraging those who disrupted the forum and denying others the opportunity to learn more about and discuss an important issue.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Somehow I don’t think he is considered one of the smartest workers out there in the legal field so the behavior is not surprising.

  70. BdaReally says:

    What is funny is that they are holding signs saying “young Bermudians say no to the reform”. Question … where are the young people cause I only saw 50+ year olds. Speak for your own generation cause I am a young Bermudian and agree with the government. Do not generalize … Speak for yourself

  71. John says:

    No no no work for a day for all the expats who have put time and money to the island. Run your country for a day whilst we shout no no no more British / US passports for bermudians

  72. Well then says:

    This is so cringeworthy. I couldn’t finish the whole video. The most ironic part is that those who are being protested against do more for our economy and island than the protestors. That’s the really funny thing about all of this.

  73. Quiet Storm says:



    • ConcernedBermudian says:

      They are here already and likely live in a dwelling for over 15 years and some up to 25 years.

      Thousands have left in past 5 years. That is an undisputed fact. Couple that with a declining birthrate and we have a shrinking population. What is your solution to that problem? Get real.

      btw the answer to your question is – The Philippines after 10 years. I am sure you hate that answer, sorry. Many more though offer pathways for long term residents too, yes, even small islands like Bermuda. Just open your eyes. Many refuse to.

      A Bermudian born and breed.

      • Harry Buttle says:

        Cayman gives PRC after 8 years and eventually status. In the UK if you have indefinite leave to remain you can apply for permanent residence and citizenship. In the Bahamas, if you reside for 5-20 years (depending on situation) you can get permanent residence. There are FEW places that don’t have a pathway to residence and citizenship.

        • Quiet Storm says:

          @HARRY BUTTLE Let me guess you are a PRC holder? Buttle? where do you hail from?

          The native Cayman’s are not happy either in their homeland.

          • Triangle Drifter says:

            What is the relevance if HB is a PRC or not? If he is stating facts where he came from has nothing to do with the topic.

            If the best you can do is an attempted personal attack you must know that you are standing on very weak ground.

        • mixitup says:

          And the locals in Cayman barely now have a say on their small Island that now has more PR than locals… They are miserable and wished they had paid attention years ago.

          • GoodIdea BadIdea says:

            I wouldn’t say Caymanians are miserable, in fact they are a pretty happy place overall, way happier than this 22sq miles is at times.

            Same small group of noisy individuals making lots of noise claiming the island will sink into the ocean yada yada. Meanwhile there have been hotel developments, the DART business/leisure complex, new infrastructure and yet the world didn’t end.

          • Triangle Drifter says:

            Just like Bermuda, if those nasty selfserving furrinners packed up & left today, by tomorrow the place would be closed down.

            Bermudians may own the ships that bring the food here but they don’t crew them. The top techs who keep the cellphones working are not 100% Bermudian. The KEMH emergency dept would become staffless rooms, along with the rest of the hospital except for cleaning & food service staff. No chefs for the restaurants.

            Get the message?

      • Quiet Storm says:

        @ConcernedBermudian You don’t sound like a bermudian to me. But nevertheless who wants to live in the Philippines??? Ain’t no jobs down there that is why they are here. Helloo

        Open up your mind!!! Are your children going to be able to get a job? Grandchildren?

        Bermuda is just too small. Then it will be over run like “other” countries. Or do you want us to be over run?

        • Lois Frederick says:

          You made a statement saying there was no country which offered pathways to status after 10 years. I merely have a country. One of many.

          Just because my opinion differs from yours does not mean I am not Bermudian. As I said I am a born Bermudian.

          Bermuda’s declining population is a real problem. Even the plp acknowledges that fact. Solutions are needed. Research it yourself.

    • Wow says:

      But these people wont be ‘taking’ jobs. Theyve been here for 15 + years already contributing to the economy, enrolling children in school, spending their hard earned money here.

