PLP: ‘Termination Appears To Be Retribution’

May 9, 2016

[Updated with video + OBA response] The PLP held a press conference today where they addressed the termination of MP Lawrence Scott from his private sector job, saying “it appears to be retribution for his public stance against the OBA’s plan to privatise our airport to Canadian company Aecon.”

Mr Scott — who serves as the Shadow Minister of Transport — attended Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and Lynn University where he received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Aviation Management and Flight Training.

He also obtained his Federal Aviation Administration pilot certification, and worked as a Supervisor for JetBlue Airways until he was terminated recently.

Mr Scott said that approximately six months ago he was contacted by the head of JetBlue Governmental affairs, and informed that the company had been contacted by Aecon in relation to his Parliamentary speeches and town hall meetings against the airport redevelopment.

“Shortly after that my manager flew up to JetBlue’s HQ in NYC to meet with the CEO of JetBlue, Mr Land, and a delegation for the Bermuda Government headed by the Premier,” said Mr Scott.

“On his return I was surprised that my manager raised questions concerning a charitable donation in the context of tickets I made on behalf of JetBlue eleven months earlier to a local charity.

‘Next thing I knew, a lady from HR flew on to the island asking the same questions and placed me on suspension and a month later I was terminated.”

airport development bermuda May 9 2016

Also speaking at today’s press conference was Shadow Minister of Finance David Burt who said the PLP “condemns the termination of MP Lawrence Scott in what appears to be retribution for his public stance against the OBA’s plan to privatise our airport to Canadian company Aecon.

“It was not so long ago that Bermudians faced having their mortgages pulled, being fired, blackballed, or subjected to various forms of economic terrorism for freely expressing their views on the public affairs of our country.

“It was not so long ago that companies and individuals used their power and influence to destroy their political opponents. And while many thought those days ended in 1998, it is becoming increasingly apparent that under the OBA, those days are here again.

Mr Burt added that the fact that MP Scott appears to have been “targeted at his place of work due to his stance against the privatization of our airport is a clear violation of his constitutional and human rights” adding that “it also must give all Bermudians pause that the OBA has chosen to partner with Aecon.”

“This is the same company that sends people to local town halls and tries to get questions planted in local press conferences. This is the behaviour of a company that the OBA want to run our airport for 30 years.

“The Bermuda Progressive Labour Party unreservedly condemns this unjust targeting of MP Lawrence Scott and we will continue to stand by him as he seeks full legal redress.

“This type of behaviour has no place in Bermuda in 2016 and we call on all Bermudians to stand with us as we fight against those who would seek to roll back the clock and take us back to the days where our leaders are punished economically due to the stances they take publicly.”

Update 7.18pm: In response, an OBA spokesperson said, “The One Bermuda Alliance is extremely disappointed with the alarmist and sensationalist allegations arising from PLP press conference about Jet Blue’s firing of MP Lawrence Scott for reportedly violating company policy.

“If Mr. Scott believes he was unfairly treated by Jet Blue or anyone else, then he should seek recourse through the courts. Indeed, we encourage him to take action to clear the air.

“Likewise, if Mr. Burt truly believes Mr. Scott’s firing was politically motivated, then he should produce evidence and take appropriate action. Otherwise, like his misrepresentation of the recent Public Accounts Committee meeting, it appears Mr. Burt is making up a story to suit his political agenda.”

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  1. O'Brien says:

    Mr Scott has done himself (and his hopes of future employment) no favours by doing this.

    As for Burt, there are always two sides to every story, all the more so when it comes to disgruntled ex-employees. I hope you have seen more evidence to support Scott’s assertions than the hearsay offered up today. If you don’t, you may be very embarrassed when the whole truth emerges.

    • Terry says:

      The race card.

      Damn I need a rum.

      • Truth Teller says:

        Only whites play the race card. And of course they are very good at it. And they should be after literally centuries of practice.

        • Mark says:

          Your people started it – read some history,

        • Hey says:

          The race card was invented by the PLP.

          • Onion Juice says:

            I definatly believe Black people are cursed now LMFAO
            4 Hundred years working for free, another1 hundred years to make a liveable wage and now working in the same enviroment as his white counterpart and STILL gets paid less.
            You just dont make this S!@# up.
            And you FOOLS still vote for them, talk about brain damage.

