Aunt Nea’s Inn For Sale, Open House To Be Held

March 7, 2019

This Saturday [March 9] there will be an open house at the historic Aunt Nea’s Inn in St George’s, with the guest house having been listed for sale at a price of $2,995,000.

In describing the property, the sales agent said, “Built in 1791, historic Aunt Nea’s Inn represents a unique opportunity to invest in Bermuda’s growing tourism industry.

“Lovingly restored, this iconic property is situated in the Olde Towne of St. George’s, a UNESCO designated historic site, and enjoys central positioning atop a manicured lot of over a half acre. Investors will enjoy a fully turn-key operation, providing 11 revenue generating units, all in quality condition.

Open House at Aunt Nea's Inn Bermuda March 2019 (1)

“Steeped in history, this 5500 sq ft property at one time was the home to the American Consul. It was during his tenure as a guest of the Consul, that noteworthy Irish poet Thomas Moore penned the poem ‘Odes to Nea.’

“The scandalous poem details his lust for his married neighbour, Hester ‘Nea’ Tucker. The property was transformed from private residence to a guest house in the early 1960’s but retains most of its original character and charm including beautiful original cedar woodwork and original craftsmanship from the 1700s. The property underwent a complete renovation in 2015, including all plumbing, electrical, flooring and new furniture.

“Guests to Aunt Nea’s enjoy an oasis of tranquility, manicured gardens and stunning St George’s Harbour views from wraparound upper floor balconies. The Inn is located in the heart of downtown and convenient to; restaurants, bars, groceries, pharmacies, tourism information, public transport and the quaint beach known as Tobacco Bay.

Open House at Aunt Nea's Inn Bermuda March 2019 (2)

“This unique property is listed for $2,995,000. Financial information available for investors showing keen interest.

“This Saturday, March 9th, 11am – 1pm join real estate agents, St. George’s property investors and tourism-entrepreneurs Belcario & Natasha Thomas at Team Thomas Keller Williams, Bermuda. RSVP or WhatsApp 737-2355.”

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  1. lizard says:

    Wasn’t this property renovated by a US Tv show for next to nothing in costs and I would suspect the Govt. allow the goods to be imported duty free.
    Why are they allowed to get “top dollar” without payback to Govt. for the duty free goods?

    • lav says:

      No…This Old House didn’t renovate the inn….but facts are not convenient to perpetuating your racist agenda.

      • Wahoo says:

        Wow I did not get “racist” from that comment.

      • aceboy says:

        People like this see racism everywhere and in anything. That is what “At any cost” has done. It cannot be easily turned off either even if that was the goal.

        • Ez ryda says:

          No it’s you regular trolls that come on here dog whistling thinking we don’t understand your codes. I noticed anytime racism gets pointed out it’s always you and your other idiot friends that come out trying to deflect from it. But what do I expect the OBA-UBP has a history if racism. I.e. 1977

          • Double S says:

            Nope aceboy is right. Notice how you didn’t comment on the racial death threat graffiti article or the white referee having to endure racist abuse again. And don’t get me started on the umpteen examples of PLP racist rhetoric or the massive amount of racist abuse I received growing up in this island.

            How ironic that you can’t see you are exactly what you purport to hate.

          • lav says:

            Ez…..the plp, and the vast majority of bermudians are racist…as you’ve proven with your post. Read a few more by Onion Juice, what, ewart…you’re entire government…etc. It’s sad that you perpetuate this hatred

      • This is Bermuda for Bermudians? says:

        You got some serious issues man!

    • timm says:

      That was a long time ago and a different property and not the current owners. But otherwise, ok. LOL.

    • JohnBoy says:

      It was definitely featured on This Old House.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        Yep , saw it on TV and was promoted as such locally . Someone above needs to amend their comment .

  2. Jt says:

    Maybe government will buy it as part of their vision.

  3. This is Bermuda for Bermudians? says:

    A sign of things to come in our declining economy. 25-11 Bermuda for Bermudians…what’s let of it and what the PLP elite don’t take for themselves

    • Ez ryda says:

      Plp has only been in power for a year and a half and your attributing a failing econu to them? But complete silence and crickets when the debt doubled and a further 2000 jobs lost under the OBA. So your telling me the OBA had nothing to do with that but it’s all the PLP. You can keep harbouring on the 25-11 all you want. It shows us how sore you all are about that and how much you want pathways to status to pass so you can try and get your good old boys back in power. IT AINT HAPPENING. AND MARK MY WORDS THE OBA WILL LOSE AGAIN. I PREDIDCTED THAT THEY WAS GOING TO LOSE THE LAST ONE. THE OBA HAS ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE NOR PLAN TO PUT IN PLACE TO BRING US FORWARD. HARBORING OVER A 1 MONTH LONG SAIL BOAT RACE THAT BROUGHT TEMPORARY GAINS TO THE SMALL FEW DIDNT CUT IT. WE WAITED 4 AND HALF YEARS FOR NOTHING. SO KEEP RUNNING YA MOUTHS. US YOUNG LOT ARE PAYING VERY CLOSE ATTENTION…

      • Toodle-oo says:

        If with that attitude you actually are ‘young’ then you’re proof that you have been partaking of the poisoned chalice of hate beliefs fed to you by your elders. Yeah , I know , it’s been going on for a very long time.
        By the way , the benefits of the AC lasted for almost 3 full years , not a ‘month’.
        And while we’re at it , how about you explain why confidence in all things Bermuda have plummeted since the last election ? Think that it has anything to do with 25-11 and how foreign investors and smart locals with long term stability in mind view who’s in government ?

      • lav says:

        ” I am not racist! I just don’t like elitist white people ”


  4. Eve says:

    There are other B&B’s and some homes with multiple rental units for sale too and I wonder if the increase in vacation rentals has had an unwelcome affect on B&B’s? The sales agent information says Aunt Nea’s averages 60% occupied rate which may not be high enough to provide the needed profit margin to survive the high cost of living in Bermuda.

  5. me says:

    the facts of the matter are that more businesses are struggling in the this PLPs failed economy policy’s

  6. Ringmaster says:

    An unfortunate sign of the times both in business and residential property. People are trying to sell in fear of falling prices, but the demand is not here as there is little confidence. As more properties come on the market it will pressure prices even more. It’s a vicious circle for owners.