      • trisha says:

        How many More Bermudians do you want to see with social assistance, the more they are the more taxes you should pay

      • trisha says:

        How many More Bermudians do you want to see with social assistance, the more they are the more taxes you should pay

    • james says:

      They would live in the homes of the 5,000 tax payers that the plp drove away from the Islands

    • John says:

      So how do you explain Bermudians being able to live in the uk?

  74. Widget says:

    The usual old mugs at these Town Hall meetings. Paid PLP load mouths there to prevent the host from speaking. You go OBA, keep up with informing the general public of what you are doing and all will be good.

    As for those people that are against these people and there children from gaining Bermuda Status, sham on you.

  75. Wow says:

    No class at all! And this is why the PLP is a joke. This stunt just proved to me that the opposition is not interested in whats best for Bermuda. Do people really think that world leaders, investors, etc will ever want to do ‘business’ with us after seeing how the PLP operate? This was an information session people!!!! Other Bermudians went there to hear the information, get it??? I swear, we are our own enemy.

  76. Dark Star says:

    All I see is a bunch of racist in those pictures. It will take all Bermudians who are above the B.S. to come out and protest the protesters

    • Bermudian says:

      That would be great – it is high time right-thinking Bermudians speak up and condemn the non-sense diatribes of this bunch of people.

  77. Serious Though says:

    Everybody have a right to protest, immigration, marriage, pay, so today was another great day in Bermuda and for freedom of speech in the world. OBA needs to do a better job in communicating; The airport, immigration, cutting cost, school closure , list goes on. The good intention for the country for the people + add horrible communication skills = different interpretations. Jobs for Bermudian is a big elephant in the room, it have and still is, immigration is a lightening rod not just for Bermuda, look at the greatest and most wealthiest nation in the world, unemployment is around 5% and still a lot of opportunities even for 15 million immigrants and yet 8 months from now that will be the issue on the ballot. The US Supreme court even will be weighting in on this issue, the executive order taken to protect children who were born in USA by immigrants, they don’t know another country. Bermuda is not different, small island benefiting from immigration and still does not realize it fully just like USA. Albert Einstein was a immigrant too…..

  78. ALVIN WILLIAMS says:

    Bermuda has always suffered from a delusion; that the migrant worker save Bermuda economically when the Bermudian is and has been the back bone of Bermuda’s economy. Our money is spent in Bermuda and does not flee to other foreign countries through the doors of the money shops. It is in fact that it is Bermuda that provides economic benefit for the migrant worker; not the other way around.

  79. Harry Buttle says:

    We’ll chant and stomp our feet until they go away. Typical tactic. Don’t let them talk about it so that we get our way.

    I saw – what 10 or 15 people of a room of 70+? Pathetic.

  80. Ms. Real says:

    WOW.. Looks like this rally hit a nerve.. This island is too small for 200 granting of status a year. We just don’t have the space. The people that protested this evening are fed up with the OBA’s BS because they are not listening to Bermudians. If Bermudians are not happy then no one will be happy here. And from what I’ve seen, most expats send their money back home.. it’s not circulating here, maybe only when they have sales.

    • Unbelievable says:

      we don’t the space for 200 people? You mean the 200 people you have been living here for years????? You don’t know what you are talking about.

    • Rhonnda aka Blue Familiar says:

      Saying we are too small and just don’t have the space is a bit daft.

      These people are already here. Have been here for between 15 and 20 years.

      All that is being given to them is some security in the place that has been their home for more than a decade and a half.

    • Sunfish says:

      @ms real, take a good look at who disrupted that meeting last night. They are what is known as the dumb vote, they will never be happy no matter what. They have to be really dumb by following AND DOING WHAT THEY ARE TOLD BY DUMMIES!!!

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        They are the field workers to the PLP heirarchy. They do what they are told to do via smartphone. No need to go up to Alaska Hall or Union Hall for instructions.

        Tell them what they want to hear. Something that does not require any thought on their own part. Say JUMP & they will.

    • Bermudian says:

      These are the questions that should have been asked at the meeting last night, until it was interrupted by this minority group of closed-minded people.

