Lightning Strikes Roof Of Southampton Church

May 25, 2014

Last night’s lightning storm appears to have damaged the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Southampton, with the Church’s roof sustaining damage overnight. The Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service are presently on scene assessing the situation.

Dr. Sydney Gibbons, the Church’s Pastor, confirmed that is no internal damage to the church and added that they are looking at how to handle the repairs to the slate roof, with the challenge being addressed to restore the church property to normalcy and to maintain safety of the public.


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  1. Family Man says:

    LOL, so much for your god.

    • Comebye Ahh says:

      What an ignorant comment. May you remember your words and think of Karma then next time something bad happens to someone close to you.

      • hummmmmm says:

        he has his opinion and so does you. you do not have to be a b**** about it..

    • In all seriousness we can read a number of things into family man’s comments,The Bible clearly tells you do not tempt the Lord your God, so family man I and other’s don’t need you to respond but no that you don’t make comments like that without a backlash from God Himself.

      The folk on the blogs only know your social network title, but God Almighty know’s you be name and your address were you sleep,He is the same one that can arrange your transport chariot to come up to pay him a early visit.

      We can joke with one another and say stupid things toward each other but, you never get away with playing games with your creator,So do the right thing and tell your creator you made a mistake and that clear your slate, to the Seventh day Adventist, you are servants of the most high God and there is nothing that can be attached to the lightning strike on your church, when God rains blessing’s down he does it on the just and the unjust. let others read into it what they want.

      • Family Man says:

        Hold on there Duane. You can’t talk out of both sides of your mouth at the same time. Looking at the amazing pictures of the lightning you were telling us it was an example of your god’s “handy work” (sic) as he was in control of the whole universe.

        Either your god was pretty annoyed at the Seventh Day folks or your god has awful aim. I find the irony in either case to be hilarious.

        But your god is supposed to be all powerful, so presumably he never misses. Therefore he must have been aiming at the church. But your god is also supposed to be a loving and benevolent god. Why would he want to destroy a place of worship?

        Of course, maybe the lightning strike was Thor taking his hammer to that offensive cross.

        Or maybe there was nothing supernatural about it at all. Maybe an electrical charge had built up and concentrated in the tip of the spire and the heat generated when it discharged to the clouds caused the tiles to explode off the roof.

        I wonder which theory I should teach my kids; the fear of a magic juju man in the sky or science?

        • The Skink says:

          I continue to find it interesting how offensive and disrespectful nonbelievers are to believers. If you do not believe, you have made your choice end of story. I find it interesting how those who claim to be so enlightened are filled with vitriol for those who do not share their worldview.
          IF you have made your choice it is to be respected and not ridiculed. With choices come responsibility and consequences and we have to live with them.

          • Family Man says:

            When you use your beliefs to restrict the freedom of others to marry whom they choose, to restrict education and healthcare, to obtain tax advantages not available to others then yes, absolutely, your beliefs should be ridiculed for the foolish superstitions that they are.

        • campervan says:

          Brilliant Family Guy.
          Check mate there I’m afraid Duane:)
          Perhaps some long hours of contemplative praying will help you to come up with a suitable reposte.
          Please though, no more of your rambling homophobic tirades.

        • Come On Man says:

          you can’t say God is a loving God who loves all but from other side he will condemm you to burn in fire forever. The Bible is certainly inconsistent..

    • micro says:

      Ikr, all them heathens that show up for church every Saturday after being out all Friday night after sunset, then be out Saturday night acting up fresh from the church/family lunch/dinner!

    • jeannie says:

      @ Family Man…Never mock God………….He could ‘strike’ YOU dead
      If that is a joke, it’s not funny!!!!

      • Ride says:

        For your god to strike him dead it would first have exist and there is no evidence to suggest that any of the gods exist.


  2. SDA says:

    Did you wake up this morning? Yes? Well someone else didn’t. …your grace is GOD. Was anyone in the church hurt? No? That’s GOD. So no….it’s nit so much for our God its to bad for your lack of our God. Rather than criticize why don’t u come by and see what our God is about and the grace he restores…the mercy he gives…have a great day.

    • Expat says:

      Is the roof of the church damaged by God? Yes? Well, it was God.

    • DK says:

      So what about the people who didn’t wake up today or who were injured and died somewhere? Where was God then? Your comment is kinda stupid.

