Meet Bermuda’s Youth America’s Cup Team

May 28, 2016

Giving readers the opportunity to familiarize themselves with Bermuda’s Red Bull Youth America’s Cup team, Bernews has published a series of profiles detailing each of the team’s members, and with the series now completed, you can take the opportunity to view them all.

The team is comprised of 15 young Bermudians who will form the crew, the back-up crew, and shore crew. Team BDA is being funded entirely by donations.

Team members include Connor Astwood, Mackenzie Cooper, Peter Dill, Preston Farrow, Na’eem Griffith, Philip Hagen, Kalin Hillier, Mustafa Ingham, Emily Nagel, Daniel Pell, Nicholas Pell, Owen Siese, Dimitri Stevens, Shomari Warner and Cecilia Wollmann.

Click on photo to read profile:

Team BDA Profile Mustafa Ingham

Team BDA Profile Danny Pell

Team BDA Profile Kalin Hillier

Team BDA Profile Ceci Wollman

Team BDA Profile Na'eem Griffith

Team BDA Profile Dimitri Stevens

Team BDA Profile Nicholas Pell

Team BDA Profile Philip Hagen

Team BDA Profile Mackenzie Cooper

Team BDA Profile Peter Dill

Team BDA Profile Owen Siese

Team BDA Profile Shomari Warner

Team BDA Profile Emily Nagel

Team BDA Profile Preston Farrow

Team BDA Profile Connor Astwood

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