      Although I think the answer to that is controlling work permit renewals which is the Immigration office’s job. Assuming this legislation is passed and whoever is the government of the day, they can control the population by controlling work permit renewals. Anyone nearing the 15th year mark can be evaluated and asked to go home. So these are some specific questions that could have been discussed last night.

  81. No laughing matter says:

    How classy…Very disrespectful to the other people who also have a DEMOCRATIC RIGHT to hear what the Minister has to say. They should be arrested and charged with disoderly behaviour at a public meeting. Next time have the BPS on site! No more hijacking of public meetings!

    From Bermuda’s Public Order Act 1963:

    Disorderly behaviour at public meeting

    2 Any person who at any public meeting acts in a disorderly manner likely to prevent or obstruct the transaction of the business of the meeting commits an offence:
    Punishment on summary conviction: imprisonment for 6 months or a
    fine of $360 or both such imprisonment and fine.

    Conduct conducive to breach of the peace

    3 (1) Any person who, in any public place or at any public meeting, uses threatening, abusive, or insulting words, gestures or behaviour with intent to provoke a breach of the peace, or whereby a breach of the peace is likely to be occasioned, or incites any person to
    commit an unlawful act whereby a breach of the peace is likely to be
    occasioned, commits an offence:
    Punishment on summary conviction: imprisonment for 12 months or a
    fine of $720 or both such imprisonment and fine.

    • RaymondRay says:

      @ No laughing matter: That’s what should’ve been done.There will be another public gathering and just maybe the police will make an appearance.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Hmmmm, there were 2 lawyers at the front of the room. Don’t expect them to know details of every law but some knowledge of these clauses would have been useful.

      What about the people who were there to get imformation? Their valuable time was wasted by the rent-a-mob.

      Reschedule the meeting. Confiscate any placards at the boundary line of the meeting place. Have the BPS there & escort anyone out who does not know how to conduct themselves at a public meeting.

      Prosecute anyone who continues to disrupt the meeting. One warning is enough.

      Shocking that such steps should even need to be considered in Bermuda.

      • Harry Buttle says:

        I agree but putting police on the door and confiscating placards would only stir the bees up more. You’re dealing with a group that doesn’t want to listen and isn’t going to let anyone else listen. If you obstruct their demonstrations it will end badly.

        It’s sad that the only way to get the information across is in a protected environment but there is no chance in *ell that you’ll ever be able to hold this meeting without someone bleating out of turn.

        The sadder part is that in the not too distant past, any attempt by the opposition to question the motives of a certain party would have been met with name calling and the same kind of shouting down that we experienced last night. This bunch has broke the knob off and the volume is stuck at 11.

  82. Unbelievable says:

    Wow. These protesters have the same protectionist mentality that the PLP had that put Bermuda in the bad situation that is in.

    Go ahead. Bring the PLP back. Orchestrate your senseless thinking.

  83. Widget says:

    Seriously, these are the same old gaggle of mouth pieces you see at all of these forms. These people surly do not represent the true feeling of the majority in Bermudians. Selfish bunch of people they are.

    Betty has her usual signage. Poor thing, she must have missed he bus back to MAWI.

  84. Ed Case says:

    Bermuda is on the brink of disaster with people like this. I suspect you will get the Bermuda you want, with no foreigners, no whites, and no money.

    Perhaps then you will be happy.

    • Ringmaster says:

      Reminds me of a conversation published back in the 1980′s comparing the economic success of Bermuda and that of Jamaica. The story went along the lines of Jamaica has a failed economy, high crime, high unemployment and lack of jobs. The response – but at least they’re Independent. Same type of mindset shown last night by the protesters.

      • RaymondRay says:

        @ Ringmaster: You hit the nail on the head…

      • Peggy Burns says:

        You folks have protested against many things/people/events/activities that you didn’t agree with. So, you are out of your freaking minds (mentally ill) to expect others not to do the same. Oh, for a moment, I forgot about your arrogant, selfish (self-serving), manufactured superiority traits. You want it ALL. You are TAKERS! One day you are going to be forced to restore.

