Two Men Injured In Shooting At Gombeys

July 4, 2016

[Updating] At around 11.45pm there was a shooting at Gombey’s in St David’s, with the suspect entering the premises. One victim was taken to hospital by ambulance, and the police subsequently confirmed that a second man was also injured in the incident, and was transported to hospital by a private vehicle.


The police are currently on scene at Gombeys Restaurant at Clearwater Beach and unofficial reports suggest there may have been a shooting in the area, with someone having been injured. Further details are limited at this time, however we will update as able.

Shooting At Gombeys Bermuda July 4 2016 1

Update 12.39am: Police confirm that a man was injured in a shooting.

Update 12.43pm: Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines said that “a lone male gained entry into the premises and discharged his firearm, connecting with a male. That male was shot about the body. He was taken to the hospital where his condition, at this point in time, is unknown.”

Update 12.49am: Audio statement from Mr Caines:

Update 12.54am: A police statement said, “At 11:40pm on Sunday night police and first responders attended a report of an incident that took place at Gombey’s in St David’s.

“Upon police arrival it was ascertained that a male walked into Gombey’s brandished a firearm and shot a male and immediately made good his escape on a motorcycle.

“The victim was conveyed via ambulance to the hospital and his condition at this time is unknown. An investigation into this incident is now underway and police are appealing for any witnesses to contact 295-0011 or the confidential Crimestoppers hotline on 800-8477.”

Shooting At Gombeys Bermuda July 4 2016 2

Update 1.10am: Mr Caines has just added that “Information coming in indicate another male has been shot [in the same incident] in the lower abdomen and was taken by private vehicle to hospital where he is being treated for his injuries.”

It appears the first victim was taken to hospital by ambulance, while the second was taken by private vehicle.

Update July 4, 12.22pm: A police spokesperson said, “The two men who were involved in the shooting that took place last night at Gombey’s in St. David’s are both in stable condition in the hospital.

“Police are interested in speaking with anyone who may have any information that may assist police in this investigation to please make contact Sgt. Dean Martin on 295-0011 or the confidential crime stoppers hotline on 800 8477.”

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  1. flocka says:

    You kno what gets my goat about these shootings especially the killings beyond the fact that it’s the actions of a coward!!! Is that they should be charged with premeditated murder!!! Bring back the death penalty! ! And put operation radication to work !!!I’m tired of these punks ruining my island!!!

    • enough says:

      And add IG your caught with a gun and it has any bodies you will be charged with the murder!!!!

      • Hot Take says:

        Gotta Hear Both Sides! the individual may very well have taken a picture with a gun while they’re overseas and uploaded the picture to ig. Also, it is very hard to look at a picture of a gun via ig and see if it is connected to shootings in Bermuda

    • Gcode4lyfe says:

      Until it happens to your family member than would you seek revenge if the police don’t do their job?

      • hmmm says:

        Turn the other cheek.

        What you give is what you get.

        Treat others as you wish to be treated.

        Lowering yourself to their level makes you as wrong as them.

      • Let there be hope says:

        Where will end…Just keep shooting each other. Revenge solves nothing.

  2. Jokah says:

    Flocka: would be the first person complainin about harsh penalties if it was his brother goin up for Life or the Death Penalty.
    Check whos running things before you hype up at their ponds on the street.
    “Punks” and sellouts to badmind will always be there to be taken advantage of by corruption.

    • Its me again says:

      Real talk

    • flocka says:

      No I wouldn’t and I have cousins up there now doin life for guess what killing their cousins

      • Its me again says:

        So you want your cousins to die?

  3. Dread says:

    I hate this island!

    • Sandra C says:

      @Dread, why hate the island????

      It’s not the island doing the shootings. Your comment is disturbing. It’s “SOME” people thus far doing these shooting and by reading the news reports (past and present) its “SOME Man” doing these shootings as I haven’t read any “Woman” being responsible for such a crime (unless it’s not reported). It’s amazing how “SOME” people like to “Over Generalized” these type of reports. It’s quite sad, really.

    • just me says:

      Then leave twit. The island is a mini paradise and it has nothing to do with the crimes. It’s the select few who are ruining our beauty and going to put us all further into debt as soon, tourists will simply not come – not even on a ship. So think before you speak twit.

