Bank Foundation Announce New Scholarships

March 8, 2016

The Bank of Bermuda Foundation announced that two new scholarships are available for Bermuda students, with the Donald P. Lines Award valued at $15,000 per annum for one year, and the Bank of Bermuda Foundation Vocational Award is valued at $24,000 per annum for two years.

A spokesperson for Bank of Bermuda Foundation said that these two awards represent the Foundation’s ongoing support for students, as well as recognition that both financial need and interest in vocational training reflect the new reality that many students face as they pursue post-secondary education.

The Donald P. Lines Award is made in recognition of the work of Mr. Donald Lines who established The Centennial Trust in 1989 to celebrate The Bank of Bermuda Limited’s 100th anniversary. Mr. Lines first joined The Bank of Bermuda Limited as a Trust Officer in 1969 and was President of The Bank of Bermuda Limited from 1989 until 1994.

The Centennial Trust was intended to provide scholarships and funding to improve the quality of life in Bermuda. In 2000, the Centennial Trust became Bank of Bermuda Foundation and the Foundation continues to be an important donor to the non-profit sector in Bermuda. Applicants for the Award must be studying for an undergraduate degree and meet the requirements of the scholarship application. Application deadline is March 31st, 2016.

Bank of Bermuda Foundation Vocational Award was established in recognition that many students wish to pursue the trades, vocational or technical training that will lead to job readiness in a variety of fields. It is intended to provide 2 years of funding for overseas training, leading to certification, diploma or associates degree level qualifications.

Students are encouraged to pursue studies in areas where there is a clear need for more Bermudians. Applicants must be studying overseas and be graduates of CedarBridge Academy, Berkeley Institute or have received a GED from an approved centre. Application deadline is April 22nd, 2016

For both awards, students must demonstrate a need for financial assistance in order to pursue their studies. Please visit to make application.

Bank of Bermuda Foundation offers 21 scholarships and awards annually to students in Bermuda. This is the first year an award will be given for vocational training in addition to awards for graduate and undergraduate university study

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  1. Edward Cattell says:

    We do not need scholarships to send people overseas especially in trade vocations ,what we need is a vocational trades school here in Bermuda, if and when the country closes one of our primary schools this would be the ideal building block to start from , bring the building ( school ) up to a excellent standard , train in Electricial,Masonary, Plumbing, Carpentry, paintingand new areas like Solar Technowledgy , use the classrooms for the theory that has to be learned as well as practical skills , what do you think Mr Furbert of the BIU, are you on board ,train ,educate, certify all Bermudians male and female that complete the training to City and Guild standards , then we will have young energetic people ready to work and take pride in their country, any questions?

  2. Edward Cattell says:

    Sorry for the spelling mistakes, I’m learning ,need vocational scholarship .

  3. Richard says:

    The template is there–it’s called the Bermuda Technical Institute. Huge , huge mistake to close it down.