    • Terry says:

      Well at least someone has the plot.
      Your on the case.
      All by design.
      Poster lady front an center.

  85. mmm says:

    Keep on renewing work permits and it will not give opportunities for Bermud ians to work. If your child is in college right now, graduates in 2018, will they have a job, maybe, maybe not. Cause that particular job, now being done by a person on a work permit, may very well have been granted status in 2016 or 2017. So, when my child applies for a job in 2018, the job is already gone or held by a person given status six months earlier.The re is a dominoe effect no job no food on the table, living on grandparents savings. If a chartered accountant leaves a business it may impact greatly, if there is no one to do his work, on the flip side if the kitchen porter leaves a born bermudian can be trained in a month. There needs to be a break-down of the 14 thousand work permits, how many are renewals and the qualifications needed to do the job. Experience is also a key factor in critical aspects of a business. The economy is tou gh, its tough all over, we have a duty to look after our own first. If a person does not like shift work and leaves, we have to keep on trying, there are folks with a mind-set and goals who are bermudians by birth who will work shifts to support their families. I have worked shift work for years. The 9 to 5 job is ideal and be home with the family, but when reality hits home, in some cases, you may have to work evenings.

    • 25/7 says:

      I’m Bermudian, and only foreigners have given me gainful career opportunities. You speak with your perspective, and I have mine.

    • Bermudian says:

      But majority of these are the jobs that Bermudians turn down. They feel the job is beneath them or they think the pay is too law. They’d rather be jobless than take these jobs. If ever they accept these jobs, they don’t last more than a week. That is a fact. As an employer, you would want to protect your business and therefore hire foreigners who are willing to do this job.

      • Keeping pace says:

        Employing them is one thing. Giving them status is something very different. That is the problem. They are not entitled to status just because they and their employer decided they should stay 15 years or more. Again a personal contract not a national contract.

  86. A. Laws says:

    Thankfully, I’m pretty sure that Ministers Fahy and Moniz are smart enough to ignore a handful of rabble intent on shouting down rational debate in favour of a brand of vicious, bigoted (calling it ‘rhetoric’ would be to give it too much credit) that wouldn’t look out of place at a far right rally on other shores.

  87. ron,b says:

    what do you expect if your trying to destroy the lives of the locals, and the future of local youths , and ultimately destroy local culture, then they over dramatize the whole thing saying bully tactics were used, im always thought that marches and protest were useless after all the failed attempts,one group of people will suffer the most as usual

    • Bermudian says:

      what? you are the ones destroying your own lives. Take responsibility for yourselves for once. Stop blaming everybody but yourself.

  88. ROGER LAMBERT says:

    The numbers For Independence must grow! 60+% of Blacks & 90% of Whites don’t want Independence so our colonial status wins. Yes some foreign people should get Status. But the OBA tell You how they want it First, 15 & 20 years, Before having organized meetings in public that gathers information, then going behind closed doors to set the policy. Also More Fair Employers & More good Bermudian Workers both with good Ethics must happen. Many Bermudians continue learning & getting certificates for work positions here, doing their part. Are Employers doing enough!

  89. ron,b says:

    i’m not deterred from making my comments i know who the majority of votes comes from

  90. Tin Man says:

    Told you rent-a crowd would be there……

  91. Bwreck says:

    Lest not forger about all those Bermudians Black and White who are living, working and educating themselves in another country oh that’s okay right…

  92. inna says:

    “Bermudians” are going to make some miserable rich-turned-poor people !!

  93. Tank Rain says:

    Question: How are people who have been here working for 15 years already, or longer going to take jobs? Don’t they already have jobs?

    I am asking only to understand. Thanks in advance.

    • cpt says:

      That is my understanding. The only question is whether there are Bermudians waiting in the wings to take over that job, at which point they could apply for it when the work permit would have been advertised. I don’t know if this is a meaningful number of people affected.

  94. Had Enough says:

    what a bunch, sorry but it is so plain to see that that was orchastrated and are you really that ignorant tha you are just going to stand up and continue chanting NO NO NO. crazy people like sheep do as you are told to do.