      • The Skink says:

        @DK: Even if God intervened you still would not believe. You have made your choice. I have to respect that. The consequences are all on you.

        • Ride says:

          Again with the veiled threats. Is it possible to promote your god without the threat of eternal torture?

          Weak ideas require the threat or action of violence to obtain compliance. Particularly when no threat or action of violence has been present in rebutting those ideas.

          How weak is this doctrine of yours that you must always elude to violence in attempting to secure compliance?


    • Heavens says:

      that is one of the most UN-Christian rants I’ve read. it’s people like you that chase others away from the Church.

  3. Are you kidding me... says:

    @ family man,what an a** you are…..

    • hummmmmm says:

      im got your back family man!!!! its funny to see who the real blind people are.

      • The Skink says:

        @hmmmmm: When was the last time you were in a foxhole?

  4. campervan says:

    The God of equal rights for the gay community and taxation is an angry God.

  5. J Herald says:

    The church needs a lightning rod that’s all. It was nothing to do with God.

    • The Skink says:

      @campervan: Thank you for bringing some perspective to this blog. When lightning struck the Basilica in Rome it obviously had a lightning rod.

  6. The Skink says:

    Lightning strikes building and it is God’s fault. The building is not the church, the people are. The building is merely where the church meets. Furthermore, the Seventh-day Adventists were known as the Advent Movement. Those looking forward to the Second coming of Christ. The Wilde,Crowley and Hawkins followers are obviously rejoicing at this turn of events, asking where is your god? My question to them is, why do you acknowledge God in one breath and in another deny him? Duplicitous? Never forget what happened to the Egyptians who mocked God!

    • campervan says:

      and the above is why we need separation of Church and State.

    • el says:

      skink–what happened to all the Tazmanians? was that god or evil, there is power from both sides, the devil was given power as well. When Mother Nature speaks, the church should not pretend that there is no lesson, even if you didn’t have a lightning rod, that is still a lesson in being prepared….Mother Nature is the ultimate ALLAH hu Akbar!

      • The Skink says:

        @el: I worship the creator not the creation. The devil can only do what he does with God’s permission. Check out Job…”consider my servant Job”. In the end Job’s wealth was restored many times over! Good thing he did not listen to his wife who said “Curse God and die!”. My experience is, it pays to serve Jesus. The payment is not on our terms. Tough times and situations may come but God helps us through and in it.

        The Spirit of God is gradually being removed from the earth and it is evidenced in nature and in our attitudes toward each other. We promote rights but not principles, and tolerance but not respect.

        • Ride says:

          What?!?! So if this devil character needs your god’s permission before these “evils” are committed then your god controls and directs these evils. Isn’t the kingpin worst than the enforcer. Your god is the kingpin of evil and the devil character is its lowly enforcer.



        • Bold man says:

          So what are you saying nitwit… god allows the Devil to do bad things? If I think like you I can say with certainty that the Devil is a much hard worker then god….

    • Bold man says:

      Now I am scared, God might find my IP Address and come and punish me?

  7. lizard says:

    Why are the Fire Services assessing the scene? Should be BF&M. or DeCosta

    • Arthur - Atlanta says:

      Aaaah….maybe because fires sometimes start from lightening strikes!

  8. PANGAEA says:

    Wait till hurricane season.

    When an insurance company tells you that your claim is the result of an
    ” ACT OF GOD “. what they are really saying is, that they are trying to get out of paying for your claim.

  9. Cranberry says:

    Dying laughing here… Some folk are so blinded by belief…

  10. Cranberry says:

    PS Why don’t they have WIFI in churches. ..???

    • Ride says:

      Because they don’t want to compete with an invisible power that actually works.

      ba-dump ting


      PS: Okay, okay. That was a bit juvenile. tehehehe

  11. quakin says:

    This is clearly evidence that our one true lord and saviour Zeus’s is angry with us. I will sacrifice a hamburger immediately in an effort to stop the smitings. Jesus promised peace on earth,Zeus’s promised to destroy the ice giants. I don’t see any ice giants around…. Take heed

    • Or... says:

      It could have been the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

  12. sonny says:

    we, (all) meaning unbeliever and believer are without proven truth (revelation)about many things, so for us who don’t care for all you believers convictions hey as it is written in your bible love your enemy and bless them. is that not what your savior taught? but for us who has not seen any of you conduct yourselves after the manner of your lord have trouble believing that any of you really have a relationship with the one who you claim change you. but you know that all who will live godly shall endure prosecution. so count not this written affliction as some strange thing.

