20 Minute Video: Bermuda On “NBC 1st Look”

June 26, 2016

“It is a secluded island surrounded by mystique and adventure” which is “revered for its stunning landscapes and warmth of its people, and an energy that radiates brighter than the sun itself.”

That was the lead-in for the Bermuda Tourism Authority’s recent promotional partnership which saw the island featured on NBC’s “1st Look” programme, which was aired on June 25th on NBC stations in New York City, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Miami – cities with direct air service to Bermuda.

The BTA said that portions of the 1st Look show will air as promotional spots during other NBC programmes including the Today Show, Tonight Show and Open House. Content will also appear in taxi cabs in the same cities, on the NYC/NJ Path Transit System and online.

The show’s host received a comprehensive tour of the island, and various locals are featured in the video including Paul Fox, Nhuri Bashir, Nicole Golden, Gavin Smith, Jason Sukdeo, Kristin White, Aaron Williams and more.

20-minute video of the 1st Look Bermuda programme:

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  1. Mary Lou (Miller) Jackson says:

    I just love this video. Being born and raised in Bermuda I will always call it home

  2. Ladeej says:

    What an awesome presentation! The featured locals represented themselves and our beloved Island very well. If I wasn’t from here I would want to book a ticket and visit right away after seeing the video. Loved it!!

  3. Terry says:

    Wish I could afford that.


  4. Terry says:

    Love the part about he Unfinished Church.

  5. justin says:

    BTA – stroke of genius from Shawn Crockwell and the OBA, and money well spent!

  6. ProudBermudian says:

    Say what you like about the BTA but you can’t deny the amount of amazing press coverage we’ve had on the world stage since it’s been looking after our tourism product. So proud to be Bermudian !

  7. mixitup says:

    Finally! An Authentic Bermudian story, this is what’s needed, not that stuffy, nose up in the air publicity from the past.. This is the way to capture ppl.. Well done BTA

  8. Eve says:

    It is an authentic Bermudian story but in the listed market NBC stations the story was only carried on Sunday morning between 1:00 AM and 3:30 AM. How many people are watching travel, food & lifestyle programs at this time on Sunday morning? Couldn’t BTA get Boston included it has direct flights too?

  9. Bermudian living in Connecticut says:

    I rarely watch NBC, but last night I was watching the US Olympic trials on WNBC and therefore the TV was left on that station. After the late news programming, I heard a distinctly Bermudian accent and had to do a double take. I immediately hit record on my DVR and stayed up to watch it. It was nice to see Bermuda being featured on TV. Made me homesick.
    I agree that a better time slot would be nice, but late night is the normal time slot for the TV show “1st look”. In order to get a better slot, BTA would probably have to get a show on a cable network like the travel channel to do an episode featuring Bermuda.