US YMCA Group To “Swim To Bermuda & Back”

August 30, 2016

A North Carolina YMCA group is using the island as its benchmark as individual and team participants “swim to Bermuda and back” by measuring laps in the distance of approximately 1,658 miles [2,668.3 km].

As part of their Fall Swim Challenge, the YMCA swimmers will measure their laps from September 12 through October 21, tracking their progress as they attempt to cover the distance to Bermuda.

The group’s website says, “The Finley YMCA is tracking all individual and team participant laps with the goal to swim to Bermuda and back, approximately 1,658 miles.

“Last year Finley swam 1,418 miles. Get registered and help us make it to Bermuda.

“You may participate as a team or individually and you’ll record your laps each day. All laps will be added to the total and will help us to reach our goal.”

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