  13. Penty says:

    The lord works in mysterious ways as does the Easter bunny and Santa .

  14. Whistling Frog says:

    For those that don’t believe, have no faith. Faith comes be hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17
    If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10:9,10

    And if you still don’t believe, ask yourselves how did the planets, moon and stars get to be suspended on their exes with such precision for men to harvest and store up foods in the seasons? For all things has its maker…

    • Ride says:

      The formation of stars and planets are natural events not supernatural events. Natural events do nothing to prove or assist the idea that some supernatural entity exist. You would need scientific evidence of a supernatural event to begin to discuss the possibility that the supernatural exist.

      When we had no understanding of natural events (earthquakes, hurricanes, lightning, tidalwaves, stars, comets, …) people invented things (creation stories, gods, and religions) as an attempt to explain them. Now that we do have an understanding there is no need to cling to these obsolete ideas of gods creating or conducting them.

      This planet was not created by some god (or gods) for humans. Life evolved on this planet and in that process of evolution the organisms that best suited this particular environment survived. The life that does well here does so because it evolved here not because some gods created it specifically for a type of life and then created that type of life.

      There is an abundance of scientific evidence that supports evolution. Where is your data that supports creation?


    • Bold man says:

      Yep…god created this great universe that seems to be endless and then what has he done since? this world is not that wonderfull…. dry deserts, volcanos, hurricanes, we humans are the ones that adapted thought all this s***.. It never amazes me the crap that people believe…he must have been asleep on a cloud therefore could not protect the roof of the church.

  15. Angel of hope says:

    With God everything has a purpose. We are not capable of understanding his purpose but he makes no mistake. I can only guess that one of the reasons this has happened is to expose how many non believers we have on this island and to encourage Gods people to pray for their salvation. I’m really hurt when reading these comments and especially seeing the like and dislike ratio with many agreeing with some of the Christless remarks.

    Can we all please pray together for this island:

    Heavenly Father, we pray that you will protect this island and help those who have not yet received you to see that you are the truth and the light our Lord and Savior.

    Let them know that once they give their heart to you they will find relief from their sadness and misery, anger and pain. Lord please protect this island from the devil and those who are influenced by him.

    Please Father God, forgive those who don’t believe in you and give them a life of loving and following You so that they can experience your goodness and glory.

    We know that You sent Jesus to earth to teach us more about You and to die on a cross in agony for our sins. We believe this with all our hearts.

    Lord I pray they will accept you and let you lead them totally from this time forward.

    Please come into their lives and remake them.

    We ask that You Lord will change them from the inside out. We want You to lead them every step from this time forward.


    • Ride says:

      Perhaps the reason you are not capable of understanding your god’s purpose is that you continuously attempt to organise naturally occurring events into some logical organisation of some master plan where there is no master plan to be had.

      Similarly with the actions of people. Why would you willingly enslave yourself to a god that plans and directs the raping of children, the vicious hacking off of peoples limbs, the holocaust, physical abuse, horrendous torture, the starving to death of children, and so on. If the state of things are according to its plan then it desperately requires a new one.

      Further, if, as you say, these are all part of its plan then it must be directing the execution of these events. For example, it must be leading the child rapist to the child it wants raped. How revolting that you worship this idea.


      • Angel of hope says:

        The ultimate reward for our obedience is not claimed on earth but through eternal life without torture or pain. Is burning in hell for eternity worth the risk for not accepting Him? Accepting God into your life will make your life more fulfilling. We are spiritual beings and our spirit yearns for spiritual fulfillment and without that we try to find other things to compensate for the incompleteness we feel when we don’t accept Christ. I have personally seen Gods blessings and looking back at how lost I was before I gave my heart to Him makes me regret waiting so long. Now my life has been enhanced and divinely favored and I wish the same for you.

        • Ride says:

          I’ll respond to your empty threat of violence with this:

          And follow up with this:

          You do realise that Hell was added to your bible by the Greeks to incorporate their mythology of Hades into the Christian mythology. The Judaism does not contain Hell; it contains Sheol.

