Minister DeSilva To Greet Anthem Of The Seas

February 11, 2020

[Updated] Minister of Tourism and Transport Zane DeSilva will welcome the Anthem of the Seas as it arrives tomorrow morning [Feb 12], with the Minister saying that that in ”efforts to put to rest any lingering doubt or uncertainty around the safety of this ship, I will board and journey with all passengers and crew into Dockyard.”

The Government stated on Sunday [Feb 9] that the U.S. Center for Disease Control “confirmed that the results were negative for the novel coronavirus among four passengers who were tested and were aboard the Anthem of The Seas on a previous sailing.”

A Government spokesperson said, “Tomorrow morning, the Minister of Tourism and Transport Zane DeSilva will welcome the Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas’ arrival in Bermuda.

“Minister DeSilva will travel to the ship via pilot boat, where he will board and remain there for the journey into King’s Wharf, Dockyard.”

File photo of the Anthem of the Seas:

Anthem of Seas cruise ship in Bermuda 02 May 2016 (13)

Minister DeSilva said, “Recently there has been much speculation and misinformation surrounding the Anthem of the Seas arrival in Bermuda.

“In efforts to put to rest any lingering doubt or uncertainty around the safety of this ship, I will board and journey with all passengers and crew into Dockyard, and be the first to set foot in Bermuda.”

“They say actions speak louder than words, and so I hope that tomorrow my actions will be heard by all, and we will know that the ship, it’s crew, and passengers are safe, the government has taken the necessary precautions, and Bermuda has nothing to fear.”

Update Feb 12, 8.45am: The Minister boarded the pilot board earlier this morning [photos below] and the Anthem of the Seas has now arrived in Dockyard




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  1. Question says:

    Grandstanding. I would have preferred it if Dr had seemed better informed in her press conference. She didn’t inspire much confidence at all.

  2. puzzled says:

    So what.
    You want a freekin medal?

    What a load of virus.

  3. Trump supporter says:

    Will he be hank,or zaney..

  4. Lets Keep it Real says:

    If this was an OBA government, the opposition (PLP) would be up in arms and making all sorts of noise, the same way they done at the idea of a new airport terminal. Furthermore they would be joined by the BIU who would encourage their union members not tie up ship as well as their favorite clergy person, and the People’s Champaign.

  5. Eve says:

    The Anthem of the Seas was not scheduled the stop in Bermuda, Anthem was scheduled to depart New Jersey on the 7th. with stops in Florida and Bahamas before returning to New Jersey on the 15th. The Anthem departed Monday (10th.) and docking in Bermuda for day and a half before returning to New Jersey. Obviously Royal Caribbean and the Bermuda Government made a last minute deal to allow the ship to dock in Bermuda.
    Good PR move by Zane to score points with Royal Caribbean and back up the Government’s decision to allow the Anthem to dock. A number of passengers did not board the ship when the schedule was completely revised. Hopefully Zane managed too get some shore excursions in place so passengers can get out around the island and enjoy the great weather.

    • Melissa A Bernstein says:

      I was on this cruise. They did put together 2-3 excursions, but for my group they were a little pricey. One was a glass bottom boat trip around the Bermuda Triangle which sounded pretty cool.
      Before we set sail I was a little frustrated with the communication from RC but it was a fast-changing situation and I think they did their best. The revised itinerary and refunds/perks made it worthwhile for me to go, though some members of my group did not go. Out of a 5 day cruise we got 1.5 days in Bermuda, which was great, but the first and last days were too cold to even go out on the deck, so we really only had 3 warm days. All in all I’m glad I went.

  6. Onion_peels says:

    Well that’s going to blow his cover as an undercover detective.

  7. Alan says:

    That’ll surely blow his secret shopper cover from last time!!

  8. Truth says:

    What an idiot

  9. Insane in The Membrane says:

    What, no desire to be a mystery shopper on this ship?

  10. Onward says:

    What staged BS is this? “Actions speak louder than words”? Yo, are they really using a dirty ship to prove their loyalty to Bermudians? I’m so sick of the PLP and these politicians. I’m part of the problem because I visit for this joker.

  11. Don’t you dare…you are an embarrassment as is.

  12. Donderered says:

    Hanky panky going undercover again?

  13. Suspicious says:

    This is indeed the most ridiculous political stunt that defies any common sense associated with medical safety.

  14. Cathy says:


  15. trufth says:

    He’ll do anything for a free cruise.

  16. ROGER LAMBERT says:

    The controversy of this cruise ship coming here I bet has been met by the Cruise Owners, Bda Govt & its related departments, the passengers, the workers on it with 1000% effort to keep all safe. The ship is probably the safest its been in umpteen years! There are more cruise ships coming here from now through the summer.
    The stopping & controlling of thhe Corona virus is paramount. If it is not controlled or stopped, some are going to protest that Cruise Ships & Container Ships be shut out from coming here too!!!!

  17. Boston Whaler Owner says:

    “Joker of the Seas”