  95. Rich says:

    There is no democratic right to commit criminal offences.

  96. Flattsboy says:

    If act like children you should be treated like children. It’s time for the adults to have a proper discussion.

  97. CONNIE SANTOS says:

    i think it is very bad to not give security to somebody that has been living there for 15 years no matter where you are from ,i think also that calling yourself bermudians ia a joke ,what is a” bermudian “? all of you bermudians got status because both parents were bermudians before? who does not want to better their life ?you send your children aboard to study many of them stay ,live in that country for 15 years then have to leave because they are not of that country ?i was born in bermuda in 1969 , i went to schhol left Bermuda at 16 my parents were emigrantes my father was there for 24 years my mom was there for 20 guys my parents worked there asss off , mom had a heart attack and the family decide to come back to my parents country , here comes the punch line for those of you still awake lolol my parents had to pay a fee for their children to be in her country ,us being born in another country BERMUDA i now have become a citizen of that country so i thank you BERMUDIANS for me being ashamed of being born on a island of which i have no right to live , would it not be funny if everyone left who was not

  98. CONNIE SANTOS says:

    i think it is very bad to not give security to somebody that has been living there for 15 years no matter where you are from ,i think also that calling yourself bermudians ia a joke ,what is a” bermudian “? all of you bermudians got status because both parents were bermudians before? who does not want to better their life ?you send your children aboard to study many of them stay ,live in that country for 15 years then have to leave because they are not of that country ?i was born in bermuda in 1969 , i went to schhol left Bermuda at 16 my parents were emigrantes my father was there for 24 years my mom was there for 20 guys my parents worked there a$$s off , mom had a heart attack and the family decide to come back to my parents country , here comes the punch line for those of you still awake lolol my parents had to pay a fee for their children to be in her country ,us being born in another country BERMUDA i now have become a citizen of that country so i thank you BERMUDIANS for me being ashamed of being born on a island of which i have no right to live , would it not be funny if everyone left who was not BERMUDIAN I MEAN BOYH PARENTS BORN IN BERMUDA HOW MANY BERMUDIANS WOULD THERE BE ?

  99. La-Verne S says:

    Whoever is calling the lady “White Mental Illness” Lady – Stop the name calling!

  100. wahoo says:

    Democracy lost last night, what a shame, a hand full of idiots stopped democracy.

  101. history says:

    when i grew up in bermuda racing mobylettes – these new expats we’re not even heard of in Bda. (philipino, asian east indian, etc japanese chinese

    When addressing the bda peple – David Gibbons used to say Black, White & portuguese.

    Who, why should these persons have the same rights as the average bermudian.

    This law will not pass and if forced through, will undoubtedly start civil disobedience – from the old to the young- real bermudian – will be seen as an injustice.

    There was a bermuda before IB and a Bermudian Culture that is still here
    Now people want to stay and enjoy the spoil as if life just began in Bda since their arrival.

    There is a culture here that will not simply let this law pass as this will be a detriment to real bermudians.)born & bred) Real Bermudians know who they are.
    Eva Hodgson speaks all the time about it all the time – much to everyones’ disgust – but it is the truth

    No country can fully comply with the Human Rights act. It is too recent to be used as a guide to inact law – in this instance.

    You cannot take a basic human right and simply share it with whoever comes into your domain.

    This is not humane or the right thing to do – from a REAL BERMUDIAN perspective,

    • Empty Barrels says:

      you talking about the American Eva Hodgson? Stop living in the past, no wonder you lot get left behind !!

  102. aceboy says:

    Walton Brown is saying the OBA should “listen to the voice of reason”. This is a great example of why the PLP should not be in government. To them a group of 30 protestors distrupting an information session is the voice of reason.

    With that kind of attitude along with his call for Civil Disobedience he should simply get himself out of politics. He is not thinking straight.

  103. Empty Barrels says:

    Even Marc Bean has no time for Walton Brown!