          Sheol is not a place of torture, or fire or demons. However, Hades is all these things. The Greeks incorporated Hades, re-branded as Hell, when they took on modifying the religion of adoption. So your running around preaching fire and brimstone is actually preaching Greek mythology. Oh, yes, keep in mind that these Greek myths were around well before Christianity was invented.

          You don’t even know what you’re proselytising. ROFL


          • So sad says:

            I bet you are very bitter and unhappy with your life. You can try to make judgements through science or mythology but it can not explain are existence. God is real and I feel sorry for all of you non believers in this life and the next. I will pray for you. Who are you going to call on when death is staring you in the face the same God you deny?

            • Ride says:

              You shouldn’t be a betting man for nothing can be further from the truth. Releasing yourself from the mythology of religion is a liberating experience. You come to realise that this life that you have now is the only life you have and that you should live it to the fullest of your capability. You enjoy every moment and cherish all you love and enjoy for when it is over it is simply over.

              How often do the religious, especially the Christians, say such and such happened I’m not worried for in Heaven I’ll have a mansion and so on. There is no evidence to suggest that any supernatural state exist with mansions and golden streets. Yet people are cutting themselves short on these unverifiable promises.

              When death comes it comes. I do not exist when I am dead. And while I exist I am not dead. The two states are mutually exclusive. It is because I know that I will not exist when I am dead that I live as lively as I can live. Love as deeply as I can love. Read as voraciously as I can read. Share as contently as I can share. And all this without the empty promise of a reward.

              You can claim as much as you like that your god is real. Zeus is real to those that believe. So is Buddha. Krishna. Odin. Shiva, Vishnu and Shakti. And on and on. The one thing that you all have in common is that there is no evidence to support your claims and yet you insist they are truths. You can all have the identical experience and all claim that your god was present in that experience. The kicker is that none of you could prove the other wrong.


              • Arthur - Atlanta says:

                No worries my friend. One day…you will find out if it was a myth or not and of course, it will then be to late for you to do anything about it.
                “Fools say to themselves, “There is no God.” They are corrupt and commit evil deeds; not one of them practices what is good.”
                The Bible

                • Ride says:

                  Ugh. In times like these I wonder why I even bother.

        • foldgers says:

          so if heaven was never promised, how many would accept the God whom they worship , because of the fear of hell. I believe in a higher power.. I cannot believe that any one who is willing to let people burn and not die for all eternity, all because they do not blindly accept that he is the greatest and most powerful , despite all that has gone wrong with the orginal plan of the perfect world, is a God of compassion or of reasonable thought. It makes me wonder what heaven would truly be like. I believe in goodness and honesty. Dont promise me heaven when the perfect world you failed to make is in such disarray.

  16. sonny says:

    John 8:41

    it is humorist how when a glass is filled with vodka you only smell and taste vodka, so like wise when you are filled with God you Love because it is written that He is Love, but if your full of yourself then self is who will be represented.

    • Ride says:

      The fact that it is written in your text does not make it true or even a good or moral idea. Reams of immoral instruction supposedly from your god and supposedly favoured by your god is written in that text.

      Further, I’ve just demonstrated above with the Hell example that your text is a collection of man made stories from different religions (they themselves man made stories). There is nothing devine about it.

      Thus far I have presented verifiable information and sound reasoning to rebut all arguments presented in favour of this supernatural entity’s existence. Thus far those in favour of this existence have chosen not to answer any of the questions I have put forth and have not had one argument stand.

      Open your minds, people. This religion game is not real. That is all of them, not just Christianity.


  17. Fruity says:

    I think THIS was a sign! :) lmao!

    **that is all..

  18. sonny says:

    Good evening to you ride your a fairly good researcher,so for that i respect your view and because of ignorance i respect your view but all you did was the same thing all the Christians did, you found some mans opinion written which is contrary to the thing you are contrary to and labelled it as truth that is known as hypocrisy, but the difference between The Christians and the rest of you is, they where born in sin and in iniquity they was shaped, therefore they have lived the life your still living but one day they said was i was a child therefore a behaved as one, i then became a mature adult when Christ showed them The Truth and said i have not lived that before, but with determination to prove the scriptures to be a lie they challenge the promises of The Bible and EXPERIENCED CHRIST LIVING WORD IN TRUE AND PRESENT REALITY.
    no matter our opinions when you APPLY the recipe the wine taste flawless.
    but i say respect to all writers you make this interesting.

