Bermuda Carnival Team “Grateful” For Support

July 11, 2019

The Bermuda Carnival team says that it is “grateful to everyone who took part in their events.”

A spokesperson said, “According to our visitors, there is Carnival, which is always a good time; and then there is Bermuda’s Carnival, which for them was a master-class in premium customer service and sensational events all served up in stunningly scenic surroundings.

“The feedback received by our team has been profoundly positive. And honestly the only emotion that can compare to the joy we feel at successfully executing our five-year celebration is our overwhelming gratitude toward each and every one of you. You made 2019’s Bermuda Carnival the very best yet.”

Slideshow from this year’s Raft Up Event


“With that in mind, there are a few people and companies whose support and help were absolutely vital to our team accomplishing this monumental goal. We ask that you grant us this space and time to express our deepest appreciation to them.

“The fastest growing Carnival in the world would not have been possible without the kind help and attentive assistance magnanimously given by our Premier David Burt, the Honorable Zane DeSilva, and the Government of Bermuda.

“Agencies such as the Bermuda Police Service, the Bermuda Hospitals Board, the Liquor License Authority, the Department of Immigration, the Parks Department, the Department of Planning, the Department of Health, St. John Ambulance team, the three bands [Party People Entertainment, Code Red Bermuda, and Nova Mas International] and of course our food vendors and the Bermuda Carnival Committee and volunteers all showed their commitment towards this expanding festival.

“It has confirmed for us just how much they have prioritized emerging events in Bermuda. Thank you very much and we look forward to doing even bigger and better work in the future with you.

“To Colonial Insurance, the Bermuda Tourism Authority, and of course The City of Hamilton, as well as the residents and business owners within the City, we will never be able to thoroughly express our gratitude to you all. Collectively, you heard our ideas and stepped up beyond our imaginations to aid us in bringing them to fruition. We are eternally grateful.”

Slideshow from this year’s Isle Of Devils J’Ouvert


“Our dear friends at Burrows Lightbourn, People’s Pharmacy, Bermuda Pie Co., Bluewave, WEDCO, and James Water Service, your companies perfectly demonstrated the wondrous heights to be achieved, when corporate sponsors work with local groups for the greater good. You all have our heartfelt thanks.

“Additionally, the Bermuda Carnival team worked hand in hand with Urban Cottage, Gear & Gadget, Bermunitees, and The Beam Team, to provide patrons with incredible sights and an assortment of fun goodies, which we are assured are occupying treasured spots in households across the globe.

“Thank you all for believing in our vision and for enthusiastically joining us in making this an unforgettable season.

“The team would like to also especially highlight the work of the Guardians of the Reef. You guys came out and ensured we left the Bermuda shoreline as pristine and beautiful as ever after Raft Up.

“Your genuine respect and love for nature reinforced our motivation to be certain that after the fun was over at all our events, we left the premises spotless. We hope you know that what you do does not go unnoticed, and generations of Bermudians thank you.”

Slideshow from this year’s Parade Of Bands


“We would be derelict in our duties in this post if we did not take time out to acknowledge, as well as offer up sincere gratitude to, our patrons. Boy, did you all make this festival fun. Your enjoyment fueled our energy levels and kept the party going from daylight, to moonlight, and back to daylight again.

“We hope you keep coming back and we promise you even more entertainment in the years to come.

“Last and most certainly not least, on behalf of everyone on the Bermuda Carnival team, thank you, Bermuda. You embraced Bermuda Carnival, made it your own, and now the whole world cannot wait to join in the party and celebrate with you in 2020 and beyond. We could not do this without you.

“Thank you all once again, and we look forward to sharing more incredible experiences with you soon. Look out for the Bermuda Carnival Launch Weekend 2020 from January 17 to January 19.”

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