          • Wake up Bermudians says:

            Yea we play the race card. You whites play the whole damn deck. You racist never admit that you are racist. It is so obvious that Bermuda is infested with racism. Curb place an emphasis on it very often. If black Bermudians allow the OBA to return as the Government again, they deserve all the licks that they receive.

            • aceboy says:

              If black Bermudians allow nonesense like you spew to influnece them to vote PLP then this island is doomed. The PLP were a disaster. To think otherwise you must be blind deaf and dumb.

      • Son of Beach Bistro says:

        Just wondering why there was no press conference when the Bermuda Cement Company was taken from the current management and handed over to friends and family? Oh that’s right, that was done by the same boys in green having this press conference today.

        • Raymond Ray says:

          Son of Beach Bistro, I have to agree with you 100%. Sad yes, but so soooo truthful :-(

          • Raymond Ray says:

            32n64w says:
            May 9, 2016
            Z.B.M. news previously reported on the dismissal and publicly disclosed a copy of the unsigned April 6, 2016 termination letter citing violation of company policy and listing four reasons for dismissal:
            1. Lying or providing false statements during an investigation
            2. Violation of safety and/or work rules
            3. Conduct detrimental to jetBlue’s best interests
            4. Incompetence and/or misconduct, including professional misconduct

        • Hey says:

          If the PLP win the next election, it’s going to be another round of the same, all over again.

        • William F.G Bird says:

          Indeed, how outrageous, taking away the cement silos from those nice, caring people who put so much back into Point Shares…

          • Kangoocar says:

            Did you just wake up stupid today?? Jim Butterfield has done more for the down trodden black people, and that particular includes many that were previously incarnated than anyone else in this islands ENTIRE history, and that sure as heck includes the plp during their entire 14 yr reign of terror!!! Jim Butterfield has given more to all those in need than anyone I know of!!! After the cement silo theft by the plp, Hopefully he has slowed that down, but I don’t know if he has, I sure as heck would have!!!

    • Bermy says:

      Total BS, this guy would spend more time wondering around the airport spouting anti OBA this and that more than he would doing effective work for Jet Blue, ya made ya bed now lay in it.

    • Charlly X says:

      BOYCOTTT JET BLUE !!! THIS is clearly B/S !!

    • Onion Juice says:

      At least we’ve progressed over de years, 50 or 60 years ago he would’ve been worst off.

  2. watching says:

    It is a sad day in Bermuda if a certain someone spearheaded this by meeting with JetBlue. A sad day indeed.

    • Bermy says:

      This bie shot himself in the foot the same people and fellow employees he was enjoying an overpriced MEF supplied lunch and pushing his political agenda and aspirations with couldn’t wait to turn on him. Surprised he lasted as long as he did to be honest

    • Zevon says:

      It’s a sad day when the opposition party makes totally undubstantiated allegations to make something look like it’s something it’s not.

    • aceboy says:

      Yea “IF”. Inunedo and falsehoods.

      Just like your mates in front of the mics.

  3. Family Man says:

    More details on this charitable donation please.

    Although I’m sure it was nothing to do with the Playboy Club, or a questionable charity run out of little office in California, a little more detail as to what exactly it was for would be helpful.

    • Terry says:

      You left out Gitmo.
      Ah to be a millionHAIR.

  4. Yahoo says:

    Burt must be happy to have an opportunity to pull out his favorite made-up term of “economic terrorism”. This is a non-story.

  5. High Road says:

    So are they saying that the OBA directly orchestrated Mr Scotts termination from jet Blue? heard it all now

    • karen says:


  6. Jus' Askin' says:


  7. Wahoo says:

    Sounds like there is a lot more to this one. Please elaborate on the “charity”.

    • Good Grief says:

      Watch the video! He gives details there.

  8. Comfortably numb says:

    Precious little detail about the “charitable donation”, presumably Jet Blue tickets? You have to be very careful with airline tickets: just ask your former colleague

  9. Toleratate says:

    That’s some serious allegations. Is this case being reviewed and challenged by Mr. Scott? If so WHY hold a press conference on this now? Has there been a settlement with the company admitting guilt to the allegations? Somethings out of place starting from the apparent connecting of dots leading back to laying the blame on the OBA and Aecon’s feet.
    I hope this is NOT a political stunt as these accusations are NOT taking place behind the protected doors of the House.