    • Ride says:

      I’ve offered fact with verifiable evidence and I’ve applied sound logic the operational methods offered by believe that have exposed them as abhorrent ideas.

      You, on the other hand, have offered nothing but dogma. There is no evidence to suggest that the story of Christ is real. You cannot use your bible as your god’s proof for I’ve already shown with example of one of Christianity’s trump cards, Hell (and there are many more examples), that the text is man made and not divinely instructed.

      Further, your text of divine instruction promotes immoralities that today’s society finds intolerable. Society’s morality has evolved past that of unacceptable injustices your text promotes.

      How can you look at these facts (not opinions) and still claim some divine instruction in the penning of that text? Please don’t dodge the question.

      Help me understand how:
      you believe your god is unchanging;
      its text contains ideas and stories from a collection of pre-existing mythologies;
      its text promotes and rewards rape, genocide, killing of children, child sex slavery, women as property, slavery, human sacrifice, and other injustices;
      and you continue worship the idea of its existence.

      I don’t understand this. How can you look at these facts (not opinions) and still claim some divine instruction in the penning of that text? How much of your bible do you get to ignore before your religion is not based on your bible?


  19. sonny says:

    Good evening Mr ride and our viewing audience,
    sir,i will answer a few things and ask a few things.

    you said as the whole world says no evidence that the Christ story is real.
    But, every one of you when determining between times long pass and times more resent use this to help your selves get it right (BC) Before Christ and (AD) After Death Who’s Death and why is this before and after so pivotal for scientist, doctors, researchers and and everyone that thinks they are more intelligent then God.

    My friend you said that my text promotes immorality but why is it that the recordings of immorality has been of people of like minds as yourself and as soon as your told about it you take on offence rather then be wise an heed to fatherly counsel, just like the counsel our grandparents implemented?

    again you said we have a collection of stories of myths but its amazing that the standard of holiness recorded in our book teaches this rebellious and unbelieving generation how to get it right but like them of old and you of present don’t want to hear anything to do with love your neighbor as yourself or forgive your enemy and offer help to them when they need it. So if your happy with what you believe and can not be taught because you have all the answers you need to help mankind because they are in need of your wisdom.

    My friend ride,

    I am a man like you, and i can only speak for me i was raised in the Muslim teaching and desired to KNOW Truth (get acquainted with and communicate with and have dialog with the creator of all that i can see,hear taste touch and smell. The problem was the one i was calling by name don’t answer so many years later my best friend and cousin told me about his god he is a Rastafarian, the problem there was they believe the bible but also need another booklet about hali salessi to make their belief seem right. years later my brother ministered the Love of God to me and having known my brother 27 years and seen him become a 180 degree man from how we where raised, the words he spoke was not his own and they where alive and at work in this heart of mine.
    I will stop with the testimony on my salvation but share with you one or two personal actual accounts of what i was looking for i have received.

    If you recall i said i desired to KNOW TRUTH and wrote out a brief meaning to these two important words, so as it is written, what was spoken by Jesus The Christ if you seek you Me with all your heart you shall find me, and so i did. So this is what happened after i accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior I purchased a brand new car and covered it days and road my bike and evenings drove. anyway i covered it one day a few weeks after buying it and evening came and i went Arnold’s to buy some groceries for lunch when i got home i covered the car and the next day went work, afternoon came and i said i might as well go see how my moms doing as i walked pass the rear of the car i noticed a very large dent in the trunk i was surprised a great deal but instead of tripping
    i simply said Lord, how could this have happened? i heard the Lord say as calm as it can be said put the cover on the car, i replied but that don’t make any sense, He said it again put the cover on the car, i replied but okay i’ll do it, so i put the cover on my car when i did The Lord said now look at the back i followed the instructions that was been given to me and saw a tear in the cover is ok now what He said look closer so i did and in doing so found some black paint on the material of the cover The lord went on to say your neighbors son backed his bike into your car and damage your car but i said his bike is blue and the paint here is black He said go to the house and ask the young man. So i did, the young man came to his door and i said did you hit my car he said yes i wanted to tell you so we looked at the bike it was a blue rc 100 with a black long carrier the corner of the carrier was chipped at the end the insurance of his parents paid for my car.