    • Pure Madness!!!!!! says:

      So LEAVE… I doubt that anyone is keeping you hostage.. Or is it that you can’t leave because your unable to travel…. Hmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!

    • Onion Juice says:

      Well leave, its nothing wrong with de island, its just a few a$$e$ that spoil it.
      But I guarantee that WHEN you leave and where ever you go it will be worst.

      • Dread says:

        That’s why I hate it, cause of a**holes like you lot!

        • Dread says:

          The other comment was only made to wined you stupid bermudians up! Now I’m gonna sit back and enjoy reading your stupid reply’s!

        • Cisco says:

          Dread.. you can’t let anyone chase you out of your Island..
          If it is yours, and if it is not, then you leave.. umjustsayn..

    • Cris m says:

      Nothing wrong with the island,just the people living on it..Island has been here for thousand years at least..

    • Cris m says:

      Nothing wrong with the island,just the people living on it..

    • Its me again says:


  4. Hummmmm wtf says:

    I think it’s time that all police officers should be trained & armed.

  5. James Rego says:

    I hope Marlon, Roy and the rest of the staff are okay, they are very nice people, we have always enjoyed a Sunday afternoon meal with drinks at Gombey’s.

  6. Make a new plan Stan says:

    Places where I have partied:

    St. George’s Sec. Gym
    Fort William
    King’s Port/Chick’s
    White Horse
    Black Beard’s
    St. George’s Cricket Club
    St. David’s Cricket Club
    Bailey’s Bay Cricket Club
    Crawl Club
    Clay House
    Devonshire Rec
    That little room that Devonshire Colts used to run up Prospect
    Police Club
    Spinning Wheel
    Swinging Doors
    Admiralty House
    Dandy Town
    Warwick Workmans’
    The Bowling Alley
    Flavors (not the original I’m younger than that)
    White Hill Club
    Somerset Cricket Club
    Prison Officers

    I even went to the clash in St. Paul’s Centennial Hall!!

    Not to mention one epic house party in Warwick and few more….

    I’m writing that list to say I have a little one now and I want her to live in a place where she can go anywhere on this little island like I did and party like I DID without having to worry about her safety………they way I didn’t have to worry about MY safety. I don’t know if that can happen but this so ridiculous because this is such a small place.

    It’s like people are making the littlest issues the biggest deal which is normal for younger people……the problem is they’re armed. So someting simple becomes extreme……they are living out their gangster fantasies at our expense and risking our safety and the safety of innocent people who just want to have fun.

    I wish I had money cause I would hire a squad…..find these fools and send them to a REAL war zone…..then I would send the younger ones away to see some real poverty and strife so that they can compare Bermuda to almost ANYwhere else and see this is almost paradise compared to how so many others are living on this planet.

    I’m so heated and there’s more I’d like to say but……..I’ve got to get the little one up and ready for camp and then I’m going to work……that’s real life!

    • Dark Star says:

      That is an impressive list of bar’s/venues!!! Talk about them good old days!

    • Ann says:

      How can anyone be do do enough to dislike what Stan said!!!!!???????

    • Hot Take says:

      no one asked where your hangout locations were back in the day

    • Real Deal says:

      Must have some good age on you if you got clay house.
      I think I will be stealing this list for reuse.

  7. Its me again says:


    So we kill people to teach people that killing people is wrong?

    Has anyone stopped to think and thought that maybe this gun thing is a product of a larger issue? That we can fix this with time, effort and a little bit of money?

    Studies have proven the death penalty to not be a deterrent what so ever.

    What about the actual logistical nightmare of actually implementing the death penalty? You do know that it is outlawed in every British territory? If youre ready to go independent just so you can kill someone who may be innocent than you need to start your campaign soon.

    Also. The countries that practice the death penalty are literally the worst countries for human rights.

    • clearasmud says:

      I agree that something has to be done. It seems as if the price that people are haying to pay for their crimes is not high enough to stop this behavior so things are not getting any better. Certainly it is time to reconsider the penalties. There is no valid good reason for anyone to be in possession of a gun.