  10. Triangle Drifter says:

    Oh good grief! A very junior manager of a very large corporation gets fired & there is some sort of political motive???? Yeah, right! Jet Blue has far more important issues to deal with than the politics of itty bitty Bermuda & the over inflated egos of some of its politicians.

  11. steve says:

    conspiracy? how about Food for the stereotype-”blaming everyone and everything except the man in the mirror for personal setbacks”

    • Good Grief says:

      He’s had an exemplary record for almost ten years and NOW all of a sudden they are saying that he is acting against policy. Why the sudden change? But do you actually care about the facts on this case?

  12. jt says:

    If this is all the information the PLP have, or are willing to present, then this is just another irresponsible, politically motivated sound bite.

  13. Unbelievable says:

    This is emblamatic of the PLP. 100%.

    Won’t accept its role in nearly bankrupting Bermuda (blame somebody else) and now won’t accept the fact that one of their’s is clearly responsible for his own demise.

  14. Kevin says:

    okay lets look at this
    Jet Blue said to themselves we should sack him because he may cause a problem for the airport deal …really ? they thought it best to open themselves up for not only public ridicule but possibly a wrongful dismissal suit. ,,,,really not biting on this one the PLP are telling us that Jet Blue have no clue how to run a business that depends on its people. I have got to believe there is a second side to this. Should be interested to see. Burt has done an awful lot of mud slinging lately problem is many of his accusations are false.

  15. Proove it says:

    “appears ” to be retribution?

    This story is hilarious!!

    Either it is or it isn’t—which is it?

  16. doggystyle says:

    More plp bull___t who dreams up this suff can we find out what happened to the $800,000.00 to Sandy’s 360 and port royal golf coarse money

    • Son of Beach Bistro says:

      Lets not forget the $800 million dollars that are STILL unaccounted for during the PLPs 14 years in government.

  17. Zevon says:

    So Why doesn’t Scott tell us why he feels he was justified, under company policy, to do what he did. Be honest for once.

  18. 32n64w says:

    ZBM news previously reported on the dismissal and publicly disclosed a copy of the unsigned April 6, 2016 termination letter citing violation of company policy and listing four reasons for dismissal:

    1. Lying or providing false statements during an investigation
    2. Violation of safety and/or work rules
    3. Conduct detrimental to jetBlue’s best interests
    4. Incompetence and/or misconduct, including professional misconduct

    • jt says:

      Wait…none of that seems to have been mentioned in this press conference. Strange.

    • sfsdfsd says:

      That seems legitimate. Those are regular reasons why one would get terminated. It seems crystal clear, yet the PLP will continue to mislead the dumb Bermudians that support them.

  19. San George says:

    PLP must focus on ownership. Until you are owners like Dunkley and Gibbons you are at someone else’s mercy. You can only spend other people’s money so long and you really have no right to. We are better than this. Let’s do better than this.

  20. Ed Case says:

    Plp is in desperation. Pathetic.

  21. Ed Case says:

    Plp is in desperation. Pathetic. Really if this is the best they can come up with.

  22. Navin Pooty Tang Johnson says:

    Anyone who uses a political platform to speak out on behalf of their employers or industry should suffer the consequences….

  23. Torian says:

    How is this party even still relevant? All they do day in day out is talk ish behind OBA’s back. 99% of the crap they complain about is stuff they didn’t even fix when given the opportunity when they were in power.

    We need less schoolyard name-calling and more working together.

    Get out of here with that negativity PLP, you aren’t helping anyone.

  24. Oh dear betty says:

    Hope that charity comes through for you now.
    Get ready for the strikes. Picketing on de runvay.

  25. mixitup says:

    I believe MP Scott fully, unlike the rest who just hate who he represents and won’t give him the benefit of the doubt either way… This reeks of many things (inclusive of the above comments) Leopards do not change spots folks, the people that can’t be trusted are the same ones that have proven over centuries that they can’t be trusted, not MP Scott… I believe him.

    • jt says:

      Of course you do.

    • Truthhertz says:

      Of course you do you stereotyping bigot

      • mixitup says:

        Stereotyping Bigot…lol That was sorta funny though.. Truth seems to sting… ouch

        • aceboy says:

          The truth was released.

