Golf Tournament To Honour Local Golf Legends

March 24, 2016

The African Diaspora Heritage Trail Bermuda Foundation [ADHT] will hold the Louis ‘Kid’ Corbin Memorial Golf Tournament on Saturday, March 26 at Ocean View Golf Club, with a 1.00pm shot gun start.

The tournament will be held as part of ADHT’s day of remembrance for victims of slavery and the trans-Atlantic slave commemorations, providing the community with the opportunity to “finally recognize, honour and pay homage to the excellence of the Bermudian golfers‎ of African descent of both the segregated and post-segregation era of golf.”

A spokesperson said, “Sadly, most of these golfers ‎died without just recognition, but thanks to Professor Dr. Jeffrey Sammons, [Univ. North Carolina] the life work of Louis Rafael ‘Kid’ Corbin was unearthed. Corbin’s work included teaching legendary Joe Louis, the ‘Brown Bomber’ how to play golf.

“His exploits as an accomplished player and his work as a golf tournament promoter are now documented and authenticated.

“But Mr. Corbin was not the only golfer of that era who excelled at the game. Dr. Sammons’ research led him to Bermuda and the legend of Bermuda’s great ‘Crack of Dawn’ golfers was told. On this holy Saturday, 26th March 2016, we resurrect the memories of Bermuda’s legends.

“Segregated era legends include Louis ‘Kid’ Corbin; Herman ‘Tucci’ Bascome; Earl Anderson; Earl Lowe; George Lowe; Bill Pitt Sr.; Leonard Jones; Percy Vincent; Cyril Wainwright; Buck Raynor; Philpott; Simmons; Lew DeRosa; Edward ‘Buzz’ Deshields; Alora Rabain; Lesline Tucker; Hubert Smith; Harrison Simons; Ira Philips; Rev. Vernon Lowe; and Rev. Erskine Simons.”

ADHT Golf Tournament
“The follow-on generation [post segregation] includes Keith Pearman; Frank Rabain; Alex Crofton; Walter King; Keith Smith; Noel Van Putten; Peter Tucker; Eardley Jones; Noel Red Smith; DeVent Smith; Judithanne Outerbridge; Rogers & Lilian Outerbridge; Denton Outerbridge; Ginette Spinucci; Madeline Joell; Quinn Talbot; Janice Robinson-Trott-Symonds; Glen Simmons; Lloyd James; Kim Swan; Dwayne Pearman; Cornell Bean; and Michael Albouy.

“Because of the work of these golfers in the early 20th century, in this, the 21st century, Bermudians golfers of African descent can now play on any course anywhere, here in Bermuda and all over the world.

“At Saturday’s tournament there will be players who represent the families of some of the golfers named above. We will have young Genevieve Bradley, great granddaughter of George Lowe, one of the founders of Ocean View Golf Club, playing along with her father, Lester Bradley. John Richardson, cousin of Herman ‘Tucci’ Bascome, is also playing with his team.

“Glenn Simmons and Kim Swan, who were Herman ‘Tucci’ Bascome’s last students before his death, will also be playing, although on different teams. Keith Smith, who partnered with Kim Swan in 1984 to become the first Bermudians to particpate in the World Cup of Golf Finals in Rome, Italy, will also be part of a foursome at the event.

“Of note is the fact that the team of Swan and Smith won the World Cup of Golf American Zone qualifier which put them in the finals in Italy.

“This event is not so much about ‘which teams wins’ on the day but the focus is more on remembering persons who lead the way in ensuring that persons could play the game no matter the colour of their skin. Many of the teams are coming out to play so that they can be a part of an event that honours their own – their own family, teachers and leaders of the game of golf in Bermuda.

“It will be an entertaining afternoon of golf with activities even for those persons who do not normally play golf. Food will also be on sale at the club. The ADHT invites the community to attend this very special event.”

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