Magazine Features Hotel’s “Theatrical Entrance”

April 15, 2016

Coco Reef Bermuda has been featured in the latest issue of Travel Trade Gazette, a UK-based publication for the travel industry, with the article featuring the “theatrical entrance” of the Paget resort.

Judith Baker wrote, ”The first few steps one takes into a hotel represent the opening sequence of a vacation, or maybe a love affair or even a crucial meeting.

“First impressions always speak volumes but the minute you step through the entrance doors of Coco Reef Bermuda, you know instinctively that you are entering a very different Bermudian resort

“For the lobby of this beachfront resort in one of Bermuda’s prettiest locations vies with the likes of Paris George Cinq or the Ritz Madrid for the sheer impact created by its breath-taking lobby.

Coco Reef Bermuda DPS v2 TTG MARCH 24 TC

“Dominated by a 68 foot high atrium and a central Marble fountain, four huge arched mirrors reflect a wealth of artefacts from all over the world including classical sculptures, handmade stone murals, large custom designed plinths, French Louis xiv sideboards, antique clocks and Grecian style urns.

“Over 70 magical chandeliers and sconces, made of the finest crystal and gold, twinkle like jewels in the tropical sunlight, changing from sapphire to ruby and emerald colours depending on the time of day.

“Bold contemporary Cuban paintings of huge eyed women’s faces look down on Spanish marble floors while historical seascapes and still life oil paintings in ornate frames adorn the surrounding walls creating an eclectic and powerful mix of old and new, traditional and modern. Gold-plated statuettes of mermaids and nymphs peek out into a jaw-dropping tableau that is an Aladdin’s cave of treasures.”

The article is below [larger version available here in PDF]:

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  1. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    Bermudians can be proud of their traditional Bermuda architecture it is truly unique as is Japanese; Spanish; Paladian and Moorish, some of which is reflected at Coco Reef, the unique Bermuda stone Slate Roof symbolizes all the we hold sacred.

    The People of Bermuda share the same traditions and are considered without a doubt the best dressed of all in the free world , although we do not have a national dress code or the latest scanty Paris fashions to follow the smartness and well groomed formality of our attire says it all.

    The style of the men’s tie in its self is a fashion statement which says who you are and where you come from, sadly some choose to forgo this tradition, retaining the “dress shirt”. For the girls its the shoes.

    As the best dressed nation,where ever you go you can not help but notice our neat and conservative appearance.

    Some do “dress down” on Fridays for charitable reasons, for a few dollars designer ” Blue Jeans” and a “T” shirt will get you through the day, we dress for the ocasion.

    Bermudians, both in public and private services are very conscious of their appearance which is further reflected in our homes; gardens; vehicles and the cleanliness of our streets to mention just a few. Stereo types we are not, and certainly not conforming to regimentation, except, where essential public services are concerned.

    However, there is one item is our dress attire which we have established a world wide recognition and that is the Bermuda Shorts.