    lastly i was afraid of dogs and was walking along when a dog came out of a yard barking and running toward me usually in these situations i just run or climb something but this time that opportunity didn’t happen so as fast as my mind said run the Lord said No in My Name rebuke him and so as fast as i could i shouted in the name of Jesus i rebuke you now go and that quick he stopped barking and stopped running toward me turned around and went back in his yard and i was relieved.

    ride all i can say is don’t deny what you have not tried and tested to prove not to people but to yourself. you are a man on a mission for truth and i honor you for it so you can shut the mouths of many liars,so was i and He done works through me to confirm both His Word and His Living Authority. look at it like this Authority only has life as long as it has the ability to function. We stop at aluminum circular signs on galvanize poles that say stop, we slow down when the police are right behind us, we stop because a light changes red and go when its green we submit to things without life when people are looking and when they aren’t so if there wasn’t a God and no reason for reverence and respect why take orders from men and pay signs and lights and rules any mind at all? why not be your own man a who don’t like best get over it?

    Hey my brother nuff respect to you and all writers and Love and Grace to you all and your beautiful families in Jesus Name amen.

    • Ride says:

      BC/AD – This mark was used when they adopted and adapted Christianity as the official religion. Just as they incorporated Hades and other Greek myths and traditions into it they also incorporated this point of the mythology into the calendar. The astrological signs (Leo, Libra, …) are marked in the calendar as well. By your logic this makes their stories true. Then by your logic your god is not the only god.

      Your text does not teach to “get it right”. Again you are choosing to ignore the parts of your text you do not like. You are attempting to dodge the very question I explictly asked you not to dodge.

      Now everything after the “My friend ride” does nothing to answer any of the questions I asked or provide a factual basis to refute any of the facts I have presented. I’ve already stated that persons from different religions will see their own gods when they are exposed to the identical experience. A Hindu marvels at their gods power when they see the night sky just as a Christian, or Muslim, or Buddhist, or any other marvels that it is their gods and not the others. And still, none of them can prove the other wrong because they all believe without evidence (and all in direct contravention of evidence to the contrary) that their religion is the one true religion.

      It still stands firm that these things are not true and your “logical” arguments rebutting these have progressed to show that they in fact are argument against your case (the most recent being your argument for BC/AD). You still have presented nothing concrete to the contrary.


      • Angel of hope says:

        The point is Ride there is a God. We did not evolve we were created. I believe in God but I do not follow any particular denomination. I don’t knock Jehovah Witness’s for their beliefs or Muslims or SDA. It is said that there will be many false prophets and I’m not going to confuse myself with which one is real but I do believe in the bible and the Ten Commandments. I believe in prayer and doing the right thing.

        Instead of looking for scientific proof that there is a God why don’t you find your own proof by praying and asking God to show you that he is real. All believers have their own personal testimonies that gives them evidence that God exist you don’t need any book or research to find that out.

        If you do not believe because you only follow logic and evidence well try listening to your soul for once. God has instilled eternity in us all, you just need to clear your head and talk to God. That is where you’ll find your proof.

        • Ride says:

          The point is that there nothing to suggest that there are gods.

          There is a mountain of evidence that supports evolution. Where is your evidence in support of creation?

          Why should I accept something that I know not to be true? Particularly where there is nothing that suggest that it is true.

          I could ask you why don’t you believe in Vishnu:
          Instead of looking for scientific proof that there is “Vishnu” why don’t you find your own proof by praying and asking Vishnu to show you that he is real. All believers have their own personal testimonies that gives them evidence that Vishnu exist you don’t need any book or research to find that out.

          You cannot speak in dogmatic phrases as they are empty. You can’t speak on what your god has said for you have yet to even provide a successful argument for the existence of your god.

          I’ll take sound logic, reason, and the pursuit of repeatable evidence over 3000 year old mythology any day. Particularly when that mythology has been demonstrated to be it has in the above post.