    • flocka says:

      So tell me this the deceased family has to go without their family member while taxpayers pay over 80,000 dollars to house the killers for thirty yrs and they get to see their family and as far as people doing time for crimes they didn’t commit don’t u think if their was a death penalty that they would plead guilty to such crimes jus to keep the real killer on the loose

      • Its me again says:


        You must come from stupid land.

        Everyone in westgate for a firearm commited murder has plead not guilty and fought it. There is no one pleading guilty “just to keep the real killer on the loose”.

        Stop watching t.v because your view is so far off of reality im starting to think youre a 10 year old typing this nonesense.

        Like I said before.

        STUDIES SHOW that the death penalty is no deterrent.

        STUDIES SHOW that many people on death row are innocent and many others have executed only to be found not guilty after their deaths.

        FACT: To execute someone cost millions of dollars. An executioner alone would charge a few hundred thousand. The appeals process would cost a few million. Housing them in Maximum security would cost 80 something thousand a year.

        Do some research then come correct or stop spewing your ignorance

        • flocka says:

          Poppa um bin Westgate and I kno the truth of a few things u don’t and there is guys up der taking the charge and really if yu kill a man u should be hung electricuted or put in front of a firing squad I care not for a killer especially a cowardice killer at that so sneaking up on a man and shooting an unarmed man is justifiable in your stupid land ??? Not mines poppa

          • Its me again says:


            So we kill people to show people that killing people is bad.

            And we do this because of your morality?

  8. New onion says:

    You cant even go anywhere in bermuda without thinking what if.. shame the old Bermuda we all once knew is long gone. Shame really.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Well leave, its nothing wrong with de island, its just a few a$$e$ that spoil it.
      But I guarantee that WHEN you leave and where ever you go it will be worst.

  9. wahoo says:

    Trashy people doing trashy things. Me thinks we need to take out the trash!

  10. Ann says:

    Is it not time to bring in some sort of task force and deal with this? To many relations on this Island and people don’t or won’t talk. An outside task force I’m sure could deal with this quickly, it’s out of hand and the GOOD people of Bermuda are getting sick of it!

    • Onion Juice says:

      Um, did Dr.Brown mention something about bringing in a S.W.A.T. Team or something like that and U.B.P.said its not that serious or something like that?

  11. UK help us says:

    My friend explain to me that some men don’t care about their actions, because West Gate Prison is better then some guest houses in Bermuda. It’s time to ship the ones who perform crimes of this nature to prisons in the Caribbean. A hard core prison will teach them more about respect and be cheaper for the tax payer.

    • AD says:

      Great idea, but they might make contacts in the Caribbean that could extend a criminal network. Also its less about respect and more about fear. I was thinking that a portion of any gun related prison sentence (even being caught in possession) should be spent in a federal penitentiary in Alaska, with the final two years being spent at Westgate where family and community support can be applied to help reintegrate the individual. Definitely would be cheaper for the tax payer.

  12. @flocka says:

    IF YOU KILL A KILLER YOUR A KILLER ALSO…So is that really the solution? To kill another black male? @flocka… An eye for an eye leaves us all blind… Just a thought…

    • flocka says:

      The wages of sin is death !!!! So why was the hang room built in Westgate for ???? O ya dats rite a storage room as what it’s being used for !!so for a thirty yr sentence at 80000 per year that now stands at 2.4 mil times that by thirty (estimated amount of murderous up der)o and don’t forget to add inflation ……do the math

  13. Trap God says:

    Send them to harder prisons? Really? So they can come back more wise, knowledgeable and more criminal minded. Death penalty a’int gonna scare people who already don’t care about their life already its just gonna make criminals even smarter! The other silly thing i heard is to bring in an outside task force WOW sounds like you like our tax payers money going to waste. One was already been implement and failed joker!! The guy stood before Bermuda and told you our criminals are smarter than those he has ever come across via the the USA and parts of Europe. I’m sure most of you read the bible. Even tho i find the bible to be very contradictive. It did say the last days will come to this and only one person holds the cards and last i checked he AINT A MAN THAT WALKS THE EARTH!! Wake up and realize people are doing as they please all over the world. Those that wanna be heroes and jump in front of a loaded gun that’s on you but i stay in my lane and a’int afraid to go anywhere. people are being targeted for a reason so stop thinking people are picking just random people!! I was born and raised on the streets and one thing i have realized my 37 years living on this island/world disrespect has no expiry date. So doing somebody harm today can come back 10, 20 or 30 years later. stop trying to play both sides of the fence your either gonna be bad all the way or be a law biding citizen. Choose your friends wisely and make better decisions, cause in the REAL WORLD when a crime happens neither GOD or the BPS are gonna help you!! And that’s REAL!

