Video: Bermuda Pilots On “Anthem Of The Seas”

May 2, 2016

A visit by the 1,141-foot Quantum Class Anthem of the Seas today [May 2] marked the largest cruise ship to ever visit Bermuda, with the vessel stopping in Dockyard carrying thousands of passengers.

Deputy Pilot Warden Mario Thompson and Senior Pilot Wendell Burchall guided the massive ship in, remarking on a “really good trip” when all was said and done.

Pilot Thompson said, “The Anthem of the Seas arrived offshore around 6.15am this morning. Myself and Pilot Burchall went out to receive the ship.”

“It was a good day to bring the ship in based on the conditions and we had a really good trip on the way up the channel – through the Narrows Channel, through the North Channel, and into the bay before we came alongside.”

Asked how the ship handled, Pilot Burchall said, “You have to stay a little further ahead of her; she’s a little bit slow to the wheel, but when she moves, she starts to move.

“It’s just a matter of time, we’ll just have to get used to her – every ship has its own spark.”


A Transport Ministry spokesperson previously said, “Accommodating the mega ship for a Dockyard berth – the vessel is 136 feet wide and 1,141 feet long with a draft of 28 feet – necessitated the arrival of specialized equipment for the recent dredging and widening of the North Channel between St. George’s and Dockyard.”

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  1. Raymond Ray says:

    Well done to everyone that assisted in bringing her along side…I can only pray and hope there is adequate transport available to her and the other ships passengers that are expected
    in Dockyard :-(

  2. Cedar stump says:

    Great job by our pilots. Great job by the OBA for the dredge work on the channel to accommodate her. Great job by Marine and Ports tug crews. There is hope for Bermuda.

  3. Outkasted says:

    Awesome job done well by Bermuda’s hardworking Civil Service!!!

    • justin says:

      Yup, men like that deserve a raise after not having one for a few years but unfortunately their employer has a lot of dead weight that they have to pay as well!

  4. Edwin says:

    Thanks to Dr. Ewart Brown for having that dock extended to accommodate that ship, otherwise we won’t have any ships at all.