          Again, I’ll say that the questions I have put forth above have still yet to be answered (the immoral instruction, the favouring of immoral acts, …); they have been deliberately dodged. The fallacy exposed of the in favour arguments (the Devil needing permission, a master plan, BC/AD, …) have yet to be negated. The facts of the man made nature of your text (Sheol and Hades, …) have yet to be factually challenged.

          How closed are your minds to the truth that you deliberately ignore that has been put before you? All you return with is dogmatic drivel. There is nothing to support your claims because your claims are false.


    • Hahahaha says:

      This is a joke, right?
      The bit about rebuking the dog surely is not serious.

      • Ride says:

        Apparently, according to this person, there is a god called Get. I can’t tell you have many times I’ve screamed “Get!” at a dog and it went away. By this person’s logic I called on the name of the god Get and it saved me.

        Get – god of protection from dogs.



  20. Angel of hope says:

    Just curious. How old are you Ride?

  21. sonny says:

    the process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth.
    synonyms: Darwinism, natural selection More
    the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form.

    develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form.
    “the company has evolved into a major chemical manufacturer”
    synonyms: develop, progress, advance; More
    (with reference to an organism or biological feature) develop over successive generations, especially as a result of natural selection.
    “the populations are cut off from each other and evolve independently”
    give off (gas or heat)

    Evolution is the change in the inherited characteristics of biological populations over successive generations. Evolutionary processes give rise to diversity at every level of biological organisation, including species, individual organisms and molecules such as DNA and proteins.

    ride this is the grounds of which you chose?

    but i understand why, and because i know that you are knowledgeable here is one from God that all the writers can meditate upon.

    A brother offended is harder to win than a strong city,
    And contentions are like the bars of a castle.

    so there it is its not that

    • Ride says:

      LOL. Offended? ROFL. This is what you return with? What a horrendous attempt to deflect attention from the fact that not one of you have answered anything I have put forth.

      Again, I’ll say that the questions I have put forth above have still yet to be answered (the immoral instruction, the favouring of immoral acts, …); they have been deliberately dodged. The fallacy exposed of the in favour arguments (the Devil needing permission, a master plan, BC/AD, …) have yet to be negated. The facts of the man made nature of your text (Sheol and Hades, …) have yet to be factually challenged.

      How closed minded are you that you willfully ignore this information? You speak of truth but close your mind to the facts presented. It seems what you really want are lies that support your mythology.

      I pity your willful self imposed ignorance.


  22. sonny says:

    its not that you don’t believe its that you did and and was zealous in your stand for Christ, until that weed of offence choked you and there you found no place for mercy and grace through love in understanding and so like many that will say haven’t we done these number of things in your name to please you but the problem is the same as it was for cain, the heart of mankind seems to keep getting them in trouble, that’s why it is written be renewed in the spirit of your mind.

    i know your hurt but there is room still at the cross for all of us. peace my brother prodigal sons are always welcome when love is there to receive them.

  23. sonny says:

    why do you chose to ignore the fact that mankind have a soul which is made up of your mind,will and emotions? And every living creature exercises their will daily irregardless of consequences?
    Some one asked a blind man explain what it was like not seeing, the person then said if i shined a very bright light into your eyes will you see a glimpse of light or do you see deep shades of dark purple or black.
    The amazing thing is just like a blind person has no reference to compare the truth of existing light and darkness and color likewise is it for everyone who chooses not to permit the gift of salvation which comes through faith in Christ Jesus The Lord. But that don’t mean all is lost it just means that everyone has to undergo the surgery called choose to believe, the blind man if he chooses to believe he can have his sight and the nonbeliever can have theirs.

    • Ride says:

      It is not fact that humans have a soul. It is a part of the doctrine of your mythology that humans have a soul. There is no proof of the ability of our thoughts (which are physical and chemical processes in our brain) to survive the death of the brain.

      Animals have a mind, a will, and emotion (dogs, orca, dolphins, …). So do they too have a soul? Will they be judged on your day of judgement? Then do they too end up in either your mythological locations of heaven and the Greek’s Hades re-branded as Hell?

      More claims without evidence. More stale dogma. Still none of my questions answered. Swallow your fear of truth and answer the questions I have put forth.


  24. sonny says:

    i get it ride you don’t want answers you delight in denial or better yet your denial is got you up at night hoping you and a handful of scientist and others like you are right because if all those Christians that cannot be numbered in their experience not their theology are actually telling the truth oh man what will become of the rest of you?

