Lewis Wins Parapan Gold Medal, Breaks Record

August 13, 2015

[Updated with video + Minister's & Shadow Minister's remarks] Bermuda’s Jessica Lewis has just claimed a Parapan Am Games medal in top style this evening [Aug 13], capturing the gold medal in the 100m and shattering the Parapan record in the process.

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The 22-year-old sprinter had entered the finals as a medal contender, having recorded the fastest time of all competitors in both semi-final heats.

The race took saw a false start in the first attempt, with all the athletes called back to begin again. In the second take, Lewis roared off to take a commanding lead, which she held for the 100m, crossing the line well in advance of the rest of the field. After her win, Lewis picked up the Bermuda flag and waved it at the crowd.

Lewis wins by a commanding lead:

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The 2015 Parapan Am Games features 1,608 athletes from 28 countries competing in 15 different sports, and Bermuda is being represented by Jessica Lewis, Steve Wilson, and Yushae DeSilva-Andrade, with our team this year marking the largest team we have ever fielded at these Games.

The Parapan Am Games are held in conjunction with the PanAm Games, featuring the best para-athletes from the region.

Update 8.10pm: Video of Lewis winning the gold medal in the 100m

Update 8.39pm: Photo of Lewis with her gold medal


Update 9.07pm: A screenshot of the Bermuda flag flying at the medal ceremony. This is the first time the Bermuda flag has ever been raised at the Parapan Am Games, as Lewis medal win this evening was the first time a Bermudian has medaled in these Games.

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Update 10.21am, Aug 14: Minister of Community, Culture and Sports, Pat Gordon-Pamplin, today offered congratulations to Jessica Lewis for winning the 100-metre final at the Parapan Am Games in Toronto last night.

Minister Gordon-Pamplin said, “I was thrilled to hear the news of the record setting win by Jessica at the Parapan Am Games. On behalf of the Government of Bermuda, I wish to congratulate Jessica on her outstanding and historic accomplishment.

“Jessica has always been an athlete to watch and now the world knows what she is capable of doing. We wish to thank Jessica for carrying the Bermuda flag so proudly. I invite all Bermudians to take time today to send congratulations to Jessica and wish her all the best in the 400-metres event tonight.”

The Minister added, “We are rooting for all the Parapan Am athletes who are competing in the Games. We are extremely proud of our Bermuda Team. I also wish to send special thanks to all family and friends who are in attendance and supporting our athletes. Go Bermuda!”

Update 10.56am, Aug 14: Shadow Sports Minister Michael Weeks congratulated Jessica Lewis on winning the gold medal saying, “On behalf of the PLP, I extend congratulations to Jessica Lewis on achieving Bermuda’s first gold medal in the Parapan Am Games in the 100M, and also shattering the Games record.

“This magnificent achievement by Jessica shows what can be attained with hard work, dedication and ambition. We are proud of Jessica and her accomplishment and wish her continued success.”

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  1. A Bermudian says:

    Congratulations. A model for lots of us to look up to. Well done.

  2. Proud to be bermudian says:

    Fantastic.. Well done Jessica! You are truly an inspiration!

  3. watcher says:

    brilliant effort gurl way to do the island proud!!!

  4. Rick says:

    Wow ! So happy for you and your family CONGRATULATIONS !

  5. Margaret says:

    Brilliantly done, Jessica!!!!

  6. Blood sweat & tears says:

    Now that’s news.
    Well done Jessica you are AWESOME!!!!

  7. Blood sweat & tears says:


  8. john doe says:


  9. Young Bermudian says:

    Great job Jessica!

  10. Ray Medeiros says:

    We are so proud of you Jessica! Hooksie must be smiling down at you.

  11. Big D says:

    Jessica, absolutely brilliant!! Hooksie is definitely smiling! Along with your family you make all of Bermuda proud!

  12. The Dark Knight Returns says:

    Well done

  13. Street Smart says:

    WAY TO JESSICA!!! You’ve made us all proud!!!

  14. Lorraine Simon says:

    Couldn’t be more proud of you Jessica!!! YOU ROCK!!!

  15. campervan says:

    fabulous well done Jessie.

  16. Pastor Syl says:

    What a race!!! This young woman wasn’t playing! So proud of you, Ms. Lewis. Your grit, determination and strength are an inspiration to all of us!

  17. Paul Astwood says:

    Congratulations Ms. Lewis! A well deserved win. Best wishes for the future.

  18. Nick says:

    Congrats Jessica!

  19. unus sed leo says:

    The person who says something is impossible…should not interrupt the person doing it…..you rock young lady!

  20. cow polly says:

    Well done Jessica, an inspiration to her generation and beyond

  21. Blankman says:

    Well done!!

  22. Karla says:

    Wow amazing. Congrats Jessica excellent job you ROCK!!! PROUD TO BE BERMUDIAN. Thank you Jessica.

  23. Zina Malcolm says:

    Amazeballs! She is awesome, I am so proud. Thanks for giving Bermuda something else to be proud of!

  24. Paperboy says:

    Congratulation Ms. Lewis – wishing you all the best as you celebrate your victory. A very proud moment for Bermuda.

  25. Thomas Mahoney says:

    Congrats Jessica!

  26. Bermuda_rower says:

    There must have been so much hard training for your wonderful win. What dedication.
    Let’s also acknowledge all the hard work put in by your family and coaches – the unsung heroes.
    So proud of you.

  27. WoW says:

    Awesome job Jessica congratulations

  28. Kim Smith says:

    You put us on their map, Jessica. Hearty congratulations!

  29. Great1 says:

    Congrats Jessica, you have made our island proud! Awesome news!

  30. Patricia Barboza says:

    Jessie, Jessie, our rolling girl,
    Your’re GOLD in everything you do,
    So we send BERMUDA’S “whole-hearted PRIDE”
    To let you know our PRIDE is TRUE!

  31. stunned... says:

    Well Done! thank you for representing Bermuda so finely.

  32. Louise White says:

    Jessica, you are an inspiration. All of us here at the office are following your progress and feeling so proud of you.

  33. Bermudian says:

    Now that’s a true display of hard work, determination, perseverance, and effort. Very impressive! Well done, Jessica!

  34. my view says:

    Jessica Lewis you are awesome . You have brought honor to yourself ,your family and your country. Hard work pays off. I salute you.Well done .

  35. Gloria Prescott says:

    Well done Jessica. I know Bragging Granny must be over the moon !. You have been a fighter right from the beginning. You never let anything get in your way. I am so proud of you and your family. They have been there fighting for you from the beginning as well. They are an awesome bunch.

  36. Libby says:

    You are awesome!!!! You have worked so hard and are such an inspiration!!! Bermuda is so very proud of you…what an incredible achievement!!!!!

  37. Barbara D Cooper says:

    Heartfelt thanks to all supporters from this “Super-Proud Bragging Granny” ! Your support is greatly appreciated and will help send Jessica on to future goals as she proudly represents Bermuda in Wheelchair Track Racing !