Lightning Seen Last Night Over The East End

August 23, 2016

Lightning was seen last night [Aug 22] over the east end, with Bernews capturing a quick look at the natural light show as the phenomena lit up clouds in the night sky.

The Bermuda Weather Service had issued a Thunderstorm Advisory valid last night through Tuesday evening, with their forecast for calling for “sunny periods with a shower or two, chance of thunder.”

Lightning Bermuda August 22 2016 (1)

Lightning Bermuda August 22 2016 (2)

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  1. rodney smith says:

    It ‘s just lightning . We are still waiting for the thunder,where God says, “You should rightly honor Clarence Hill .”

  2. raskarr says:

    Spectacular! Unleash the power of the mighty thunder gods upon our island!

  3. rodney smith says:

    Nothing like ligtning to catch our attention . But with 35 murders and counting, Bermuda seems lost as to what to do, to stop them.AFTER ALL, WE ARE ONLY TALKING ABOUT THE DEATH OF YOUNG BLACK MALES.Death in one color. This theme seems to be going over the head of every Bermudian.Wake up Bermuda, the thunder is about to roar.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Funny how when young Black men were being killed when P.L.P where in you were crying about everything they were doing wrong and endorcing U.B.P like they were the best thing since sliced bread, and now they are!@#$ing u, now there is no crying from you about their performance,but yet you chose to champion the cause for young Black men which I edorce, but you are not True to your conviction of criticizing your party like you did against P.L.P.

  4. Yo Yo its da beef says:

    If electricity moves in the straightest and shortest path, then why does lightning bend and never go straight?