Video: Ministers Launch ‘Bermuda Breeze’

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Ministers Wayne Furbert and Owen Darrell announced the launch of the Bermuda Breeze initiative, a “collaborative effort that will bring new life, new energy, and new opportunities to the Old Towne.”

Minister of Transport Wayne Furbert said, “Today is a great day for St. George’s, for Bermuda, and for all of us who love this beautiful island. Today, we celebrate the launch of the Bermuda Breeze initiative, a collaborative effort that will bring new life, new energy, and new opportunities to the Old Towne.

“Do you remember last July, when we held a press conference to announce enhanced ferry service to St. George’s? That was the result of the hard work and vision of the Ministry of Transport, the Corporation of St. George’s, the St. George’s community, Members of Parliament, the Hon. Renee Ming, and the Hon. Kim Swan. We saw the potential of connecting the East End with the West End and the City of Hamilton, and we made it happen.

“The enhanced schedule was designed to bring seniors, residents, hotel and vacation home renters into the Old Towne from Hamilton via Dockyard without having to change ferries. In addition, it provides the opportunity for guests in the East End to travel to Dockyard and Hamilton and return via bus or taxi to St. George.

“But we didn’t stop there. We knew that ferry service alone was not enough. We knew that we had to create a vibrant and attractive destination for visitors and locals alike. We knew that we had to support our small businesses, our artisans, our heritage, and our culture. We knew that we had to make St. George’s shine.

“And that’s why the Ministry of Transport made a commitment last year to ensure that St. George’s businesses could fully benefit from the enhanced ferry service.

“And that’s why today, ten months later, we are thrilled and excited to announce our collaboration once again with our partner organisations—the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce, the Corporation of St. George’s, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Tourism, and the Bermuda Tourism Authority—on the exciting Bermuda Breeze initiative.

“The St. George’s Project, now known as Bermuda Breeze, is a Chamber of Commerce-run initiative that will occur seven days a week, including public holidays. Activities are scheduled to start at 9:30 am, just before the arrival of the Orange Route ferry from Dockyard.

“This initiative aims to invigorate the Town of St. George, and stimulate the local economy by supporting small businesses, providing activities and unique shopping options for visitors.

“But what does that mean for you? What can you expect from Bermuda Breeze?

  • You can expect to see live entertainment, street performers, and cultural demonstrations throughout the town.
  • You can expect to find a variety of vendors, artisans, and craftspeople selling their products and services at the St. George’s Market.
  • You can expect to enjoy delicious food and drinks from local restaurants, cafes, and bars.
  • You can expect to explore the rich history and heritage of St. George’s, with guided tours, museums, and monuments.
  • You can expect to have fun, relax, and make memories with your friends and family.

“But most of all, you can expect to feel the spirit of St. George’s, the spirit of Bermuda, the spirit of Bermuda Breeze.

“My friends, this is a historic moment for our island. This is a moment to celebrate our achievements, to appreciate our diversity, and to embrace our future. This is a moment to inspire and be inspired.

“So, I ask you, are you ready to join us on this journey? Are you ready to experience the Bermuda Breeze? Are you ready to make St. George’s the best it can be?

“We are thrilled to support the Bermuda Breeze initiative, which creates a vibrant and memorable experience for visitors who travel by ferry to explore the historic town. With over 179 cruise calls scheduled for this year, the Department has gone above and beyond to ensure a smooth and reliable ferry service for both visitors and residents.

“The Ministry of Transport is dedicated to enhancing the island’s transportation infrastructure, meeting the changing needs of our residents and visitors.

“The ferry services run by the Department of Marine and Ports Services offer a convenient, efficient, and scenic mode of transportation across the island, a commitment we are proud to uphold. Thank you.”

Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sports Owen Darrell said, “Today we are celebrating the launch of a new premier initiative, Bermuda Breeze. I am pleased to be here with our partners, the Ministry of Transport, the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce, the Corporation of St. George’s, the Bermuda Tourism Authority, and all of you who have made this new project possible.

“On behalf of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Sport, I am honoured to sponsor this inventive project, which will see 179 days of heightened activity in St. George. I view this as 179 extra opportunities to showcase Bermuda‘s warm hospitality to our visitors while simultaneously creating significant additional revenue for our local entrepreneurs. It is a win-win scenario to help revitalize St. George and achieve a great milestone.

“As you may know, the vendor market will be held seven days a week and on Public Holidays in St. George. I am particularly pleased about the investment by the BTA into the Corporation of St. George to support a must-see experience for visitors that brings Bermuda’s history to life – the Town Crier and the Historical Ducking Stool reenactment. With all the activities, we can expect more foot traffic in the museums and visitor information services at Hunter’s Wharf.

“The Government will continue to develop St. George’s, Bermuda’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site, and we will protect and celebrate its cultural and historical heritage. Water Street and King’s Square are prime locations for vendors and live entertainers at Bermuda Breeze to draw visitors to the surrounding restaurants in support of local businesses. It is important to make a lasting impression on cruise ship visitors who spend time here.

“The Wayfinding App allows visitors to explore St. George at their own pace and it is part of the Bermuda Tourism Authority’s mission to offer a range of visitor experiences to cater to many types of travelers to Bermuda’s shores.

“It is promising to see the development in the tourism space invigorate hotel guest experiences. Bermuda Breeze is a testament to the progress we can make when working with our industry partners. We are excited about this new initiative and wish everyone involved great success.

“Thank you.”

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