          1. Lying or providing false statements during an investigation
          2. Violation of safety and/or work rules
          3. Conduct detrimental to jetBlue’s best interests
          4. Incompetence and/or misconduct, including professional misconduct

          But you believe MP Scott. See point 1. You will believe whatever the PLP tell you. Even when presented with the truth.

    • Joonya says:

      Stop with the boogeyman rhetoric. PLEASE

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      By your own statement, you have also called the PLP untrustworthy. If leopards can’t change their spots, then the PLP will continue to deceive you for their own ends, bully who they feel they should bully out of business so that they can install their own in business as they have done so…

  26. Ed Case says:

    RIP PLP. It’s over. PLP is finished.

  27. Onion says:

    Pretty clear that if the facts don’t match this narrative then both Scott and Burt should resign.

    • yet... says:

      And if the facts do match? Bet your boots there won’t be apologies from anyone above… or in Govt…

  28. Enough says:

    It’s not like the PLP to lie? Is this a new approach for them?

  29. 32n64w says:

    Is this the same PLP who had a chef fired and deported from the island for cracking a joke?

    Is this the same PLP who handed out numerous no bid contracts to party insiders at great expense to the electorate?

    Is this the same PLP who misrepresented the truth about the availability of PAC meeting attendees and held a frivolous press conference to dispense these mistruths?

    Is this the same PLP whose talking heads continually publish disinformation and innuendo under the cover of journalism?

    Is this the same PLP who created an uneven playing field for the Bermuda Cement Company and subsequently handed over their physical plant to party insiders while simultaneously removing the impediments and conditions of operation?

    If Mr. Burt wants to make sweeping statements about the alleged return to pre-1998 working and social conditions, he needs to be honest about how his party perpetuated these same heavy handed tactics during their 14 years at the helm. Otherwise he’s being hypocritical, dishonest and inflammatory, hallmarks no politician should brag about.

    • mixitup says:

      For a minute I though you were referring to your hopeless OBA farce of a party! I am counting the months to their end.

      • 32n64w says:

        So no rebuttal? No surprise when the facts aren’t on your side.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      But, but, but, Burt, Burt, Burt!

    • karen says:


  30. rightt says:

    I truly hope this isn’t what Bermuda has become.

  31. Infidelguy says:

    These are very disturbing events to say the least!

    This behavior by Aecon shows, is my opinion, the low level of respect that they have for our government leaders. But more importantly, it tells me that they have a total disregard for the people of Bermuda and it appears they will stop at nothing to satiate their greed in order to increase their bottom line.

    If they can treat a Member of Parliament like this, what kind of employer would they make? It’s a scary thought!

    This airport deal needs to stopped dead in its tracks right now! No matter what the monetary costs to us, we do not need people with this sort of non-progressive attitude reaping the rewards of our country!

    • jt says:

      What exactly are you basing your observations on other than the conjecture presented by this “press conference”?

      • mixitup says:

        I’ll say the shoddy talking heads they’ve (AECON) unleashed in Bermuda who wanted planted questions in the crowd at the town hall, who The Cayman Islands was forced to reject by the British Gov’t.. who sold out of the Quito Airport deal… yea them

        • I got to much brains says:

          Go pick up your cheque from the hall.

        • jt says:

          So nothing directly relating to this matter.

        • Jus' Wonderin' says:

          What are these planted questions you speak of? lmfao

      • Infidelguy says:

        This is “my opinion”. Can you not read?

        If these allegations have any truth to them it is another sad day in this country. But as usual, I can bet there will be no further investigation into what actually took place.

        • jt says:

          Like when Marc Bean was off to the police station.
          Richards sued when he felt he had a case and given the result he was correct. Let’s see Scott put it on the line so details from both sides can be aired in court.

  32. steve says:

    If he is a good Bermudian he will sue for unlawful dismissal. He owes it to the rest of us to take legal action against this horrible employer. Of course if he does, then Jet blue gets to provide their side of the story which may prove embarrassing for Mr Scott(why it wont happen). Or you could do nothing except get your mates together and lambast the OBA because you were fired?Since the PLP dont embarrass easy, I will allow myself to be embarrassed for them this time.your welcome fellas!

  33. Cedar stump says:

    Application of the race card just don’t work outside Bermuda. PLP have embarrassed themselves on a level not seen before. This could backfire big time.

    • Infidelguy says:

      How the hell is this playing the race card? Who has mentioned anything about race?

