Video: Hamilton Princess Unveils New Sculpture

May 5, 2016

The Hamilton Princess & Beach Club today [May 5] announces the installation of a new sculpture on public display by contemporary artist KAWS titled “At This Time”.

The sculpture features the artist’s signature Companion figure with his head leaning back and both hands covering his eyes. Made of wood, the artwork is more than six metres tall. A balloon-version of Companion floated over New York City in a past Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.

KAWS Bermuda May 5 2016

At This Time can be viewed on public display outside of Marcus’. The sculpture was installed by builders from the Netherlands.

“We would like to thank our owners, the Green Family, for adding this spectacular piece of contemporary art to the hotel collection,” said Allan Federer, General Manager, Hamilton Princess & Beach Club.

“Whether you come by on a Friday for Marina Nights or for dinner at our newly-opened 1609 Bar & Restaurant, we encourage the community to check out this amazing sculpture, as it is truly one of a kind!”

Time lapse video of the sculpture being installed:

Born Brian Donnelly, KAWS is a New York-based artist who began his career as a graffiti artist. Outside New York, he has created works in Paris, London, Berlin and Tokyo.

Later, KAWS became a successful designer of limited-edition vinyl toys and clothing as well as a well-regarded acrylic artist and sculptor.  He is known for his altered versions of popular characters such as Mickey Mouse, the Michelin Man and the Smurfs.

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  1. serengeti says:

    Is it just me, or does it look a little like Mickey Mouse?

    • Bermiegee says:

      You noticed that too. smh

    • Hope says:

      Last sentence of the article explains more on that front, “Later, KAWS became a successful designer of limited-edition vinyl toys and clothing as well as a well-regarded acrylic artist and sculptor. He is known for his altered versions of popular characters such as Mickey Mouse, the Michelin Man and the Smurfs.”

  2. JOHNBOY says:

    Is that Mickey’s cousin?

  3. Tough Love says:

    Why is he covering his eyes?

    • bee says:

      he doesn’t like the look of it either! people pay money for this stuff? SMDH!

    • Roger says:

      Two more are coming hear no evil and speak no evil.

  4. Pepe says:

    Looks like tokidoki mixed with Disney.

  5. WOW says:

    This will get very interesting if Disney World issues a COPYRIGHT AND TRADEMARK NOTICES.

    Remember this guy he wore a mouse head that was similar to Mickey but not Mickey, well he lost his case.

    Deadmau5 — aka Joel Zimmerman — unleashed fury upon The Walt Disney Company in early September for opposing his attempt to register a trademark of the signature mouse head he wears while performing. On Twitter, the DJ told his 3 million followers how “stupid” it was that anyone could confuse him with a cartoon. What he left unsaid: that the dispute has cost him dearly.

    • BermyKidd says:

      It won’t. This character is a reworked Mickey Mouse as a skeleton. Disney has worked with KAWS! Know the facts before you run your mouth!

  6. New Bermudian says:

    OMG, WTF is that?? Does someone want to tell the emperor he’s naked?? I can’t believe trees died for this piece of you-know-what.

  7. LOL says:

    That looks like a chocolate Mickey Mouse …covering his eyes!

  8. Trollsbane says:

    The calibre and scope of modern/pop art installations throughout HP&BC is simply amazing… and new pieces seem to show up all the time. Along with the massive facilities upgrades still ongoing, the installations breathe fresh, modern air into the old “Pink Palace”.

    They certainly get their fair share of well deserved accolades, but here’s yet another to the Green family for showcasing these fantastic works.

  9. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    To be honest I get the artist with the design, just DO NOT for the life of me understands how it fits into Hamilton Princess or the deeper meaning behind it. Surely a world class hotel would pick a better piece or a more REPRESENTATIVE piece even about Bermuda, etc. This just looks like **** IMO!


  10. Ronnie Viera says:

    Well, one objective of art is to prompt discussion and debate. They have been successful. I guarantee you that many people will have pictures taken in front of it…just because it is unique.

  11. watchfuleyes says:

    Makes no sense to me.. big chocolate Micky Mouse …why?

  12. Cedar stump says:

    Bargain at over $2,000,000….

  13. Dreamcatcher says:

    Why? WHY? It’s out of place and just weird……

  14. Brandon says:

    That’s just the beginning see what’s coming next it’s just something people do and see what happens next I’m very sure they could’ve put something electronic there that ” That ” people in BDA couldn’t care less about it .. not to worry there’s something behind this they wouldn’t put things like that at Princess uless it’s related to something else ” Stay tuned “