  14. Time Shall Tell says:

    Now imagine if operation Clean Sweep was allowed to be completed & allow the one’s who are REALLY calling the shots not matter how high up it went to be bought to justice. A lot of the social ills we have today wouldn’t be to the scale they presently are. You keep pruning the branches & they will continue to grow until you tackle the bigger issue right at its’ roots.

  15. Coffee says:

    See now that bullets are flying right next to Bob Richards ‘lil project down there , maybe he’ll light a fire up under the sleeping on the job , overpaid , lack of results driven Minister of National Security .

  16. Terry says:

    It’s time to refloat Quo Fata Ferunt.


  17. just me says:

    Stop and think about this before you jump on the NO WAY WAGON………bring back UK cops. Heck, bring back the troops and let them weed out the area where the ‘rats’ are living and planning. Get the gang members and round them up and put them in a holding cell for a month or two and let them see that the Police and Government are serious. If any of them are foreigners, ship them home with deportation orders. If they are married to a Bermudian, then the wife/husband/children can either go or stay…..weed them out. Give the police power to do what is needed. Yes, I’m old and yes, I remember the riots and the troops being bought to the island….it worked people.

  18. Who jock says:

    I received a phone call at nine twenty eight last night (private caller), wife answered no response just breathing wife hung up ,I called bps told them my number and asked for a looksee into it as any possibility if could be more serious in nature …of course…I then need to know.
    The response I received was basically nothing we can do ,it would take a warrant to get that information…
    So I indicated …conversely… What if they couldn’t speak and needed assistance?
    To no avail,couldn’t quite grasp that I guess…
    So I invoke my right have a written statement taken in case of eventuality of need to know and chain of evidence….
    And you want to train and arm them?

    My view is response is merged by budgetary constraint…and seriousness in nature…
    Oh well…

  19. shame says:

    what makes it worse is a shooting victim was laid to rest yesterday and 90% of the people at gombeys last night were probably the same people that attended the funeral

  20. Jackpot says:

    You raise a valid point. Surely the police anticipated that there could be retaliation last night. At least I hope they did! What was the strategy? Why were they not out in force, even if in plain clothes? Why didn’t the government issue a message asking for calm? What did the Minister for National Security do yesterday? I suspect the answer to these questions will be disappointing.

  21. uk says:

    Bermudians are stupid!

    • Truth is killin' me... says:

      Fanning the flames a$$. Your ip address is not uk either!

  22. American says:

    I feel so sorry for the future generation on this island. In America, I watched my small town grow into a vicious city. First, it started with one or two shootings a year, then one every couple or months…. moving forward. There is a shooting every night, now. Our police watched as the problem grew worse and worse. Now, they can’t do anything about it. I truly believe, if we increase the community activity with our young youths, increase police presences in public venues, start patrolling and forming neighborhood watch. It may help.

  23. O.M.G says:

    Well if people keep getting on the TV and making excuses for them, things will never change. Stop all the black and white and deal with the people they are enslaving themselves. You need to get out there and get to the route of the problem (the parent) mothers and fathers You need to change the culture outlook. Teach them like your grandparents taught you to work a hard days work. This has nothing to do with anyone else except themselves. You mothers out there know what’s happening you just don’t want to except it because you are benefiting from it. Not all the of them But a lot of them. Mother have lost touch with there children. The children seem to be the bosses of the homes today. . Stop being friends and be parents. The end results are so much better. Material things are really not important as you think. The forefathers must be rolling in there graves. They worked hard to make this country and you lot are destroying it. Most of the time even in a married homestead the mother is usually the one to take care of the needs of there children. God help us all

  24. Buggywip says:

    Grew up in Bermy. Left when I was 16 still have lot family and friends on the rock. Visit often. These shooting mad sad. Coming down for cup match with my daughter, rethinking that. I think to myself the island is so small if the Police wanted to stop it they would. Why don’t they lay some licks on these cowards?

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