      It seems that you and a few other people here are suffering from some sort guilt complex?

      I suppose that comment is playing the race card too, right?

      Take it any way you want.


      • jt says:

        Race card, no.
        Baseless conjecture, yes.

      • mixitup says:

        These ‘new bermudians’ are delusional! One track mind, it’s a bit too painful for them to come out of their bubble..It may disrupt their bliss.

        • Zevon says:

          These “real Bermudians” are delusional. One track mind. It’s a bit too painful for them to come out of their bubble.

  34. airport_shenagians says:

    Everyone wants to be the referee, but unfortunately voters on both sides for the airport fence are blindsided.

    “When you have eliminated the impossible whatever remains however improbable must be the truth?”

    • Fairy life says:

      Just a side note, i found it ironic you’re quoting a fictional character made by a man who believed in fairies.

  35. mmm says:

    Mr Scott wore two hats, one as a politician speaking about the airport and in the same breath as an employee speaking to Government and various busin esses on behalf of his employer who is involved primarily in the airport travel industry. Yup, there is a conflict of interest. He should have absta ined from making any comment about the proposed airport development.

    • jt says:

      Or resigned his job or shadow position. Still, you’re assuming what’s being conjured up in the press conference is factual when nothing has been provided to support it.
      Read 32n62w above.

  36. no name says:

    some people just don’t know when to keep their mouth SHUT!

    • mixitup says:

      Oh really? Where do you think you are… in the 1950′s?

      • Tired of it all says:

        Ask Dr. Wakely af she was in the 1950′s when the PLP had her terminated for speaking out about the closing of the indigent clinic.

        I believe Ms. Laverne Furbert stated that she deserved it for speaking out against her employers.

        And then ask about the Canadian contractor that was kicked off the island for questioning a PLP MP regarding contracts.

        Or ask Kim Swan about how he was fired by the PLP while the head of the PLP.

      • aulP says:

        Or,….2016 where if you want to keep your job you dont upset your employer. Plenty of people looking for a job, and plenty of others waiting to take yours. He gave them a reason to look closely at his work and they reacted.

  37. Rhonnda Oliver says:

    Generally, when something like what is being alleged happens there is some benefit to those who’ve perpetrated the actions.

    So… I’m curious as to what benefit the government, Aecon and JetBlue would get from having Mr Scott removed from his job because I can’t think of a single one.

    And presuming Aecon did contact JetBlue regarding the behaviour of an employee, so what?

    No doubt Aecon has contacts with the company given their work on other airports so it would make sense that given Mr Scott’s perspective on the airport plans, and that it has the appearance of conflict of interest, someone would touch base to see if JetBlue knew what their employee was doing. This in turn could easily have caused the company to take a closer look at Mr Scott’s record and they found questionable behaviour they felt warranted dismissal.

    The best solution for Mr Scott is not to go into speculation while crying foul, but to file for wrongful dismissal and let the process run it’s course.

    It should be very simple, either he did, or didn’t, do something that warranted the dismissal. If he did, intentionally or not, it really doesn’t matter how JetBlue was nudged to look into things. If he didn’t, then he’ll be appropriately compensated and there would be grounds for investigation into the allegations made.

  38. mmm says:

    This current situation with Mr Scott being terminated, suggests to me that all politicians, need to review their employment status, and keep in mind what they can and can not say and do. Is there such a thing as freedom of speech? Is what said in the House a protected privilege ? This whole situa tion needs to be sorted out, before it goes to some crazy level that affect s us all. I recall a few leaders in recent months appearing in Court for making statements that allegedly defamed the character of politicians, one situation was a politician of one party against a politician of another party. Let the people,s business be done with integrity, with-out fear or favour. Many, many people,s welfare is depended in part on how the House does it,s business.

  39. Coffee says:

    JetBlue fired its founder for less , so what chance does Mr.Scott stand ? That aside , when we have a government and a foreign entity employing guerrilla techniques to get their own way , then a wake up call that goes unneeded will be the spearhead for much more angst for many more people in the future .

  40. BDAGIRL says:

    PLP should have advised him to go hire the best employment lawyer there is on the Island. Now he has gone public the next Employer will think twice about hiring him. And that’s the real world we live in.

