Photos & Results: Labour Day Road Races

September 6, 2016

Yesterday [Sept 5] saw the annual Labour Day races held, with Tommy Marshall claiming the top spot in the Junior 2.2K race, Akim Johnston winning the 5K run and Lucy Ching ranking as the top female, and Shinah Simons claiming the best time in the 5K walk.

In the Junior 2.2K race, the top three finishers were Tommy Marshall with a time of 8:00:00, Iziah Tucker with a time of 8:03:00, and Yari Tucker with a time of 8:10:00.

In the 5K run, Akim Johnston ranked first with a time of 19:08:00, Alan Potts followed with a time of 19:10:00, and Craig Rothwell rounded out the top three with a time of 19:43:00; the top three female finishers were Lucy Ching in 15th with a time of 23:13, Sharon Craig in 28th with a time of 24:29, and Jenene Douglas in 29th with a time of 24:37.


In the 5K walk, Shinah Simons came first with 37:23:00, Robert Durham was second with a time of 37:42:00, and Gilda Cann finished third with a time of 37:48:00.

The full results of the day’s races are available here [PDF].

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