Photos: BHW Parade of Bands To Get Underway

June 18, 2016

The 2016 Bermuda Heroes Weekend got underway with ‘Five Star Friday’ event last night [June 17] at the National Sports Centre, continued with the J’Ouvert celebration held in the early hours of this morning, and is set to continue with the Parade of Bands in St David’s this afternoon.

The Parade of Bands event was slated to start at 2.00pm, however as of this writing [3pm] has not started, due to what we understand to be a collision on the Causeway.

While we wait for the event to get underway a few photos of some of the participants are below; we will have significantly more coverage later on, and in the meantime you can view all our coverage of the Bermuda Heroes Weekend here.

Bermuda BHW Carnival June 2016 (1)

Bermuda BHW Carnival June 2016 (3)

Bermuda BHW Carnival June 2016 (5)

Bermuda BHW Carnival June 2016 (7)

Bermuda BHW Carnival June 2016 (9)

Bermuda BHW Carnival June 2016 (12)

Bermuda BHW Carnival June 2016 (17)

Bermuda BHW Carnival June 2016 (20)

Bermuda BHW Carnival June 2016 (22)

Bermuda BHW Carnival June 2016 (24)

Bermuda BHW Carnival June 2016 (25)

Bermuda BHW Carnival June 2016 (28)

Bermuda BHW Carnival June 2016 (29)

Bermuda BHW Carnival June 2016 (30)

Bermuda BHW Carnival June 2016 (33)

Bermuda BHW Carnival June 2016 (26)

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  1. Onion Juice says:


    • Um got to much brains says:

      We get it , you are a troll just out for a reaction , no reparations for you !

      • OBSERVER says:

        NO, he is not. He is entitled to his opinion. I agree……YAWN!!!!!!

        • Trolling says:

          Lol the troll made a second account to support their “yawn” Hahaha go away troll

  2. Double Seven Single Niner says:

    This weekend is great. It is like I’ve died and gone to sweet ebony princess heaven! I’m going to have to borrow Commodore JB’s yacht to take some of these sweet ebony princess on a “tour”.

  3. Good Vibrations says:

    Onion Juice, nothing makes you happy we get it. You have no life outside of politics so you make sure you are the first to respond negatively to every story as soon as it is published just to get people to react to you.

    Poor you! You should step outside and see a parade, other than the BIU Labour Day one. We live in a beautiful country with beautiful, loving residents and guests. You missed a lot of fun and good music, because of your own selfish reasons. Oh well. Your loss, Bermuda’s gain! We didn’t miss you one bit.For only the second year of having it, I can’t believe how much it has grown already. Like every event there are growing pains and learning curves. I trust the organizers, police and others involved in this will review the good, bad and the ugly and make suggestions and changes. Not that you are asking for suggestions right now but maybe shortening the distance a bit might help keep the bands closer, keep the people from getting as tired and dancing a little longer.

    Bernews thanks for explaining why it started late. We thought it was perhaps because they were delayed setting up after all the rain earlier in the day.

  4. Man what says:

    Cheers for all the trash you guys left along the roads. Much appreciated.

  5. Beast Mode says:

    Bermuda hero’s weekend is awsome only going to get better every Year!!@!

  6. Islander says:

    Thank you organisers for considering us for this exciting event. The route was and is the best venue on the Island, larger events have hiccups and were expected, yet patience and anticipation won. Next year, vendors along the route, tons of trash barrels along the route, open the former softball diamond for children to play while waiting for parade to start, port a potties along the route. Pizza House was popping at the door keeping pizza lovers happy. Thank you Bermuda for visiting St. David’s and hope everyone enjoyed our beauty and versatility – we have it all. To Officers Terry Paynter and Damon Hollis, thank you for your services and friendliness which added to the atmosphere and to SAS Security and all involved with this weekend.. God Bless Bermuda!

  7. Double M Quad Deuces says:

    Events such as this are tests that make me question my faith in the Lord. The old me would have been tempted to indulge in such activities. Since I gave my life to the Lord I am an inspiration to my colleagues. I pray daily that my friends will find the Lord as I have. Even though many of them are married , as I soon will be, temptation is all around. We must be strong or we will end up like Moses when he got kicked out of the Garden of Eden.

    • PSJ says:

      @ Double M Quad Deuces correction it was Adem who got kicked out of the garden of Eden not Moses.

      • M says:

        the point was get your life right with god… or something like that… cause you know… hell or rather…

  8. Unbelievable says:

    The parade looked like a lot of fun for participants. Colorful costumes. A new event with more to come. I would only add the Southside venue was perfect for spectators and parking. The parade timing could improve. Trash after was horrendous and certainly should have had persons employed to pick up during and after event. More refreshment stands along route was have been great.

  9. Maxwell says:

    This definitely is not my cup of tea. You all haven’t seen a party until you’ve been to Songkran in Pattaya. Nothing like a bunch of soaking wet Thais! Although I have to be careful not to find one with same equipment as me. Not a very good surprise when you find one like that.

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