    • jt says:

      I doubt he will follow through with a court case or ever had any intention to. As soon as he does Jet Blue can make public their facts. As it stands they can’t and the only ‘stuff’ available for consumption is the baseless claims made in this “press conference”. But these serve the party well and are reflective of the strategy used by the opposition starting after the last general election.

  41. wahoo says:

    Yes how come the plp are so quick to call press conferences? If Mr. Scott has a legitimate complaint he should be seeking legal advice. This is weird to say the least and it seems like the plp just latch on to anything that they can to paint themselves as victims of some intangible mean guy. Did they ever stop to think that perhaps JetBlue has grounds to dismiss Mr. Scott? Perhaps that does not matter when you are living in la-la land.

  42. the truth will set you free says:

    A revolution and self-determination as a people will fix this and owning our own businesses. They own the majority of businesses whether here or abroad,(through theft and slavery) and they make sure to keep us economically oppressed, by hiring foreigners and individuals that look like them, even though we are qualified. And most of you thought slavery was over. It never ended it evolved. This is why Malcolm X stated: Slavery ended on paper but not in practice. We need to continue to tell our children to obtain their education but most importantly to stand for truth, righteousness and justice. So they will not be mentally enslaved. We have lived by their rules for too long and it has been a detriment to us no matter where we are as a people.

  43. steve says:

    Wake up call… Jet Blue does not work for Mr Scott.Learn something and move on & If they are such a horrible employer than consider yourself fortunate you know longer work there.

  44. stunned... says:

    any way you look at this mess – it is sad.

    sad if if is true that Aecon used political influence to silence a person who is opposed to their objectives or

    sad if Mr. Scott was correctly terminated but that his party is trying to put inaccurate spin on events to cover up, obfuscate or mislead the people of Bermuda, in particular their followers.

  45. jt says:

    If the PLP return to power I wonder about the affect this has on their ability to effectively deal with not only Jet Blue but any airline.

  46. Triangle Drifter says:

    Hope Mr Scott is not seeking further employment in the aviation business. Word gets around fast.

  47. Bermyman says:

    According the the PLP, somehow the OBA is controlling Jetblue? Seriously! they have a handful of flights to BDA every week, we are not a priority by any means. On the other hand, anyone using their position in a company to offer free airline tickets to charities without proper approval is going to get themselves in hot water either way. JetBlue do not need to pander to this guy becasue he thought he was running the show and was a PLP member, bite the hand that feeds you and you get what you deserve! Simple!

  48. William F.G Bird says:

    I trust Mr. Scott will take this to the Human Rights Commission.

    • jt says:

      I hope he does. Hopefully he sues as well.

      • SUNFISH says:

        and jetblu will counter with legal fees inclusive you idiot!!

  49. karen says:


  50. UmJustSaying says:

    He was given good advice, and chose to look the other way.

  51. Coffee says:

    This is the New Bermuda that was voted for , so what chance does Mr.Scott stand ? That aside , when we have a government and a foreign entity employing guerrilla techniques to get their own way , then a wake up call that goes unneeded will be the spearhead for much more angst for many more people in the future .

  52. swing voter says:

    saddening. everyone knows Aceon had a chat with all of the airlines by now. everyone knows the wise move should have been to step down as shadow, everyone knows it was brainless of him to go public instead of go to a smart lawyer and settle out of court

  53. Deshaun says:

    Well if I worked at McDonalds and then told customers the food was crap I would not expect to keep a job there ……grow up

  54. Tom Cooke says:

    That hole you are digging… you should be smart enough to know, when to put the shovel down an just walk away…..

  55. SUNFISH says:

    With all this crime going on the PLP put all their focus on this bie getting fired!! How so very STUPID! Now this bie brings in daddy to help with his crying let alone the useless Burt! BO hoo bo hoo I got fired bo hoo help me help me!

    The CPLP!! (CHILDISHPLP) Mr. Scott grow a pair would you!!!

  56. Conflict says:

    This appears to be politicking in its purest form – the PLP should have advised Larry Scott to recuse himself from any debate / decision on the airport project given his clear cut CONFLICT OF INTEREST – or step down from the shadow position. What he has done instead is highlighted his lack of objectivity and self interest in opposing the project and scored an own goal – losing all credibility. Politicians must hold themselves to a higher ethical standard, especially in the light of the regular abuses in this exact area by the last PLP government. The facts and optics both matter…… face palm.

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