Video: Final “10 Most” Spotlights Jessica Lewis

February 1, 2016

Born weighing only 3.5 pounds with a serious spinal condition, Jessica Lewis has gone on to become one of the finest athletes Bermuda has ever produced and a world class sprinter in her own right, leading her to be named as the “Most Fascinating Person of 2015.”

With a breakout year that included collecting Bermuda’s first ever major para-sports medals including a World Championships medal, shattering the Parapan Games record, and attaining a third world ranking, Ms. Lewis has shown herself to be a dominant athlete on the world stage.

Host Lisa Pickering introduces Ms. Lewis by saying, “A spinal defect at birth may have prevented Jessica Lewis from walking, but that didn’t stop her from becoming a track sprinting gold medal winner at last year’s Parapan Games in Toronto.

“Known affectionately by local media as the Golden Girl of Bermuda sport, the 2015 IPC World Championship bronze medal winner and Paralympian was born weighing only 3.5 pounds and is credited for shining a spotlight on the Paralympic community in Bermuda.

“There’s no doubting that Jessica Lewis has captured the attention and hearts of many in Bermuda and that’s what makes her our Most Fascinating Person of 2015.”

When asked about her aspirations following school in Canada, Ms. Lewis said she wants to come back to Bermuda. “I really want to work at WindReach,” she said. “Because they’ve given me so much in my life and I want to give back – I want to give back to Bermuda.”

The video was produced by Lisa Pickering and Burnt House Productions and is sponsored by CellOne, Par-la-Ville Pharmacy, and Butterfield & Vallis, while Ms Pickering’s dress and accessories are by Atelerie.

This is the final video of the 2015 series, and the entire series will be shown on CITV at a later date. Ms. Pickering plans to continue this series, and Bermuda has no shortage of interesting people, so if you want to suggest someone for the 2016 list, please feel free to email her at!

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  1. Shari-Lynn Pringle says:

    Congratulations again!! When I met you, I knew that you would be the overall winner. Wishing you every success both personally and professionally. You ROCK!

  2. hazel clifford says:

    So proud of you Jess!

  3. good news junkie! says:


  4. Mrs D says:

    Well done, Jessica, and to all the support team, too. But in the end it’s you who is out there on the track, burning rubber! Proud to know you!

  5. Bermy girl says:

    Congrats Jessica! Definitely another honour to be added to your growing list!

  6. Bobbii Cartwright says:

    Hey Jess! I am SO PROUD OF YOU!

    I hold you up as a glowing example to our Jessica!
    With tons of love always,