WEDCo Contracts Deloitte For AC Village Ideas

May 19, 2016

Deloitte has been contracted by the West End Development Corporation [WEDCo] to have oversight of ideas for the future use of the America’s Cup village.

The appointment of Deloitte was unveiled by WEDCo’s General Manager, Andrew Dias, at a public meeting earlier this week in Hamilton, held to encourage feedback over Cross Island.

Aerial footage of the infill at Cross Island early in the construction phase

It was the second public meeting and only five members of the public attended, leading Mr Dias to say, “We would have liked to have seen a larger participation, yes.”

On the appointment of Deloitte, Mr Dias said, “It is important that we have a partner who is impartial and who can help guide the process up to the point where we put out an RFP for the preferred use.

“We did not want it to look like it was just WEDCo that was driving the process and compiling all the information. It will be Deloitte, which has a long history of project management and development.”

Mr Dias said WEDCo was currently looking for ideas which would be measured against a matrix designed to help show a project’s suitability.

A spokesperson said, “Once the consultation process is over and all the ideas have been submitted and a preferred use settled on, an RFP will be issued. The deadline for submissions is July 31.

“The original plan for the use of Cross Island after next year’s America’s Cup had to be reconsidered due to the Minister’s decision to overturn the approved use. Uses included a marine college, the relocation of Marine and Ports, the relocation of West End Yachts Ltd and a yacht marina.

“WEDCo decided the wipe the slate clean and opted to seek feedback on future uses. It also set up a sub-committee, made up of one WEDCo staff member, three Deloitte employees, three WEDCo board members and a Bermuda Tourism Authority representative, to examine submissions.

Mr Dias said, “If the America’s Cup decided to return to Bermuda and picked Royal Naval Dockyard to host the event Village, then everything changes again. But we are not rushing this process, it has to be done carefully and properly.”

“People can contact the sub-committee by email on to propose ideas or to ask for any further information.

“WEDCo, which is investing millions of dollars into other projects at The Royal Naval Dockyard this year, is also spending $39m on the creation of the nine-acre area and the debt has to be serviced so any new development will have to generate considerable revenue.”

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  1. joe says:

    There was a great TED/BUEI video on vertical marine farming which would probably do very well right off the sides of the pier. Continuing on this theme… a multi-use design would be an efficient way to go.

    See video:

  2. hmmmm says:

    “five members of the public attended”

    What does that tell you? People want to see the finished product before moving forward with any ideas. jessssom bie. When the village is finished allow people to submit ideas.

    “Uses included a marine college, the relocation of Marine and Ports, the relocation of West End Yachts Ltd and a yacht marina”

    Now wouldn’t the AC village fall into the sea similar to Grand Atlantic’s condominiums.

  3. George says:

    Here’s a few ideas if you are not getting the anticipated numbers showing up to your public consultation meetings.Create a website, use social media to share the presentations, ideas, submissions if you haven’t done so already. The lack of physical participation doesn’t mean people are not interested or willing to make submissions. A lot of people, especially younger generations use these forms of communication much more often than face to face meetings. Deloitte should be up to speed with more modern public consultation methods.

  4. BURN says:

    By de looks of dat der video the answer is clur. Motorcross track! bawwwwttttt bawt bawt bawt bawwwttttttttt

    • Full Fuulish says:


    • Terry says:

      After the AC just fill in the whole bay with garbage.
      At this rate it will make and easy access dump.

  5. Bridge Keeper says:

    Hey Andrew Dias,

    Could you please get someone to paint the railings on Watford Bridge.

    I cant understand how you drive over that bridge everyday and do nothing about cleaning it up.

    It would be a step in the right direction before the Americas Cup.