Clarien: Enhanced Online Banking & New Cards

March 9, 2016

Clarien Bank today [March 9] announced the launch of Clarien iBank, its new enhanced online banking platform, and also announced that on Thursday, March 10, it will be launching a new suite of Clarien VISA® Credit Cards.

“Clarien iBank, which replaces the Bank’s eBanking platform, provides customers with improved control, security, functionality and payment convenience,” the company said.

“It gives them 24-7 access from any desktop or mobile device using a web browser to account portfolios, history and statements, payments, transfers and all current chequing and savings transactions as well as multi-level authorisation for commercial customers.

“Using Clarien iBank, customers can:

  • View balance and transaction details for all their Clarien accounts including: chequing, savings, time deposits, loan accounts, credit cards
  • Display recent account activity updated in real-time
  • Download activity reports
  • Initiate domestic and international transfers
  • Make bill payments
  • Create customised alerts
  • Send secure messages to Clarien Bank

“Commercial Account Administrators are able to create and manage users, assign accounts and configure their level of access and authorisation. Previously they had to go through the Bank to carry out these tasks.

“Commercial users will also be able to manage beneficiaries, upload files of beneficiaries, receive bill payments from clients, manage group payments and view pending transactions and results.

“Clarien iBank employs a new multifactor authentication process for secure login and transactions using a hard token.  The Bank is in the process of rolling out tokens to all clients, who are required to call the Bank’s Client Service Centre to activate their token.

“Due to the high volume of calls being experienced by the Service Centre, clients are asked to be patient if they are experiencing delays or have not yet received their token.

“Tokens are expected to have been delivered to all customers by the end of this week. Anyone who has not received their token by then should contact the Service Centre.

“To meet the demand, the Service Centre [296.6969] will be open for extended hours through Friday March 11, from 8:30am to 7:30 pm; Saturday, March 12 from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm; and Sunday, March 13 from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.”

Ian Truran, CEO, Clarien Bank, said: “We are very excited about the launch of Clarien iBank. We have worked extremely hard over the past year to develop a product that our customers will find easy to use, safe in the knowledge that it is underpinned by the advanced security technology necessary to protect them against fraud and identity theft.

“The ability to self-manage accounts in real time will give our business clients in particular greater flexibility and enable them to run their company finances more efficiently.”

On Thursday, March 10, Clarien will launch four new VISA® Credit Cards, replacing its existing range of Capital G Credit Cards.

  • Clarien VISA® Platinum [formerly Capital G VISA® Classic]
  • Clarien VISA® Platinum Private [formerly Capital G VISA® Classic]
  • Clarien VISA® Infinite [formerly Capital G VISA® Prestige]
  • Clarien VISA® Infinite Corporate [formerly Business VISA®]

Mr. Truran commented: “The new cards, available in BMD and USD, offer our clients improved security for local, overseas and online purchases, enhanced services and benefits, and an exciting new rewards programme.”

Cardholders can choose from VISA Rewards points for every dollar spent or 0.5% Cash Back on their monthly statement. With VISA Rewards clients will be able to choose from:

  • Airline travel
  • Hotel reservations
  • Car rentals with Hertz, Budget or Avis
  • Exclusive special offers – vacation packages, Broadway shows and more
  • Local rewards – gift cards and vouchers for Gibbons Company and Colonial Insurance

Existing Capital G cards can be used through Wednesday, March 9 but will be deactivated as of March 10. Customers must call the Clarien Service Centre on 296.6969 to activate and PIN their cards.

For more details about Clarien iBank and Clarien VISA® Credit Cards, visit

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  1. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    Wonderful Venture,much needed new competition,and services.

    • Hurricane says:

      No doubt this “Wonderful Venture” will come with a price. Watch for all the current service charges to increase and new ones introduced.

      • Jiminy Cricket says:

        @Hurricane, Clarien must have put a heavy investment into this new system, but they will get incredible cost saves in return.

        The Commercial functionality will allow uses to manage their accounts without the need to contact the bank for administrative changes. The new security will also lower losses due to internet fraud.

        • Hurricane says:

          I don’t doubt any amount that Clarien may have put into this system, I just don’t want anyone thinking for one minute that whatever has been invested will eventually be passed on to the consumer. Lower interest rates, higher and new fees.

        • frank says:

          They need more atm’s spread over. The. Island only one ATM outside Hamilton a Raynor’s rubis gas station

  2. Terrible launch. They’ve switched the online banking system so anyone who doesn’t have a token yet can’t access their accounts outside of going in physically. For those off island travelling its ridiculous.

    And why do we need these stupid token devices? Not having a token was one of the primary reasons I liked using Clarien. I can’t fathom the reason why banks can’t use the same Authenticator app technology that tech companies use for two factor authentication. Why do I need a separate physical device?

    • Stressing says:

      Thank you Mr Pitcher, a very valid point. I have been off Island since January and not expected to return home to Bermuda until the end of March. Without the token I am unable to access my account online. Stress level has kicked up a few notches. Despite my situation, I am still trying to understand how a business rolls out a new product without ensuring those that use their product has the necessary tool, in this case the token!?!

    • jimmy crack says:

      I received my token in the mail. did you even call to find out what hapened to yours or is your first response to complain online?

      • Stressing says:

        Thank you Mr Crack

        No, actually my first response was surprise at the email I received last week to advise of the updates to service and there being a token. I welcome the changes wholeheartedly, the timing not so much. As to whether I called, I am awaiting a reply to my message.

      • Shy says:

        Like the article said, some of us haven’t received our tokens yet. Which is why it’s an inconvenience. We should be allowed to login the old way until Monday at least in order to compensate for those who haven’t received their token as of yet.

      • Of course I called. I’m off island at the moment and sat on hold on a long distance call for over 10 min before giving up and complaining online.

        The first I heard of this token was an email days before. I asked for relatives to check my mail for the token. No token. Now I can’t access my accounts when I especially need to.

        Tokens should have been sent out long in advance of the switchover, not the same week.