    Lol, not to worry The Lord is patient hopefully before midnight your where you should be less the clock strike 12:00 an you find your self at the ball in rags.

    take care good buddy

    • Ride says:

      Okay, now your delusion has reached new heights herebefore believed impossible. I am and have been explicitly been asking you to answer the questions and factually refute the factual information that has been provided.

      You have done everything except that. Your attempted workarounds to answering have been exposed for the meaningless dogmatic drivel that it is. You refuse to directly answer the questions or confront the facts. Ask yourself why this is the case.


  25. sonny says:

    here is the answer, the same reason you don’t prove scriptures to be wrong by applying their instruction to your own life and witnessing for yourself their power and authority, tell me something are you so afraid of truth because its going to set you free and give you sight?

    Or like many other people your going to blame your lack of believing on the pass, for example many say they was raised in the church but when asked some specifics about their experiences all they can say is they where made to go by their parents or some relative.

    answer me this what sense is it to say something don’t work or produce anything if you don’t get correct instructions for the application?

    • Ride says:

      sonny, where do I begin? Ok, let’s try this.

      Say you and a person that believed in Vishnu were discussing which of you had the true religion. In the process of that discussion the Vishnu believer says to your disbelief in Vishnu:

      “The same reason you don’t prove Vishnu’s scriptures to be wrong by applying their instruction to your own life and witnessing for yourself their power and authority, tell me something are you so afraid of truth because its going to set you free and give you sight?”

      What would be your response to that? Would you then fall to your knees and begin to pray to Vishnu? Would you swap your Christian mythology for Hindu mythology on those words? I’ll venture to presume that you would not.

      If those words could not persuade you to give up your religious mythology which you believe in without evidence then why would you expect me to move from my position which is backed by evidence? My position is demonstrably sound as it is backed by non-mythological “evidence”.

      Let me be clear. The only way I, and those like me, will consider altering our position is when you answer the questions put forward and confront the facts presented. In spite of my explicitly pleading for you to do so you continue to avoid doing this. You want to “reach” me? I have given you the method of doing so. Perhaps you fear in in doing so that it will be I that “reaches” you.


  26. sonny says:

    the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.
    “ideas about the relationship between science and religion”
    synonyms: faith, belief, worship, creed; More
    a particular system of faith and worship.
    plural noun: religions
    “the world’s great religions”
    a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance.
    “consumerism is the new religion”

    I apologize for the miscommunication see you have been under the assumption that i am talking from your perspective of the above definition, no my friend i am talking daily living manifestations, its pointless telling you about what has not happend to you, it is obvious that you don’t go places where the power and authority of Jesus The Christ is demonstrated. Strange as that is, we gave every neighborhood enough buildings so that you all can come on in and SEE for yourselves because we know ya’ll have trouble with the word Faith so we made it easy for ya’ll hey our brothers and sisters in other countries even said
    lets not be selfish everyone uses youtube lets put some videos up of what our Lord promised us so they did and guess what happened, yup you
    guessed it, your pretty good at this ya’ll saw it and guess what else just like them of old you told your own eyes and ears we didn’t see or hear that miracle so i figure i’ll show you a little snippet and let you
    continue your lies and denial.

    if this don’t help for evidence and seeing
    for yourselves i’m sorry.

    • Ride says:

      Ugh. sonny, you are getting more and more desperate with your post.

      Search on the life and methods of the evangelist Marjoe Gortner. He lays it all out.

      This faith healing is hucksterism. Firstly, none of these people have had their medical conditions confirmed before or after receiving their supposed miracle.

      As for the boy with the eye we know that this is not the first time a tumor was supposedly cured by the Christian god only later to be revealed to have been treated by medical science. For example look at the case involving Mother Teresa.

      As I have been saying all this time. Answer the questions and confront the facts.

      Again, I’ll say that the questions I have put forth above have still yet to be answered (the immoral instruction, the favouring of immoral acts, …); they have been deliberately dodged. The fallacy exposed of the in favour arguments (the Devil needing permission, a master plan, BC/AD, …) have yet to be negated. The facts of the man made nature of your text (Sheol and Hades, …) have yet to be factually challenged.


  27. J Herald says:

    There is a reason it is called faith.