Logic Communications Launches Voice Service

May 12, 2016

Logic Communications today [May 12] announced the launch of voice service to residential customers, saying it “is also the first company to offer a complete communications solution on one bill: internet access, internet service, local voice and cable TV.”

The company said, “Unlimited local calling is offered at $19.95 per month and includes free calling features: Voicemail, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Call Forwarding [busy], Caller ID [Name + Number], Caller ID [Call Waiting], Caller ID Blocking, 3-way Calling, Call Return.

“As a result of the Local Number Portability changes in the telecommunications field, customers from other phone providers can keep their existing telephone number if they switch to the Logic voice service. Once the order is placed, Logic will process the number portability through the Regulatory Authority’s portal.


“The service is delivered over Logic’s advanced fibre-optic network with a quality that is equal to voice service via a landline.

“Customers who already subscribe to cable internet service will be able to use their existing modem, however, new customers will require equipment to be installed at their home, which will be done at no charge.”

Lloyd Fray, CEO, Logic, says: “We’re excited to be launching an alternative voice product. We know that more and more customers are looking for one telecommunications provider that can provide them with all services on one bill. Our voice service provides excellent value for money as well as convenience for our customers.”

In addition, voice to e-mail messaging, where a voicemail message is sent to the recipient via e-mail is available for $3/month.

Customers can sign up for the voice service by phoning 541-9093 or sending an email to logicvoice@logiccom.bm.

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Comments (11)

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  1. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    Make sure I get all the channels um paying for first….smh!

    • lowe says:

      How about faster Internet and a price restructure… Nobody cares about voice that much unless you are talking about LTE.

    • Bermudians Matter says:

      Pay your bill on time lol maybe you would get all of the channels then

  2. YesSa says:

    Thank you Logic…………..but when are you going to offer more speed!!!……and more importantly to all areas of Bermuda! I live in an area where it is not remote at all and I still can’t get VDSL to my home. I’m not the only home located in the neighborhood so there should be no reason why I’m limited to 10meg. I’ve been calling for over a year and requested the upgrade but the only answer I get is that they should be in my area soon to offer the increased meg. But they constantly advertise that they offer up to 25 meg. Please, Please, Please Logic……….hook up VDSL in my Southampton Area!!!

    • Bermudians Matter says:

      U can upgrade go into the store and talk to a representative you are being mislead the wrong info for some reason or another

  3. I heart 441 says:

    They need to market this to seniors. No one I know under 40 owns a home telephone line.

    • frank says:

      what logic is not telling you is this
      when the belco power goes off so does your modem so you won’t have any phone service

      • sebring says:

        that why seniors are wiser experience !!!!!!

        • sebring says:

          when Gonzalo and Fahy came to visit so did the rest of my family that had internet by cable! lol!

  4. Reality says:

    Try and launch your f’n internet speeds in this century. Bunch of jokers

  5. St. Geo4Lyfe says:

    Smfh… this offer is only ten years to late… typical for Bermuda tho